I walked up the stairs to the small studio we were going to move in to, two stacked boxes in my arms. My wife was still in the car, getting some smaller things. I tried to peek around my heavy load, and saw that the door was slightly ajar. The landlord had insisted on helping us, and it seemed he had already arrived.

I walked in, and set the boxes down, wiping my brow. This was looking up to be one of those hot and dry afternoons, the clouds having dissipated after the morning rain. The landlord was already naked from the waist up, trying to cool off in the heat. Some of the windows were open, and he was looking out one of them. He looked young, tan, muscular. Though I was still fairly young, those other two were more aspirations for me than actual reality. Not to say I’m fat, I just have some extra grip around my waist. As I was contemplating this and my host’s supple buttocks, my wife walked in after me, and put her boxes down as well. She turned to speak, but saw the landlord. 

"Wow", she whispered. I poked her in the ribs. "Hey. Still here." She immediately turned to me, looking guilty. I smiled at her. "Don’t worry, I think so too." Bit her lip and punched my shoulder. Our landlord turned around, and fuck him, he was good looking. His face looked like it was sculpted, reminding me a bit of Hugh Dancy. Hating him already, I sort of wanted to touch his face. He didn’t have the rock-hard, chiselled-out-of-marble abs I was expecting, however. A flat stomach curving into hipbones you just really wanted to put your hands on. I caught myself staring, turned to my wife, then caught her staring. 

We both turned to him again. He was just looking at us, smiling. He walked over. “So, we already spoke on the phone, but it’s so great to finally see you. The estate-manager-lady showed you the house, right?”

We agreed. I was actually having trouble keeping my mouth closed. There was no way anyone actually looked like this. 

"So, let’s get to lifting!" He said cheerfully. Any naughty thoughts of our landlord were put on hold as we started heaving boxes. There was little service elevator, but it held little more than one person and a box, so it seemed like a waste of time to keep using it. Everything went by the stairs. When we tried getting the couch upstairs, though, we got into trouble.

"It’s stuck!"

"I know!"

"Are you pushing?"

"Yes, we are!"

My wife and I pushed as the landlord tried pulling it up over the edge of the landing. He felt we needed more lift, and climbed over the sofa to help push. This didn’t do much, save lock it in place more. There was a little leeway, but it was going to require the three of us to lift on the other end. We went back down, to take the service elevator.

"I’ll go first," my wife suggested. "I’ll send it back down when I’m up there."

"Nonsense, there’s room inside for three." The landlord insisted. With a comically tone-deaf "ding" the elevator opened. We packed inside, and pressed the first floor button. The doors closed, and things got really tight. He was pressed between us, facing my wife. He was actually glistening. People don’t glisten, do they? I was only an inch away from his neck. I wasn’t sure if it was his bodily odour or something he used, but it smelled delicious and I wanted to lick his neck. The improper thoughts I was having, combined with my wife having apparent similar problems, staring at his chest, was turning me on. I was starting to grow hard, straining against my jeans and, alarmingly, pushing against his butt. I closed my eyes, hoping he wouldn’t feel it. The lift-ride was taking for-ever. He shifted, and I hoped he thought he could feel my keys. 

I was assured that this was not the case, as he pushed back into me, pressing his magnificent ass against my crotch. I must have made a face, because my wife was looking at me with eyes wide open. She was shocked, and I was worried she’d be angry, start yelling inside this tiny metal box. She didn’t. She bit her lip, and pushed even closer into him. Our landlord seemed surprised, until it became apparent that she was was pushing him into me. She ran her hands up his chest. I felt a pang of jealousy, but that quickly went away as I did the same, touching his soft, warm skin. My hand grazed hers, and we looked each other in the eye. I mouthed an “I love you”, to her, and kissed his neck. She smiled, and mouthed the same back, and kissed him. She locked his face in her hands, and kissed him, as I caressed his body, his back, kissed the back of his neck and his shoulders, bit him, licked him.

The lift doors opened, and we almost fell out. I was rock-hard, and a very quick and not-at-all purposeful glance at his crotch told me he was as well. All three of us were flustered, blushing and sweating. My wife was trying to look away while looking me in the eyes, and it was just making her eyes look shifty. He was panting slightly, and looked at both of us, before grinning broadly, and walking up to my wife. He took her face in his hands, and kissed her, very softly. She seemed like she was going to whimper, her eyes clamped shut. When he pulled back, there was a thin strand of saliva captured between their lips. 

He turned to me, and without saying a thing, did the exact same thing. When his face was up in mine, I was too shocked to react, and when he kissed me, I was too engrossed to complain or resist. His hands and his face, were rough, but his touch and his lips were soft, gentle. I eased into the kiss. I smelled him, drinking him in. I opened my mouth slightly, and felt his tongue gently caress my lips, before slipping into my open mouth. I moaned at his touch, into his lips, and they spread into a wide grin. 

He hooked his hands under my shirt, and lifted it over my head. He then turned to my wife again, and held out his hand. She meekly walked over, entranced by the unreality of the situation. He put her hand on my chest, and gently pushed her into me. We locked eyes, falling in love for the millionth time, and we sank into a kiss. After a few seconds, however, I felt her move. She wasn’t slinking away. Instead, she seemed to be dancing in a rhythm, grinding against me and away from me. When I pulled back, the landlord was standing behind her, kissing her neck, running his hands over her hips, and gently pressing his against hers.

I kissed her again, my hands no longer idly cupping her face, but unbuttoning her shirt, undoing her belt, unzipping her pants. She almost tore off her own clothing, and his tongue on her now naked back made her shiver. I licked my own way down her front, loving her breasts with my tongue, kissing and biting her nipples. Her hips were moving on their own now, grinding the air, and I could not resist. I pulled down her panties, exposing her. She didn’t even seem to care, standing stark naked in the hallway. I kissed down, until I got to her legs. 

I always liked foreplay to be slow, deliberate, and teasing. I was incredibly turned on, however, and I could see she was, too, her lips puffed and red. She never got why I found this hot, but I did, and resistance caved as I licked her. She moaned as I spent little time wasted, licking her clitoris, flicking it, rubbing it with my tongue. Our host was carefully alternating between kissing her buttocks and her back, not wanting to do things she would find obtrusive or repulsive. When she reached back, grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into her butt, he seemed to get the hint. 

My wife, squirming and moaning, her legs spread and trying to hold herself on the tip of her toes, was impaled on two tongues that were now passionately pleasuring her holes. She grabbed the backs of our heads, and pushed us into her. She ran her fingers through my hair, grabbed and pulled, moaning loudly. I felt her tense up, shake. She pushed her ass against him, his tongue deeper into her hole, as she yanked my head against her pussy, and came, shuddering. As she sagged down onto her knees, we came face to face and she kissed me, tasted herself on me. She got up, took her clothes and walked into the apartment. My host and I were sitting there, half-naked and sweaty, looking at her gorgeous ass walk through that door, then looked at each other. 

Lust overtook me as I lunged at him, locking my lips onto his and grinding my crotch into his. I felt his cock press against mine through the jeans as I let my hands roam his chest. He cupped my buttocks, and pulled me in even closer. I ground into him, both of us moaning and kissing, until we heard a cough coming from the door. I stood up with a smile, and went after her. He followed me, his hand on my butt. We walked in, the room largely empty save for a few chairs, and the windows still wide open. 

I wanted to go over and close them, but my pants being zipped down shifted my priorities down as my wife decided it was my turn. She pulled down my pants, revealing my nifty-looking Batman-boxers. I was straining against them, and she released it with her mouth open and ready. I popped free and slid right into her mouth, and I moaned at her tongue drawing circles around the head of my cock. Gently rocked my hips, sliding in and out of her lips, loving every second. I felt my waistband being pulled down, and the strain on my testicles was released. I did, however, freeze for a second when, without pause, I felt my buttocks being spread and a tongue lick my hole.

I’d never had this done to me before, and the feeling was exquisite. It was scintillating and wrong and felt really good, sending shivers up and down my lower back and abdomen. He was rimming me, slowly letting me get used to the feeling, enjoying how I tasted. He pushed his tongue into me, slowly, and I could feel it slither, opening me. Not wanting to be outmatched, my wife doubled her efforts, pushing my cock into her throat and almost making me come on the spot, before sliding back out and licking, caressing the very tip. I was in heaven, until he stopped. I felt him kiss his way up my back, and bit my neck. I got goosebumps at the feeling of his lips on me. 

My wife, cock still deep down her mouth, reached around and spread my butt. My eyes grew wide as I knew what they were up to, and before long I felt the tip of his cock pushed against my asshole. He coated it with his pre-cum, and once again the stimulation on both sides of my pelvis was making me moan, and I ground my hips again, sliding into my wife’s mouth. This time, however, the more I pushed back, the more I spread, slightly, to let in his cock. I felt like I could really take it, not the pain I was always described by women. I gently pushed back again, and, coated in his own pre-cum and saliva, his cock slipped inside me. I moaned, groaned. My wife moaned onto my cock, realizing what was happening, and she ran a hand between my lags, gently caressing my testicles, and touching the ring of my anus, the head of his cock keeping it stretched. She ran a gentle finger around it, then along his shaft, before cupping his and gently squeezing them. 

He moaned, and made an involuntary thrust, sliding his cock more than halfway into me. This unexpected entry felt amazing. I felt myself open up to allow for his cock, spread to accommodate him. He realized I was having little to no trouble taking him, and he put his hands on my hips. Before I could even consider protest, he pushed all the way inside me. I grew rock hard, harder than I’d been, probably harder than I’d ever been, and would have collapsed on top of my wife if he hadn’t quickly taken my arms. I was now, however, unable to move, bent forward and with my arms behind my back in his hands. Both of  us realized the potential of the situation as he started to fuck me, slide in and out of my asshole at an increasing pace. My wife, however, felt like more could be done, and got up and walked to the corner. She brought back one of the smaller sofas sliding it under and in front of me. He gladly released me, and I put my hands on it. Was having trouble concentrating, his fucking making me leak, drip precum on the floor. She crawled under me, between my arms, and bent over the sofa. He reached around, and guided my cock into her pussy. 

She was so fucking wet, I could hardly believe it. I pushed into her, and felt him slide out. She moaned as I immediately buried myself into her to the hilt. As I pulled out, I impaled myself on his cock again, growing harder with every inch. My wife moaned again as my cock swelled and throbbed. 

We fucked. I pushed back into him, enjoying the feel of his cock inside me, before slamming back into her. I could hear him moan, and he was increasing in pace. He slammed harder into me, faster, and slightly deeper. I moaned, whimpered, even, in pleasure, as our fucking became more frantic. I bit my wife, in the back of the neck, in her shoulder, hard and almost vicious. She moaned and pushed herself even further against me. I could feel he wasn’t far. He was pulsing, his rhythm was becoming more erratic, pausing at times.

This felt slightly stranger, but I knew I wanted to feel him come inside me, fill me, while I did the same to my wife. When he dug his hands into my waist and slid all the way into me, I came. I clenched, and filled my wife up. She moaned, feeling every jet of my cum inside her, and pushing herself away from the chair, fucked herself onto me. My orgasm, my clenching and moaning seemed to have set him off as well, holding his cock inside me and held me in place with almost alarming carefulness. Then, suddenly, he pulsed, his cock feeling a size bigger all of a sudden, and shot me full. I could feel it, throbbing and filling. We didn’t stop fucking for a while, until collapsing on top of and next to each other, and held each other.

"Sofa" he said. We laughed, and I kissed them both.



09/17/2013 1:44am

Wonderful story - well done. My cock was rock hard throughout and as the three way fuck started I lubed the tip of my cock with my saliva to heighten the sensation. I came at the same time as the landlord filled his tenant's ass with his cum and I am running my fingers through my cum as I type this. Still feel horny even after coming - can't wait for part 2 - the boys have not yet sucked each other cocks

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