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As the summer progressed, I rode my bike pretty much every day. I also rode real hard which made me quite exhausted. I usually sat on my balcony after I rode and took my t-shirt off and sat in my spandex shorts. What I didn't know was that a new couple moved in not too long ago and noticed me from time to time. One day, as I sat after a ride, I was on my tablet chatting with a male friend and passing pictures - he was making me hard.

The couple had been outside and from their view were watching me. They noticed me readjust my cock in my shorts. There were a couple of days during the following week where they would, individually, bump into me and say hello and one time she saw me up close when I took my bike out and gave me a second look when I turned to look at her. One day, I ran into them both in the stair well and we started to talk, being new they wanted to meet and have coffee. We set a date and we all parted. Later that weekend I walked up to their place and was invited in. We sat and talked, when it became a little warm in the living room, we went outside on their deck. Topic of fitness and sports came up and I after discussing their leisure and sport interests, I mentioned mine. They both commented on how they noticed the number of times I get out on my bike. 

One topic threw me off - sex. I mentioned that, and started to become embarrassed of the topic, that I have not had the pleasure of it as of recent. She asked if I was single and I nodded yes He left the balcony to get another round of drinks then she moved a little closer. She mentioned that her man had been eyeing me and is wanting to know if they could have me as a sex buddy. I was in a little state of shock at the proposal, especially since I just met them. He came back with the drinks and sat across from me. She looked at him and said that I was thinking about it - but I did not give her an answer, any answer. I looked at her and she said that the answer is in my eyes. Still recovering I asked if it is a MMF or MFM? and her reaction, after a joyous laugh said that if I wasn't thinking about it, seems pretty strange that you'd ask that question. She said that primarily it would be MMF. My heart started to race and uncontrollably spat out as to when we would begin? They looked at each other and his zipper went down as he said now, would be good.

I had no control over the situation as she pulled my zipper to my shorts down as he walked over to stick his cock into my mouth. She dropped and pulled my cock out and put mine into hers. That seemed to ease my panic because I took his cock into my mouth with eagerness. I tasted his precum and fell in love with the fluid wondering how good his cum would be. He was telling me that I must have had cock before for he loved how I was eating him. His member started to twitch in my mouth and I felt his balls which were beginning to tighten, so I made sure that my stroking hand had a good consistent rhythm. His hands held my head as he began to shoot his cum in my mouth, I managed to swallow some but the rest squirted out from my lips to my chin and staining my shirt, After he was done, he sat back down, playing with his semi-stiff cock watching his wife continue with me. I was getting ready to explode when she stood up and he dropped down to continue. She came over to lick the remaining cum from my lips and chin. She then flashed her tits and stuffed them in my mouth at which my cock felt like he grew another couple of inches in his mouth. He played with my balls and I couldn't hold it any longer - my cock exploded in his mouth and I could hear him sucking it up like my member was a straw.

She sat down and he sat in his chair - cock already hard. I was beat and my cock limp. I looked over at his erect cock and her exposed tits glistening with my cum mixed saliva. She stood up and said that we should go inside and become more comfortable. She grabbed us both by our cocks and pulled so we would stand up. she was half-way in the door when she pulled her clothes off and motioned for us both to come in. Her gestures for us to strip were quite firm, for we were nude the second we walked in. She sat on a nearby hoop chair and looked at her husband with the look of "he is yours". Her fingers started to play with her shaven pussy and my new lover sat me on their large leather sectional. Condoms were strewn about on the coffee table like coasters (I didn't notice them before) and he started to give me a massage as he moved around behind me. I felt his cock press against my back, leaving a trail of precum as he moved around. the massage on my shoulders felt good, I was relaxing his lips giving me small kisses to my neck and shoulders. Sensing I was tensing up a little as his kisses were being given, he changed positions. He laid me down on my back on the sectional leaf and gave my thighs a massage and his hands would work their way closer to my cock and brush against it and tease.

I looked over to his wife and she was in deep masturbation while watching her husband play. My focus went back to him when he bent my legs so my ass was facing him and stuck his index finger in his mouth to moisten it and he played with my pucker. Circling the outer rim - teasing it, and as my pucker seemed relaxed he buried his finger up my ass. I let out a moan and he had control over me. His finger came out and looked at his wife while licking the very finger that was in my ass and let her know that I was ready. My man took my legs and pulled them apart. His wife moved off the chair and slithered over to us, reached between my open legs and began stroking me. He, at the same time, guided his cock head to my pucker and pushed the head in - I realized that now the condoms were there just for decoration, he did me bareback and my cock grew another inch. 

They were both a well oiled machine, her strokes on me matched his thrusts and it felt amazing. As he pumped, he was going deeper and deeper until I could feel his thighs rubbing against mine. They had a plan, for he would stop and she would continue stroking me. Then as I could not bear it any longer my cock shot cum on my chest and he then continued to pump his cock in me. A few more minutes went by as she left my cock alone to finish draining on my belly and kept me from passing out by rubbing my chest or kisses on the neck. I could now feel his cock beginning to twitch again and he pulled out. Looking at his sweat covered cock, it made it's way to my mouth again where he wanted me to suck him dry again and I didn't disappoint. With her massaging me and his warm hand on my chest I eagerly swallowed his shaft and then the cum that pumped out of it.

It felt like an eternity, as he and I were all lying on the couch together and she back on the hoop chair playing with her pussy while a lesbian video was playing on their TV. I must have flaked out. I found him playing with my asshole again and having me suck his finger. As we watched the girls on the TV rimming each other, he leaned to my ear and said that we shall do that next time I come over ......... 



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Nice story, I wish the moved in next to me! Is this just a story, or a recollection

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