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I was encouraged to write a bit about some of my experiences a while ago and didn't act on it until now. I've decided to write based on my early sexual experiences with a dear friend that I will call 'Joe.' I was confused by my sexuality most of my teen years and remained inexperienced until I was 18. That's when Joe and I started experimenting.

I'll go ahead and give a little background on myself. I'm a Bi male. For a long time I said I was 'Bi-curious' but that was just me hedging, I'm fucking Bi. I love pussy, I mean love it. I love the look, smell and feel. I like to bury my face in it and just suck in it's essence. I love cock too though. I love to suck it, there's something about having a cock in your mouth that is just incredibly powerful. I also love to have it up my ass. I'm not just one of those 'dabbling' Bi guys. Give me a big hard cock in my ass. I've only been fucked once, but I've got a small toy collection that I love to use.

I don't know if I could ever top a guy. I haven't really had a chance to try, and I'm not sure I have the desire. A man's ass just doesn't do a lot for me. A woman's ass on the other hand... but I digress.

For a while, if I keep writing, my stories will be focused on my male on male sexual experiences. I guess you could consider this a bit of a catharsis. I'm really needing to get out my feelings and memories as I've denied who and what I am for way too long.

********************** ********************

This is my recollection of my first sexual encounter with 'Joe.' He was my best-friend for years and remained so for a very long time. I'm very glad that I was able to explore my same sex desires with someone that I could trust absolutely.

Joe came over that night because nobody was home and we could get a bit high. I'd been reading some really hot stories in the Forum section of Penthouse and the one that really got me going was one where a guy was surprised by a husband sucking his cock, when he got busted fucking the guy's wife. I couldn't get that image out of my mind and thought I might try to mess around with Joe a bit. I wanted to find out what it was like to touch and suck another guy's cock (getting fucked was in the back of my mind if I'm going to be honest with myself).

After Joe and I got high, I showed him the Penthouse I had been reading. The pictures were hot so that wasn't an issue, but he always loved the Forum section and flipped right there. Then he asked me if there were any stories in particular that I liked. I showed him the story and he read it. I could tell while he was reading it that he was getting pretty turned on. I was thinking that I'd get to see his cock soon enough.

Before long he finished reading the story and said he thought it was hot. I suggested that we get a couple more of the mags out and jerk off. He was hesitant but agreed.

After a bit we were both naked and stroking our (own) cocks. His cock was gorgeous, about 8 inches long and a little thinner than mine. It was circumcised (unlike mine) and had a nice big head on it. After about 10 or 15 minutes of stroking our own cocks, I couldn't resist anymore and reached over to touch him. I don't know why I didn't think he'd have a problem with it, maybe I was just too horny to give a damn. When I touched him though, he just leaned back and let me get a good look and feel. Before long I was stroking him and loving every minute of it.

It was nice, hard and warm. His purple head felt a bit strange to me since I was used to jerking my own uncircumcised cock. With a foreskin, you don't have a ton of need for lube, so I wasn't used to that. Joe had me spit in my hand to slick it up a bit. That made it a lot easier.

After a few minutes of that, Joe asked me to stop. I thought that was the end of our fun for the night. Before the disappointment could settle in though, he reached over and got a firm grip on my cock. What a sensation! I'd never had someone touch my cock before (ok not since actually hitting puberty anyway), and it felt great. Up to this point I thought jerking off was a good feeling. Now I knew that it paled in comparison to having someone else give you pleasure. He moved directly in front of me so he could get his hands on my balls while stroking me slowly. I loved that.

He slowly picked up speed and intensity. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I was closing my eyes and really getting into it when he stopped. He couldn't stop now! That's when he suggested that we get in the shower and really get a good 'feel' for each other. I think my cock actually got harder when he said that. It was so hard it was more than just a bit uncomfortable. But I didn't care. I just wanted to get in that shower.

We lathered up each others chests, arms, legs, backs, butts and of course cocks. I loved when he turned me around and washed my chest while he was behind me with his cock rubbing my ass crack. I was ready to explode just from that. I seriously thought about just bending over and having him fuck me right then. For some reason I didn't though. To this day, I wish I had. He would have had my anal cherry (cherry over all for that matter) and I would have felt what it was like to have cum jetting into my ass. (That is still a fantasy of mine to this very day.)

We couldn't take it anymore and finally stroked each other's soapy cocks again. It got so hot I still can't believe we managed to keep on our feet. Before long we were both cumming buckets. Our orgasms seemed to last for ever, even though I'm sure it was over fairly quickly. That didn't matter though. I had pleasured another person and he had pleasured me, it was a wonderful feeling.

After we cleaned up the remains of the cum, and dried each other off. We got dressed and went back to the living room where all this had started. We smoked just a bit more and just basked in the glow of what we had done. At least that's what I thought we were doing. I was still horny as hell. I went over to him while he was on the couch and start rubbing his cock through his pants. He asked what I thought I was doing and I said that I wanted to suck his cock.

He said that wasn't going to happen. I unzipped his pants and got his cock out. It was still limp. I couldn't believe it, I was rock hard and ready to go again. I sucked on his cock to try and get him hard. It must have been a good 5 or 10 minutes before I gave up. At the time I figured he was just really good at resisting. But now I think that he was feeling some guilt or that I was just higher than he was and my inhibitions were completely gone and his weren't.

We had other encounters, but this was our first.


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