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My first mmf experiences were when I was still a teenager.  I didn't think of myself as bisexual back then.  I thought of myself as a gay guy.  I was occasionally attracted to girls, but I thought that was just a phase or something.  So I had a boyfriend and he and I planned to be monogamous.  

My friend Lucy was about two years older than me.  She had been out as a lesbian since she was very young.  Nobody was surprised that Lucy and I became very close friends.  Everyone was surprised they saw that she and I were attracted to each other, strongly.  Her girlfriend Thel was furiously jealous, my boyfriend Rex was just sort of puzzled.

Lucy used to let me and Rex borrow her apartment for sex.  One day she came home unexpectedly.  Rex had just slipped his dick in my ass and was starting to fuck me.  I was on my back on Lucy's bed with my legs up and a towel under me, he was standing on the floor leaning forward, we were staring into each others' eyes.  I didn't realize that Lucy had come into the room, I was completely focused on Rex.  He saw her and was startled, but he kept fucking me. 

I started moaning, "Oh yes Rex, oh yes, fuck me, man, come on, big stud, ram it in me!"  The next thing I know Lucy's naked crotch is looming over my face.  Lucy tells Rex, "Fuck that boipussy, Rex, come on stud, fuck him."  He kept fucking me.  Lucy squatted onto my mouth.  "Come on Mark, lick my pussy."  So I licked it.  

I'd never been with a woman before, and I suppose I needed some help.  Lucy swiveled around a bit, used her hand to press the side of my head to the inside of her leg and used the inside of her leg to maneuver my head into the right position, and told me exactly where to put my tongue and exactly how fast and how hard to lick.  That went on for a few minutes.  Rex must have liked it, he was still hard and still thrusting when Lucy was happy that I was doing it right.  

Lucy came on my face, lifted herself up a little to let me breath, then told me to get back to licking.  Once I did, she started telling Rex what to do.  "That's it Rex, fuck him!  Faster, Rex, make him scream!  Come on Rex, fuck that pussy!  Fuck it, stud, come on, make pussy out of him!"  I wondered if Lucy had eavesdropped on some of our lovemaking sessions, I was always calling Rex my big stud and telling him to make pussy out of me.  

Rex thrust into me deeper and faster.  I loosened my sphincters to slow him down; I wasn't ready for him to come yet.  Lucy came again; she leaned forward and cried out.  She raised herself up again, I gasped for air.

Rex's cock flopped out of me.  When he slipped it back in, the head tapped my prostate.  I felt my dick jump to attention.  As he fucked me, i could feel the shaft stroking my prostate. I was getting very hard, very close.  

Lucy was watching it.  She got on all fours with her pussy dripping juices onto my face, and went down on me while my man fucked me.  I don't know whether he fucked the cum out of me or she sucked it out, but I came in her mouth with him deep in my ass.  Then she turned her head to me.  She put her lips on mine.  She opened her mouth and snowballed my whole load onto my tongue.  I swallowed it gladly while she kissed my lips, my cheeks, my neck.  All the while Rex was still fucking my boipussy.  It was the longest he'd ever stayed hard inside me.  He shouted, almost screamed when he came.  When he went soft, he staggered back.  I felt my man's hot cum trickle out of me.  Lucy lay down and fingered herself while I got up, collected the towel, and started to clean up.  She came again.

"So, I guess we're bisexuals, then," said Lucy.  "I don't know," I said, "I just say I'm gay."  She laughed.  "You can say whatever you want, but you lick pussy almost as well as I do!"  After a while, we agreed to try some more mmf threesomes. 



10/18/2013 11:17am

Thanks for posting my story!

10/21/2013 12:27pm

Lovely story. I am 100% gay but am sitting here stroking my rock hard cock thinking of these three having such a good time together with everyone licking up each other's cum - wow! More please.

10/23/2013 1:53pm

Glad you liked it, Charles! I'll send more stories in later.

11/06/2013 1:04am

Mmm what a way to enjoy a girl having your hot boyfriend deep in you and you friend works you up. Thank u nice story.

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