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We enter a small dimly lit room. You close and lock the door, pulling off your top and sliding down your short skit. Clad only in some sexy crotchless panties, you turn and look at me staring at you and say "What are you waiting for? Everything off!"
I take off all my cloths already hard as a rock. You come close and grab my cock and give it a few long hard stokes and lean in to whisper in my ear, "I have something I want to share with you. Look over there."  You point to a wall behind me. I turn around to see a large thick cock poking out of a glory hole on the wall. We both stare at it for a few seconds and then you whisper "Wouldn't you like to have a taste?"

I'm kind of in shock since I didn't expect it at all but I can't deny the excitement at what's before me. "You want me so suck on that cock?" I ask. "Only if you want to. Doesn't it look delicious?" you say. It felt really awkward all of a sudden. I had never lusted after a cock before but I really wanted to play with it and feel it between my lips.

"I've never done this before. I don't really know what I'm doing" I said. You walk over and grab the mystery cock and start jerking it slowly. You lean down and rub the head against your nipples as you slide your hand up and down the shaft. "That is so fucking hot babe. Why don't you show me how it's done." I say.

"Alright. Come over here and watch close up."  I walk over and kneel down beside you. My face is right next to yours as you slide the head of the cock between your lips. You suck on the tip for a while and then run your tounge up and down the shaft a few times. The mystery cock quivers in pleasure. Then you swallow it as deep as you can for several stokes. You turn to me and ask "Would you like to try?"  At this point I am super fucking turned on but still a little nervous. "It does look like fun," I say. "Maybe I should watch a little more."  You turn and slide the cock back into your mouth and you start to bob up and down more aggressively.

I can't hold myself back. I lean over and start licking his smooth freshly shaven balls. I hear you let out a quiet muffled moan as we are now working together to pleasure this cock. I pull back and look at you and say "I think it's my turn."  With a huge smile you pull back and stand up. I grab the cock and start swirling my tongue all around the head. Your hand goes straight to your pussy and you start rubbing your clit hard and fast. I plunge the cock into my mouth and start sucking it with hard and fast strokes. Your fingers are now deep inside your pussy and you are moaning like you are about to cum. You lean over and started to suck my cock as you continued to finger your dripping wet pussy.

The cock feels so good in my mouth but I know you need one in your pussy. "Your turn again" I say. You pop up and slide the mystery cock into your mouth like you can't get enough. I slide in behind you and rub the head of my cock all over your ass and up and down you hot wet pussy. "Fuck me!" you scream out. I plunge my cock inside you and start fucking as hard as I can. You have one in your mouth and one fucking your pussy from behind. You scream out in pleasure like never before as you cum all over my cock.

After a few deep breaths you slide away from my cock and stand up. "Now I want some cum!" you say. "I want you to make this cock cum all over you and then I want your hot load all over my face and mouth."  It was on. I grabbed the mystery cock and started sucking while jerking it with my hand while you were down on all fours doing the same to my cock.

I could feel the cock in my mouth start to pulsate so I took it out of my mouth and jerked his huge load all over my chest.
I felt like a volcano. I jumped up with cum dripping down my chest and stood in front of you while you were on your knees. "Give me that cum baby!" you said while jerking my cock in your face. Suddenly I cum like never before. My huge load all over your face and lips. You looked so fucking beautiful and happy at that moment. You push as much of the cum into your mouth as you can and swallow it. Then you stand up and whisper "you make a sexy little cock sucker" and kiss me with an intense passion we have never shared before.


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