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I was 19 years old, and a seaman aboard a destroyer out of 32nd street in Sand Diego. It was our last night before we left for a six month WestPac deployment, and unfortunately I was on duty. I was on rover duty; I would round on unmanned spaces, keep a log, and report every so often to the Officer of the Deck on the Quarterdeck.

Upon return to the Quarterdeck, my girl friend of a year was waiting for me. ”You got some time for me?’ she asked. ”Oh man, I’m on rover duty” I replied, disapointed. ”Maybe I could rove with you?” I looked to the O.O.D, and he smiled and nodded his head. Normally this wouldn’t be allowed, but he looked the other way, considering the circumstances.

We began to make my rounds, talking about how much we would miss each other. The third compartment that I need to check was a fanroom three decks down, and quite secluded. I was hoping that she was feeling a little amorous, and we could fool around a bit down there.

By the time we got to the door to the compartment my cock was at a full on rage. I smiled as I pulled the lever to undog the door and let it swing open. What we discovered inside took both of us by complete surprise!

There was Miller on his knees, dungarees around his ankles, stroking himself as he went down on a cucumber he had duck taped to an upright! 

“What the fuck is going on here?” I questioned. “You know nobody’s supposed to be down here!”

“Oh shit!” he cried, “please ma, don’t report this!”

“I wont, but you need to more careful next time. What if I had been someone else?” I scolded.

“I know man. I’m so sorry” he whined as he began to pull up his dungarees.

"Wait," my girlfriend blurted out. "Look how scared he is. He’s harmless, he was just trying to get off, like we were trying to do. With that she she reached around, unbuttoned my trousers, and exposed my semi hard cock. "Have you ever been sucked off by a guy?" she asked.

"No, I haven’t." I replied "You know I’m not gay!"

"It doesn’t make you gay. Come on, let him suck your dick. Do it for me." she cooed. Then she looked at him, and with a firm grip on my shaft asked "You want to suck this cock don’t you!"

I looked down at Miller, and his eyes were glued to my stiffening member. He had both the look of hunger and fear in his eyes as he knee walked over to kneel before me. He stopped just as his lips were at he tip of my cock and asked “Are you sure it’s ok?”

I didn’t get a chance to answer because my girlfriend interrupted, “He does what I tell him, Now suck!”

His tongue flipped out to tasted the clear drop of precum on my head, and the warmth of it made me instantly hard. He then opened his mouth and devoured the entire length of my shaft on the first stroke. The warm and wet sensation of being completely engulfed nearly blew my mind.

He began to bob his head up and down, taking the entire shaft into his throat. I was getting really turned on from all the slobbery noises and the feeling of his drool leaking down my balls each time he impaled his throat all the way down on my cock. 

My experience at getting blow jobs was somewhat limited to girls my age, who didn’t really enjoy it, and usually had to be coaxed into it. This fucker was savoring every second, and pretty much worshiping my dick! 

I felt myself getting near to cumming, when I noticed my girlfriend was offering nasty words of encouragement to us both. Her pretty and innocent looking mouth was emitting such phrases as “Suck that fucking cock bitch, you know you love it!” and “Come on honey, really fuck his mouth, fuck his face like I wont let you do to me!”

This really sent me off! I couldn’t hold back any longer. As I began to cum, I grabbed his head and thrust my meat balls deep into the depths of his throat! He began to gag, and pull away, but that only served to excite me more. I head his head firm against my body as I exploded pulse after pulse of hot jizz down his gullet.

As I relented, and pulled my cock out of him my girlfriend clapped excitedly. ”You guys really know how to put on a show for a girl!” She reached under her skirt and pulled of a pair of saturated panties and threw them at Millers face. ”Here’s your reward cocksucker, You can wear these next time you suck his cock. If the chicken ever lets you do it again.”

We never did do it again, but I knew that he would anytime I asked. The temptation to seek him out for some good head was very difficult that deployment but I would usually just masturbate. 

To this day, when my mind wanders back, I still become erect, and often masturbate to this memory. What troubles me though is sometimes I think about what it would be like if I was the one on his knees.



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