Written by Zargoth69

(This all took place in the late 1970s in Florida, between friends who were all in their early 20s at the time…)

I'm not sure of the details that occurred before our encounter, but I assume that it involved a little alcohol & a little weed. However it came about, my girlfriend and I wound up with a friend of mine at our place. There was really never any thought of anything happening, until we got back there, and it became clear to me that she was very interested in fucking my friend. I can't say that I blame her; after all, he was a good-looking and friendly guy, & she was, at the time, the most sensuous & sexual woman I had ever known.

Our bedroom had single oversized mattress on the floor. We had all been laying there talking; my friend got up to take a leak. That's when I said something to my girlfriend, and she acknowledged that she was more than a little interested; it was also very clear that he wanted to fuck her. I asked her if she wanted me to step aside and go someplace else so that she could be with him; she said," Please don't leave…".

My friend came back into the room, and resumed his position to her left on the bed. I broke the ice by kissing her; he took that as a signal to go ahead and start running his hands over her body. She had on her favorite Danskin outfit, with spaghetti straps; those straps slipped down her shoulders very easily; you could smell her excitement. He and I kissed and caressed her as we peeled the tight garment off of her; at the same time, we were taking off our T-shirts and shorts. It didn't take very long until we were all naked. I took a peek at his throbbing erection, and I was excited.

Being a gentleman, I told him to go first. I took her hand, and lay at her side at arm’s length from the two of them. She kissed him deeply as he entered her, and proceeded to find a rhythm that she enjoyed. I kissed her hand as I watched intently. She surrendered herself to the moment, but never let go of my hand; in short order, she had an orgasm, and he followed shortly thereafter.

I couldn't wait to be inside of her. She was warm, wet from her excitement, and slick from the load that he had deposited inside of her. It was arousing beyond words; I entered her wet cunt… And then I felt his hand cradling my testicles. It was so unexpected; it was so exciting. I went with it; she came again, and I did for the first time that evening.

I couldn't have been more surprised; this was a friend, a former roommate, who seemed to all a pretty macho guy, and here he was initiating this kind of activity.

It was his turn again, and he wasted no time in mounting her. This time, I stayed as close as he had stayed when I was on top of her, and I did the same thing to him that he'd done to me, and it was exciting. I also slipped my hand between their bellies down to where their bodies joined; my hand over her cunt, I could feel him thrusting into her as his shaft slid between my fingers. That's when I got another surprise: he was stroking my cock as I felt them up.

When I took my next turn, I did the same; my girlfriend reached down to stroke him, and found my hand already there. She gasped; we kissed deeply as we fucked and stroked him at the same time. I was amazed at how soft the skin of his penis felt, while at the same time I could feel his shaft pulse to the beat of his heart.

We continued long into the evening, and even into the morning. He and I both sucked each other; it was a unique sensation, & I was especially excited by the smell of his manhood. At one point, she was on her back as we knelt over her stroking each other while we fondled her; she was deeply excited by this, and lent us both a hand as we stroked the other. At another point, they lay face to face on their sides, and I reached up between her legs, took his cock, and rubbed it against her incredibly wet pussy. I then re-positioned myself so that I could put my cock in there with his, and I rubbed both of our cocks together against her moist cunt.

After we had all exhausted ourselves, we slept deeply. I awoke to them fucking once more, and joined in again. I passed out again; & when I woke my friend was gone. My girlfriend and I talked about the experience and went at it one last time with great passion, reveling in our shared experience. I cannot express sufficiently just how it made me feel except to say that I felt more completely & profoundly masculine than I ever had before.

My first bisexual experience was amazing…



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What happened afterwards??

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