Written by sumdumguy

It was Super Bowl Sunday. I invited a group of guys from work over to watch the game at our house. In your usual way, you spent most of the day cleaning and organizing the house. Thankfully it was just the two of us, because I spent most of my time chasing you around grabbing you and occasionally more, hoping to get a little action before the action. You put me off, saying that there was too much that needed to be done and I could wait till later. I finally convinced you that enough was enough, because these were just some guys from work, and they weren't interested in how clean our house was. You went off to shower as I turned on the pre-game show and tool the dogs down for a walk. 
After a nice clean shower you dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt, not bothering to put on a bra because your body was still warm from the shower. As you are milling about in the kitchen gathering snacks to set out, you hear me come through the door with the dogs, and another voice. I round the corner with my hands full of drinks and Danny in tow. "Hi Honey, this is Danny, Danny this is my wife Angela". He is tall and lean, clean looking and clean shaven. As I set to putting the drinks down, you reach to take the bags from Danny. As you reach for the bags to take them, you catch Danny as he notices your breasts, visible through your shirt. The chill in the air has made your nipples hard, clearly protruding through the thin material. You feel uncomfortable about the way he looks at you, but can not decide if it is embarrassment or excitement, since it has been a while since anyone but your husband has seen you this way. Trying not to make the situation worse, you pretend nothing happened and go about unpacking the items he brought.
As soon as you are able, you retreat to the bedroom to put on something less revealing and finish getting ready for our guests. As you are finishing your makeup you realize how exciting it was to be looked at that way. Not just the cute wife and mother, but as a woman. Sexually. Something to be desired and not just admired. You discover that you have become wet and are surprised. This is not who you are. You are a respectable woman, not a flamboyant slut. You decide to put away the thoughts in your head and concentrate on your makeup.
As I walk in on you, you try to focus and not let on what has been going through your mind. I come stand behind you and put my hands on your hips, just the way you like, and push into you slightly. As I lean in to your neck and plant small kisses on your shoulder, I catch your eye in the mirror. "Whoops" is all I say and your thoughts snap right back to Danny staring openly at your all but bare tits. My mischievous grin assures you that I am not mad about it. You have known for a long time that I am not afraid to show you off. I fantasize about it, and we have actually played out some simple and reasonably secure exhibitionistic events. "Danny is a really nice guy, and I'm sure he didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. You and I both know you've just got great tits" I say, trying to assure you that he's not some perv.
You admit to me that it is nice to feel attractive and I slip my hand around and play with your tit, teasing your still hard nipple in my fingers, and cupping your full breast in the palm of my hand, gently squeezing. I ask "So, are you going to put a bra on now?"  You play coy, trying to tease me by answering "No".  The feeling of my swelling cock against your ass gives me away, but you quickly exclaim that you were joking, and have no intention of spending the evening in a room full of strange men with your tits bouncing around and your nipples poking out.
Hesitantly, I decide to drop it. Normally I would push you to do it, but this time I leave you alone with your thoughts and go back to getting ready for the party. As I am walking away, you reach around and give my cock a little pat and are surprised at how full and hard it is. You reach down into my pants and grasp my warm dick and whisper to me "it would really turn you on, wouldn't it?" I remind you that I would be proud to show you off in that way. You tell me to go back out of the room and you'll think about it. Before leaving, I turn and hold your lovely face in my hands with a gentle firmness that lets you know that I'm serious, and tell you that if you start this, you will follow every direction that I give you, without question. You scoot me out of the room and go back to drying your hair. Thoughts are spinning out of control in your head. "Danny is a clean and attractive man, and it was exciting seeing him look at me like that". You let your mind wander and play at what it would be like, to be the only woman in the room, flaunting and creating sexual tension to a group of men you've never met. When you turn the hair dryer off you realize that the heat was not only coming from that, but that you were flushed and your panties were very very wet. Thinking to yourself "great, now I 'have' to change" you look in the closet to find something else to wear....
When you come out in the sweater and yoga pants you are greeted with grins all around. Mine AND Danny's eyes gleam widely at you. We both take you in top to bottom. Danny can't hide his open stare at your sweater and he looks from you to me, trying to see of he is caught.
When he looks to me he realizes he is busted, and the look on his face gives away his fear of getting punched by the husband of this beautiful woman standing before him. My grin eases his tension as I wrap my arms around you, picking you slightly up off the floor and planting a full kiss on you, sucking your lip as I set you back down, but not before turning you to give Danny a perfect view of your ass, slightly bent forward showing the seam where your yoga pants are riding in between those perfect cheeks.  I exclaim out loud how nice you look, and that this promises to be a fun evening.
Danny mirrors my words when he tells you that you have put together quite a spread for the party, and you look absolutely amazing doing it. He offers to help you in any way that he can.
As I go to answer a knock on the door, the two of you settle into the kitchen to work on getting the finger foods ready. You become a little nervous at the thought of more men in the room with you while you are dressed this way. Danny distracts you, possibly to keep you from worrying, or maybe to hold your attention to himself. I bring in three friends and introduce them. Trey, Bob, and Jeff. They greet you pleasantly, with only minor glances at your sweater and what little you have on under it.
As the four of us settle in to the living room in front of the tv to watch the game, Danny offers to stay and help you in the kitchen. You wonder if it is in purpose that he moves to the other side of the counter. Small talk about your mutual lack of interest in football is occasionally interrupted by  the glances around as you try
to catch him looking at you.
As you mill about the room in front of everybody, you occasionally look to me. The knowing expression on my face assures that I am turned on by what is happening. You notice some of the guys seem restless in their seats, possibly trying to hide the bulge in their pants as they steal glances at your cleavage, and realize that your nipples are clearly visible poking through the loose mesh of your sweater. You catch Danny and I off to the side talking quietly. You can't tell what we are saying, but we are both watching every move you make.
I pull you off to the side and  remind you that you agreed to follow my direction, without question. I tell you to turn it up a notch. I want to see you occasionally bend over with your ass pointing directly at one of the guys. You can start off nonchalantly, but I want you to become more brazen about it. I also want to see you rub the back of your leg as you do, sometimes sliding your hand up to your ass. The teasing show you are putting on us really starting to affect you. By outward appearances this is all very innocent, but as the day progresses, you start to push a little further. Sometimes looking straight behind you as you bend over to pick something up, or leaning forward a little too far toward one of the guys, accidentally running your tit against his shoulder.
After as much of this teasing show as I can stand. I pull you into the bedroom. I kiss you full and hard, putting your hand on my cock to prove how excited you are making me. I ask you if it is having the same effect on you...
I decide not to wait for your answer and push my hand down into your pants. Your reaction to my touch and the wetness between your legs gives you away. You sink your teeth into my shoulder and push down onto my fingers, your wet pussy swallowing my fingers, confirming my suspicion that you are as turned on by our little game that I am. As I continue to pump my fingers inside you, I ask you if it is the guys in the other room all fantasizing about you, or if it is the fact that Danny is now openly flirting with you. You admit to me that you have felt his cock brush against you several times as he has been helping you. I tell you that I know, because I told him he could.
On my way out of the room, I tell you that it's time for an outfit change. I suggest the very low cut v-neck sweater with no bra, and the black miniskirt with the flowers on it. I think the g-string that has the white string and the all-but-transparent crotch material will do nicely. You want to ask me what I said to Danny, but decide to let the uncertainty of it hold a little longer.
When you come out of the room, you new outfit has an immediate effect. The football game is at a lull in the action, and I tell you it's time to pass around a tray of wings. You are given explicit instructions to offer some to each guy individually, making sure to lean in with the tray, giving your full breasts ample view. You should also position yourself with someone behind you to give them a shot of your thong and what is barely concealed inside it. As you begin to settle more comfortably into your role at the party, you pass the occasional coy smile to the guys, sometimes even looking back behind you and smiling as they can't help but gawk at the show you are giving them. None of them says a word that might make you feel uncomfortable, but you can't help but notice how much they all fidget, and adjust the bulge in their pants that you created.
When you return to the kitchen, Danny comments on the show. You remind him that he doesn't like football. He grins wildly at you and says that that is not the show that has him so interested. You can clearly see the outline of his cock through his pants. He no longer pretends to hide it from you and is now blatantly looking you up and down. As you pass beside him to reach for something, you brush your hand against his groin, sliding your fingers down the length of his shaft. You hear his muffled grunt as you reach up to the top cabinet  for something, your skirt rising high and well over the cheeks of your ass.
You are now drenched with excitement and pull me in to the bedroom. You tell me how excited you are and show me the sopping wet thong, your lips clearly visible through the fabric. You describe what just happened in the kitchen with Danny, and that you cant believe you just touched his cock. You wonder how I will respond to what you just did. I suggest that you go ahead and remove the thong and get back out there to our guests. I also tell you to pay special attention to Danny. I'n fact, I think you should find out just how hard you can make him.
You mill about the house, pondering the days events so far, and thinking about what I said. As you move around the house with only a small piece of fabric between your bare pussy and a room full of horny men, your mind begins to explore how far you are willing to take our little game. You are certain you will get well fucked tonight. You wonder at the possibility of Danny being involved. Your mind takes it even further and you get flashes of being banged by all five men at once. Could you handle it? Would you even allow it? Who would be where, and doing what?
You try to block out the images in your mind as you go about your business fidgeting around the house. At one point you are doing something on a low shelf to the side of the tv. You can feel your pussy lips are parted and open. Not wanting to draw more attention with a sudden move, you hesitate for a moment. The thought of five men seeing you like this becomes extremely exhilarating. You shift a little and can feel the wetness spread from you, your pussy now must certainly be gleaming with your juices. You feel it dripping from you and reach down with your finger and smear it across your puckered asshole. You realize that your skirt has risen half way up and your bare ass is in full view of everybody in the room.
As you stand up and turn around, you see the wide eyed look on everyone's face. You make a cute little apology for disturbing the game on tv, and are answered by a series of muffled grunts as five men try desperately to relieve the strain of their swollen cocks against their pants. You smile inwardly at your triumph over all of these men and cross your legs a bit to rub your swollen pussy before making your way slowly out of the room  back to the kitchen, and Danny.
As you walk in to the kitchen you realize Danny is in the middle of adjusting his cock in his pants. He sees you look down at his bulge and pulls his hand across, clearly stroking the length of his swollen dick.  Your look up and see that he hasn't taken his eyes off of you. You turn into the kitchen counter, not knowing yet what to do. As you remember my last direction, you feel his fingers gently graze up the back of your thigh, pausing at the cleft where your thigh meets the bottom of your ass cheek. Danny is now standing right beside you. Making sure no one sees you, you reach over with one hand and pull down his zipper. He helps you by folding his cock out from his underwear, right into your hand. As your soft touch explores the length from shaft to the tip, you look out across the room and see me staring right at you.
By A.....
And I wonder what you you would do if I dropped to my knees and licked the length of his shaft. Would that be too far? Would your other friends notice? Would you all come and watch?
If it were just the three of us, would you come in make me kneel before him while you slid my panties aside and rubbed your cock in between my checks and then lower and deeper to my dripping throbbing pussy?
I might. It would be easy since you don't have panties on. You wonder if that is what is on my mind as you continue stroking and feeling him. No one can see what is going on behind the counter, but you know I can tell by the subtle movements of your arm as you stroke the length of his cock. His thick veiny cock in your hands, you run your finger across the head and feel the slippery precum. Still looking right at me, you put your finger in your mouth
You hear a loud cheer from the others and realize that you had forgotten about the three other men in the room. You pull your hand away as Danny puts his dick back in his pants, somewhat reluctantly. Apparently the game is over. No idea who won. Couldn't care less. All you know is that it is time for them to go. All of them except Danny. The three of us begin clearing away everything as our guests make their way out. Each of them fights their way to give you thanks and hugs, each in turn squeezing you hard against them, pushing your breasts into them as they press their still hard cocks into you. They all express their gratitude for you hosting such an entertaining evening.
Your pulse quickens as you think about being alone now with just me and Danny. Your mind races. We finish clearing up and move to relax in the living room. Seemingly on purpose, Danny sits on the opposite side of the room. You come and sit across my lap. We laugh and make small talk for a bit and everyone seems to relax, getting more comfortable with each other. As I nonchalantly run my fingers across your thighs, you kiss softly at my neck. I nibble at your hard nipple through your sweater at first, then I expose one full breast fully and take you in my mouth. A slight gasp escapes you and you part your legs slightly, not exposing too much. Just enough to invite me in. As my hand slips under your skirt, you look over to see Danny laying back, rubbing himself through his pants. Each of you stares wantonly from your eyes to your crotch. Any inhibitions you had are all but gone.
You part your legs more, partially for me, but also because you want Danny to see your pussy. Spread open and wet.
By A.......
And I reach for your cock under me. I look at you and then glance at Danny and back to you. As we stare at each other you just nod, knowing that I want him to pull out his cock and stroke it while I watch him watching you finger fuck me. I tell him I want to see him and he obliges. As he begins to stoke his dick slowly, languidly, I pull me legs up and place me feet on the arm of chair and begin to rock back and forth. All the while you're looking at my face; flush with excitement and desire.
As you pull your slick fingers from my tight swollen pussy, you decide that it's time to take it to the next level.   You look at Danny who is mesmerized by your fingers leaving my dripping center and suck them clean. You lift me and stand up placing me on my feet. Turn and pull a blanket to lay in front the fire. And ask Danny if he wants a taste. He quickly looks at me and says yes, he would definitely like a taste. You reach for my arm and pull me close. Kissing me hard and full. I grab at your still sheathed cock and you say "not mine, his". And take off my clothes. Once I'm completely naked, you step back and pull out your cock. When you look at Danny he's confused and you nod toward me and say, "you can taste, go on it's sweet and it's what she wants". Danny comes and kneels, cock ramrod stiff through his fly and begins to nuzzle my belly button, pulling at the ring there and as I groan, you groan and so does he.
He lowers himself and flicks his tongue at my pussy. I flinch and you say...
I say "You want this, Don't you?" Your only response is to arch your back and push your ass against the bulge in my pants. I step back saying that I want to watch. I remove my clothes and sit back in my chair. You glance over and see me stroking my cock. You notice how hard I am, and that it must really excite me to see you naked standing there with his mouth on you, teasing open your lips, eager to taste.
Giving in to his desires, and yours, he puts his hands on the back of your thighs. Softly at first. Gently teasing your skin, moving down your legs and then back up, each time moving more to the round cheeks of your ass. Your legs become wobbly as he presses his face into you, squeezing you to him with his hands. You can feel him reaching farther into your pussy with his tongue, tasting the juices you have been dripping all day. His hands on your ass begin to explore. He spreads your cheeks open, then pushes his fingers closer in, nudging the hole.  You both trade glances from each other to me, watching my hands work on my dick and my balls. I am obviously enjoying the view. You, in all your naked open sexuality, being ravished.
The new sensations that Danny is bringing to you are too much. Your legs are giving out under you. You force yourself to pull away from his mouth. Stepping back, you look at me, considering your options. You have two men before you. Both have their throbbing cocks in their hands. You look from him to me. I return your stare, and look back to him from his face down to his hands on himself, then quickly back to you. You know what to do. You step back towards him, taking his face in your hands and pulling him up from his knees where you left him. As he rises, your hands glide down his body to his pants. Deftly releasing them, you slide your bare breasts down his chest as you pull his pants down. With one side look to catch my eye, you turn back to him, his erect and throbbing cock inches from your face.
For the first time, you see Danny's cock full on. It's large. Long and thick. He is well groomed and smells clean and musky. Without even touching it, you can almost feel the blood pulsating and sense his throbbing ache. His balls are hefty, hanging low beneath the shaft. Part of you wants to just take him into your mouth, sharing with him the pleasure he just gave you. But you can't help but marvel at his manhood, savoring it. You reach up to cup his balls, gently fondeling. His cock twitches at your first touch. He lets out a groan as you circle the base with your hand. With one hand teasing his sack, you begin to pump him slowly. You see a drop of precum at the tip of this magnificent cock and flick your tongue at it, savoring the sweet and slightly salty taste. You look up to catch his eye as your mouth slips over the end of it.
He sucks in his breath as your warm mouth begins to move over the head of his cock. With your hand still around the base, your lips caress the head, slipping, kissing and tongueing. You can feel him swelling even more as you work the underside of the head, where the helmet splits. You slide your hand up to gather some moisture and slowly pump the shaft. His cock is larger than mine, but you want to take more of it into your mouth. You want it, and you want to put on a good show. You look back and see that I am mesmerized.  You are naked on your knees, your pussy is absolutely soaked and your nipples are hard. There is a naked man standing in front of you with his cock in your hands and mouth. I am right there with my cock in my hands, watching you perform for the both of us. There is a tremendous amount of sexual energy in the air.
You can tell that your attentions on Danny are working, and he is fighting to hold back his orgasm. Wanting to prolong the action you give his dick a little nibble as you pull away. You strut slowly towards me, reveling in your nakedness before these two men. You press your tits into my face, squeezing them together, and consciously bend forward, showing Danny your ass and your open pussy lips dripping with excitement. You give him a look back before you turn around facing him and lower yourself onto my waiting erection. You are so wet and ready that I slip inside you easily. You lock eyes with Danny as you ride just the first few inches of my cock. The events throughout the day have elevated your desire to a level that you are not willing to release from yet, so you hold back from pushing down onto my cock. The texture and shape of just the head slipping in and out of you feels phenomenal combined with seeing how sexy Danny looks standing there stroking his dick for you. You look up to his face to see him mesmerized at the site of your pussy riding my cock. The way your wet lips fold around my shaft, swallowing me in. Your juices glisten on us both. You motion for him to come closer and kneel in front of us. He puts his hands under your thighs to help balance you. He starts by gently biting on your nipples, then swirling his tongue around the fullness of each breast. He softly kisses his way down your belly. He rubs his face on your pubic mound and flicks his tongue out to your clit. The sensation of having a cock inside you and a mouth on you at the same time is almost too much. Your legs shudder and you slam yourself down onto my cock. The orgasm wave comes immediately. You have to grab Danny's head to hold him onto your pussy as you buck against me, drenching my cock and his face with your cum.
Your orgasm is fantastic. My cock pounding into you and another mans mouth on you at the same time sends waves over and through you. You are completely caught up in the moment. Your hands laced into his hair, you grind into us both, swiveling your hips. You can feel my cock slipping around inside your pussy. You begin to realize how close Danny's face is to my groin. As your movements slow, Danny looks up and says he wants to taste your cum. You are transfixed as you watch him take my cock from inside you to softly and slowly lick your sensitive lips. He laps at your hole, smearing his face with your sloppy wet pussy. Watching him taste you like this is bringing you right back. As he stretches his tongue deep inside you, you notice that his hand is still on my cock. This causes an immediate reaction in you. The taboo of such a purely sexual act as this has your mind reeling. All at once images and thoughts come flooding over you. You want to see it. Much in the manner that I want to see you lost in pleasure with someone else, woman or man. Before you have the chance to hesitate, you reach down and hold his hand that is on me. You begin subtle movements, mimicking stroking me through his hand. His grip changes and he begins his own movements as he slowly pumps my erection. When he looks up at you, it is apparent by the look on your face that this is for your enjoyment. You can't believe what you are seeing, and you can't hide how hot it looks to you. This attractive, clean and well groomed man has his face buried in your cum soaked pussy while he strokes my cock.
I decide it's time to change things up a bit and lift you, pulling your hips back towards my face, and your mouth between my legs. When I realize what is happening with Danny I freeze momentarily, unsure of how to handle it. Danny increases the attention on my rock hard penis and I tilt my head back, closing my eyes. You move your thighs over me and straddle my face. As I begin to slide my tongue up and down, from your clit to your asshole, you pull Danny's hand up to feed you my cock. His hand circles the base while you lick and suck the head. You kiss him full on the lips, tongueing his face and tasting your own juice on him. You move back to my cock, this time taking more, trying to get further down on it. Once again you find yourself caught up in the raw sexual energy the three of us are sharing. When you move back to kiss Danny,  you ask him if he can taste me on you. He can only muffle as you start to tongue my cock while you are still kissing him. Your eyes widen and your pussy clenches when you see his tongue reach out for me. He begins tentatively, but soon has his lips wrapped around the head of my cock. You lick me lightly as you raise your head up. The feeling of naughtiness overwhelms you as you watch his hands and mouth on my cock. You press harder back into me, fucking my face with your crotch. As you are transfixed watching Danny, you reach back with both hands and pull yourself open. You want me back inside you. You want him inside you. You want both of these men to fill you up.
You can't stand it any more and drag yourself away from us. You motion for us both to stand, and pull us on each side of you. You take a cock in each hand, mildly stroking, looking from one to the other. You alternate catching our eyes, deciding on how you want to proceed. You lay me down on the floor, then straddle me. As you slide your pussy lips back and forth of me cock, you look back at Danny. As you rock gently back and forth over me, you look back at Danny and tell him to get the lube. He squeezes some out into his hand and slides it around his cock. He takes his well lubed finger and begins to loosen your asshole. Anticipation gets the best of you and you push back on his finger. He can tell that you are ready and begins to rub the head of his dick against your ass. The initial push catches you off guard, but you relax he eases into you. As he begins to slowly pump, you reach down and guide me into you. The feeling of having two warm cocks sliding in and out of you is incredible. Almost immediately you come twice in quick succession.
Almost as if on cue, Danny and I both begin to increase our speed, pounding deeper into you. We are now both slamming into your pussy and ass. You can sense that we are both getting close to orgasm, so you start yelling out "fuck me, fuck me hard! Shove those cocks in my ass and cunt! You like that, both fucking me at the same time? I bet you can feel each other inside me! Fill me up! Fill me up with cock! I want you both to cum in me, at the same time! Slap those cum filled balls together and cum!" Your nasty words have worked and you feel us both begin to tense, pounding into you. Danny starts grunting and you feel the first shot let go inside your ass. As he spurts into you, you feel me letting loose inside your pussy. You can feel the hot cum of these two men filling you, pushing you over the edge to another orgasm. All three of us sweating and slamming around into each other. As our orgasms and thrashing subsides, we tumble down onto the blanket together. A wild mess of orgasmic delight covers out faces. We all begin to laugh out loud. We admit that none of us has ever felt anything like that before. Danny looks at me and starts to say, "uh, about what I did to you...". I interrupt him and tell him that it's okay, sex is sex and I think we all just got caught up in it. We pass around a glass of water and smoke, enjoying the giddy laughter and sexual bliss we are sharing. You grab a towel to catch the mess leaking out of you and hear me say that I think we all could use a shower...
As we move towards the bathroom, you realize that here you are walking around completely naked in front of two men that have just fucked you senseless. There are cocks and balls and tits and ass everywhere it seems like. It is obvious that the three of us are now very comfortable together. There is no point in being shy or inhibited and more. That's a good thing now, because there is not a lot of room in the shower, and the three of us are bumping and slipping into each other. The hot water feels great cascading over us. You are in the middle and hose us all down with the shower head. We pass around soap and body wash and begin to soap up. As I wash your back, you turn Danny around to wash his. You marvel at his tall and lean frame. Running your hands over his muscles, you explore his groin from behind. You give his ass a little tickle. When he turns back towards you, you see that he has enjoyed your hands in him, and is now swelling again. I reach forward and begin to wash your front, down your breasts to your belly and lower. You mimic my motions on Danny, across his chest and down to his crotch. As my hands work on you, your hands work on him. As I hold you open you gently rub the head of his cock on your opening. The warm soapy water is soft. As you work him around his organ grazes my hand. I open my hand and reach out to touch his cock. I wrap my fingers around the shaft and continue to play with your pussy with it. You lean back and bring your arms up around my neck, watching my hand on him and feeling the head on your clit. You are very surprised at the effect of what you see. Two men ravishing you and exploring each other.
The three of us are lost in this coupling. He is kissing down your neck to your breasts. I am marveling at his cock as it grows in my hand. You are rubbing the cleft in your ass against my swelling erection. We soon notice that we have spent too much time and that the hot water is running out. Drying each other off becomes a three way party as all inhibitions and taboos are gone. We both spend a lot of time rubbing towels on you. While I dry your hair, he drys one of your legs, my straining cock inches from his face. As he rises to towel your back, I drop to work on the other leg. You look down to see his manhood so close to me, seemingly nonchalantly. Your mind is fixed.
You guide us into the bedroom, stripping the sheets off of the bed to, as you put it, "clear away the playground". You grab us both by our cocks. You look me in the eye and ask if I want to see him fuck you. Your eyes are wide open and gleaming as I say yes. You dive onto the bed an splay yourself out in your back, arms and legs open. Danny crawls onto the bed with you. Starting from your toes, he slowly kisses his way up your body. You feel his hot breath as he passes your pussy, teasing you. As he reaches your neck you can feel his hardness brush your leg. Your anticipation grows at the thought of him entering you with his glorious cock. You have felt it several ways, but not there. He enters you slowly, almost painstakingly taking his time. You both savor the feeling as his big, thick cock spreads your pussy. As he begins to slowly pump in and out you feel him touching places inside you. As he slides and your juices flow around him, you reach back and grab his ass, pulling him further in. He is holding back, careful not to hurt you, but begins to swivel his hips, steering his cock to different spots deep inside. It doesn't take long before you feel another orgasm coming. Your muscles begin to squeeze in. He senses this and increases the speed and depth of his thrusts, forcing you closer, almost as if he is not allowing you to hold back. Your back arches and your entire body begins to seize as a massive orgasm takes over. You buck wildly against him, hitting those spots inside you. You let out a scream as you convulse and squirt all over the place. Everyone is wild eyed, feeling and watching your absolute ecstasy. Danny collapses over on his back next to you. As soon as you are able to speak, you look at me and say "Come over here. I want you to taste this."  As I come over and kneel in, you say...
"Look at this! I squirted all over the place!" You run your fingers over your wet pussy lips and over Danny's cock, both covered in your juices. You put your fingers in my mouth and look at me. I know what you want to see. You come kiss me. Your tongue laps at my mouth and you can taste yourself. Your level of excitement grows quickly as you lean over to taste Danny's cock, also covered in your juices. You come back to my face, licking and biting my lips. You look straight into my eyes and tell me that you want me to taste your juices on him. You put one hand around the base of his cock and your other hand on my head. You tongue kiss me as you lean our mouths closer to his crotch. We continue to kiss as you slide your mouth down one side of his shaft, guiding my mouth down the other. As if in invitation, you push your mouth down over the head of him, in one long stroke down and them back. You pull your mouth back and press his cock to my lips. With a naughty nasty grin you lean back, saying "I want to see this. I want to watch you two together".
I look up at you to ask, but you don't give me a chance as you scoot back, spreading your legs and touching yourself. I am transfixed by you and by Danny's cock. It is nice. Long and thick, the veins throbbing. I slowly snake my tongue down the shaft. I can taste you. I can also taste his musk. I slide my tongue down the side of it a couple of more times and then wrap my fingers around it. I pump a few times and we can both see Danny push into it, towards my mouth. Seeing the effect it has on the both of you, I push my mouth down over the head. Remembering what feels good to me, I swirl my tongue around the underside of the head. It doesn't taste bad. My own inhibitions begin to melt away and I take more of him. He is large and I have never done this before. I squeeze and pull on his dick as I continue to work it with my mouth. With my free hand I cup his balls. As he responds more, I gently pull and fondle them. He moves around so that he can reach me. He takes my swelling cock in his hands. Soon we are both laying on our sides, fondling and sucking on each other. As you watch, you realize that you had never thought that something like this would be so erotic. Two grown men sharing a strong sexual experience with each other. Part of your excitement is the taboo of such an act, but it is also just pure sexual energy. These are not two burly, hairy leather strapped freaks, nor are they two effeminate gay fags. Just two people having sex with each other and you.
Your are lost in the visual of what is happening and realize that you have cum several times. You decide that it's time to step back in. You reach in with both hands on both cocks. You begin fondling and groping each of us while we suck each other off. By now, Danny and I are both lost in each others cocks, taking in all we can handle. All of these sensations at once are getting to everybody and we can all sense the climax coming. You pull us apart and lay yourself down in between us. Now there are six hands and three mouths exploring every part of all three bodies. There are no holds, and no holes, barred. All three of us reach climax at once. As you squirt again, spraying all over us, we both begin shooting our loads. The orgasm is phenomenal as the three if us share in it together. There is pussy juice and cum all over each of us. Without a word. Danny and I both lower ourselves to you, writhing around and spreading each of us with the results of our actions. Still rising the wave of sexuality, we kiss and lick on each other, tasting our mixed juices. Soon we collapse on the bed, spent.
Sometime later, we wake up on the bed, still sprawled out. Danny and his clothes are gone, but we find a note. It says "Thanks. My girlfriend called and wants to be invited to your next party". 



11/14/2013 4:47pm

So fucking hot, Can i come to your next party

11/19/2013 6:01pm

Great story! While hot, closer attention to identifying each each when speaking would have made the story even hotter. For me it was difficult at times to follow who the action related to. Please write more, I'd love to read more of your stuff.

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