Moving In - Pt 2

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Waking up, I smelled the familiar scent of my wife’s perfume as I became aware of my surroundings and, more pressingly, her hair, splayed across the pillows before me. She had her back turned to me, and the sheets had pulled themselves back to reveal her marvellous figure. She’d never agree that it was, no matter how many times I told her, but she seemed to have accepted, and embraced, the fact that I’d never get tired of her. 

I moved up behind her, and wrapped an arm around her waist, smelled the sweetness that seemed to be her natural odour, and kissed her neck. With a soft murmur, she shifted, pushed herself back against me, and for a second, we were only a single being. 

"Did yesterday really happen?" she asked.

"It seems so."

I paused.

"Any regrets?"

"Not really. Do you? Aside from any physical… discomfort?" she asked with a sly smile.

"No, I’m fine, thank you." I said as I squeezed her breast, eliciting a slight giggle.

As we slowly rolled out of bed on what was looking to be a gorgeous Sunday-morning, I got to look at her again, and reminisced on the day before, our strange encounter with the landlord and his sudden absence after we’d gone to bed. As I looked around the room, I could once again envision ourselves, our three bodies entangled. Come to think of it, my behind was slightly uncomfortable. 

We moved to the bathroom, brushing teeth in the nude, since there wasn’t any reason not to. 

"Sho, what wash it like?"


You know. Hhe bukk hhing?”


She spat, and rinsed.

"The butt thing. What was it like? Did it hurt?"

I followed suit

"Yes, actually, though not that much. It was very pleasurable. I could show you if you like."

"I’m not sure. It just seems mostly painful. Though what he did with his tongue was very nice."

Her back still turned to me, I got up behind her, my already stiffening erection grazing the inside of her thigh as I slowly got down on my knees behind her.

"Like this?"

I gently spread her cheeks, and she automatically bent forward to provide me with better access. I very gently ran a tongue over her asshole. It didn’t taste as bad as I’d feared. She’s a very clean woman, after all. It simply tasted of her. The addiction, however, set in once I noticed the responses it brought forth. She moaned, low and guttural when I ran my tongue over it and inhaled quickly, in short breaths, when I pushed my tongue into her. Soon, she was spreading her cheeks in my stead, my hands free to roam her legs, nails drawing lines on her thighs and hips before my fingers found her pussy. 

Already she was wet, my fingers easily sliding between her folds, tentatively pushing into her before finding their way to her switch. The response was divine, her whole body spasmed, once. Then, she started making cooing noises as she drove her hips back, pushing against my tongue, wanting me deeper. I got back up behind her, much to her dismay, but only to lead her by the hand, to the sofa in the living room where she could bend over, allowing me much more comfortable, and penetrative, access. 

I ran my tongue over her hole again, pushing in, licking, occasionally sliding a finger in ever so slightly, before continuing. After a few minutes of this, I got back behind her, standing up, my cock now at the entrance to her pussy. I softly pushed the head of my cock past her lips, slipping inside, revelling in the warmth. But not for long, however, as she seemed to be hornier than expected and rammed her butt back, slamming my cock all the way inside her in one swift move. 

Not willing to let that slide, I grabbed her hips, and took her. She moaned, gasped, begged for more, as we’d gone from zero to actively fucking in what had to be a record. All traces of gentleness were gone, and replaced by pure passion, as I grabbed her hair, pulling her halfway upright, my other on her throat as she called my name, told me to fuck her. It was a bite in her shoulder that sent her over the edge. 

As she came, she sagged to her knees, or would have if she hadn’t been impaled on my cock, driving it even deeper into her, intensifying her orgasm. To make it last even longer, I grabbed her hips, and thrust up into her. She almost yelled something in between expletive and agreement, after which I repeated the motion. A slow rhythm setting in, I thrust into her, over and over, her yells and moans becoming more and more incoherent, before she finally relaxed. 

I pulled out, and as she relaxed, she realized she was softly pushing herself, and more obviously, her asshole, against the head of my cock. I hadn’t come yet, I was horny as an animal, and this woman, this seductress, this she-devil, was now softly gyrating her hips, rubbing against my cock. I dug my nails into the soft flesh of her bottom, doing everything in my power not to fuck her ass right away. This brought out a small gasp, and another push back. I realized she was relaxing herself, trying to fit the head of my cock into her, spreading herself ever so slightly with every push back. It became a soft rhythm. One very soft thrust back, three slight pushes. 

Millimetre by millimetre, my tormented cock was being goaded into her. until suddenly the head slipped in it’s final centimetre. She gasped, dug her nails into the sofa. It must have hurt, because she clenched, too, which had the opposite effect on me. I moaned, and this seemed to relax her again. Softly, we set back into our rhythm again, both of us moaning at the new sensations, as well as enjoying this new intimacy.

Suddenly, she froze, once again squeezing the tip of my cock. This time it wasn’t out of pain, however, as I followed her gaze and saw our landlord at the door, directly in front of us, holding a tray with three coffees and probably the most self-satisfied smirk I’d seen a long time. My wife stood upright and covered herself up. Or at least, she would have, if I hadn’t been standing behind her with my cock inside her asshole. As it was, when she straightened up, she pulled me along, and, unbalanced as I was, slid the full length of my cock into her. 

The sound she made was one of pain and pleasure combined into an intense experience. I realized that she was both tense and relaxed, and I could easily slide back out. Still holding the gaze of our landlord, I slid out almost completely, before pushing back in. My wife was barely conscious enough to realize what I was doing, transfixed on her own lust, but she managed to look him in the face, before letting her arms drop, giving him a full view of her naked body. I slowly fucked her asshole, as she moaned and pushed her hips back, simultaneously sliding a hand between her own legs.

Meanwhile, he’d simply put the coffees down, and started disrobing. When he was down to just his pants and briefs, he stopped to observe us and, I presumed, to actually give us a show of his own body. My lust for both him and my wife was threatening to take over, as I started pushing into my wife with more vigour, eliciting louder and louder responses. 

He was getting more and more aroused. The bulge in his pants was positively enticing, straining against the fabric as he slowly made his way towards us. Every single button on his pants was undone with a thrust on my part as we followed his every move. When he finally stood next to us, we both shivered in anticipation. We rather awkwardly turned to face him. He kissed her. I could tell the effect he was having on her as she seemed to alternate relaxing and tensing up. When he turned to me, my wife relaxed and leaned back into me, slowly and calmly paling herself on me again.

He kissed me. His stubble, so pervasive the day before, was now all bit gone, and as my lips touched his now smooth skin, I couldn’t help but moan at the feelings, physical and otherwise, drawn from my breath. He broke off the kiss, gasping like myself, his cool, calm facade showing cracks of lust. He turned to my wife, stood in front of her, and kissed her like he did me. She was tugging at his belt, and soon she’d pushed his pants down just past his hips.

He was rock hard, and pointing up. She slowly bent over, its entrancing sight too much to ignore, but he stopped her, and slowly pushed her back into me, once again sliding me, driving me fully into her asshole. She gasped as, in one smooth move, he wrapped an arm around her, lifted her knee with the other, and moved in close, pressing his body against hers.
He lifted her slightly, and suddenly I felt the tip of his cock against me, push against my shaft. I shivered, my wife moaning at the sensation. He shifted and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy, still wet from my earlier onslaught. He looked up at her with a smile.

"Please" she begged.

He let go. She slid down both our lengths, held up by our arms. She almost yelled as she wrapped her legs around him, bit his neck. She was in ecstasy, filled to the brim with both our cocks, static inside her, until she moved her hips. I felt her slide off of me, almost completely, before arching her back, pushing me all the way inside her again. She must have been in constant orgasm, contracting around me, convulsing as both our landlord and myself slowly started alternating our movements, thrusting up into her. 

She cried out, bit his neck, dug her nails into his back. She leaned her head back, turned her head, kissed me as I grabbed a handful of her hair. She gasped and moaned once again, and I couldn’t help but slam into her with increasing ferocity. My inhibitions were all but gone as I thrust into her, eliciting a loud gasp at every thrust. She cried out again, cursing, moaning, tensed up completely, her back arched to its limit, before, she relaxed, wrapped her arms around him, and sags.

He gently set her down into my arms as we slip out of her, she moaned when each of us exit, before I carried her to the bed. He stood next to me, and I felt his shoulder brushing mine. My wife smiled at me, her head nodded at him, and I could tell it’d be fairly stupid, if not torture, to move to her again. She needed her rest. We did not.

I turned to him again, wrapped my arms around him and pressed myself into him. His cock pushed against mine. Hot. Red hot. My head swam as the sensations of his fingers running down my back and cupping my bum overturned every thought in my mind, as his rock-hard cock, dripping with precum, ground into my pelvis. Slowly, I sagged to my knees. I didn’t care about its size at this point. There, in front of me, visibly throbbing, the most delicious sight in the world, it was massive. I reached up to touch it. It seemed to burn in my hand, so incredibly hard, like stone wrapped in velvet. 

The air in front of me was hot, smelled of him, his precum and the sweeter scent of my wife. It entered my nostrils and threatened to drown me. I took a deep breath, then opened my mouth and slid his cock inside. It felt strange, but tasted divine, as he almost constantly dripped precum onto my tongue. Sucking, I softly pumped the base of his shaft with my hand. He groaned, grabbed a handful of my hair, and pushed me onto his cock. It hit the back of my throat, and I could only run my tongue over the underside of it, attempting not to gag. He pushed on, and a strange sensation came over me as the tip of his cock pushed into my throat. I panicked, unable to breathe, and pulled back. He gave me a second to come to my senses, before urging me forward once again. 

I moved him, his cock in my hand, sat him down on the bed, before licking the tip of his cock. He let himself fall back, his cock slipped from my lips. As he lay there, my wife, once again intensely aroused and playing with herself, occasionally licking her fingers, next to him, and I got an idea. 

I got up, and positioned myself on top of him. Straddled him. I raised myself up. I’d missed his cock since it was inside me yesterday, and I reached behind me to aim it at my asshole. It didn’t take long. Even relaxing was easy, and his well-lubed head prodded me. It felt divine, and I could now, moreso than the aggressive penetration of the night before, experience ever second, every inch, of him entering me. He had his hands on my hips, and slowly pushed into me. As I rode him, the experience one I’d never had before, I noticed my wife shifting next to us. She slowly got up, and positioned herself over his head. 

By the look on her face I could tell that, whatever objections he might have, he was venting it out on her clitoris. She instantly moaned and leaned forward. I caught her and kissed her. We rode him. As his cock thrust into me, I looked at her and fell in love again. She smiled as she ran a finger between her legs. She shifted her hips, and assumed his tongue would now be around her asshole. I kissed her again as she gasped.

After a while, I felt him buck. My wife dropped off him, not wanting to miss the view, as he became more fervent. He grabbed my hips and fucked me. Of course it hurt, but his face, and the feeling, him filling me, felt so much better than anything it could give as pain. He slammed into me as he reached up to kiss me. He came inside me. I filled up, and moaned. It was an exquisite feeling, jets of cum hitting me inside.

After he calmed down, I slid off. I felt cum drip down my leg and didn’t care. It was white hot, and felt amazingly erotic, and I didn’t care. I hadn’t come yet, and I was not about to be left out. I was going to come inside him, one way or another. Turnabout is fair-play, I figured, and, with a single movement and a strong hand, flipped him onto his stomach. He didn’t complain. He just smiled as I spread his cheeks and, without much further ado, pushed my cock in between them. I was lubed to the point of ridiculousness, and slid in with very little trouble. I felt him clench, heard him gasp, and kept pushing until I was all the way inside him. He pushed back now, sat himself on hands and knees, and grabbed his hips. 

He wiggled them, seemingly teasing me, knowing what was coming. His coyness came to an abrupt halt when my wife grabbed a handful of his hair and pushed his face into her pussy, then wrapped her legs around his head. In this position, I fucked him. He moaned, moving in the rhythm. He felt amazing, tight, and I felt I was close to orgasm. I wanted this to feel personal. I slid out of him, and from between my wife’s thighs, I heard a moan of discontent. He seemed to lighten up again, however, as I replaced her.

With only one look, he seemingly swallowed my cock. It slid down his mouth, hitting the back of his throat, and I felt him force it further. He squeezed with his throat, rand his tongue underneath my shaft. It felt like heaven, his bright eyes looking up at me as he swallowed my cock over and over again. Sometimes, he’d gently kiss the tip before plunging down, while sometimes he’d stop and tentatively lick, trace the ridge of my head before softly sucking on the tip. 

My wife moved in next to him, and was nearly driven mad at the sight of them both, kissing the head of my cock, tongues intertwining. He looked up at me again, and ran a hand over my bum before pushing a finger into my asshole. I came with abandon. He closed his mouth over my head, but quickly realized he’d miscalculated, and the next jet hit him on the cheek, then her. She closed her mouth over my cock and started milking me dry as he started sawing his finger in and out of my asshole. I came for what felt like days before falling down. They laid down next to me. I kissed my wife, tasting my own semen on her lips, smelling it on her breath. Kissed residue off her cheek before turning to him, kissing him, thrusting my tongue into his mouth.

I laid down, looked at the ceiling, as I let my body be roamed by the hands of my lovers. There was a hand on my sensitive cock, and I couldn’t tell whose, it was that gentle. I smiled.

"Coffee, anyone?" He asked.



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