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Rob's Diary, Next Chapter - Tangled Up With Two

As Saturday night grew closer, whispering its promise of a real live, unbridled sex romp with the quietly virile Rory and his delectably sensuous wife, Alice, I began to receive texts and messages from them both. Some were written in unison, but a few were little secrets that the other's spouse wouldn't know about. Those secrets were prepping me for what they liked, inquiring about what I might like, and/or asking me for a few lewd surprises they wanted to spring on their significant other. I thus became the hub of all of the lurid info, the keeper of their every dirty three-way desire, along with a trunkful of my own.

My favorite messages, of course, were the little hints from them both of things they wanted to do with me, to me, for me, and the closer the day came, the more eternal my mind's and body's erections raged. Part of me wanted to plan every filthy act with each, but another part of me wanted to just show up, feel the atmosphere of the feral moment, and improv my way through the orgasmic weekend with these two bonded, and oh, so eager-for-me lovers. I would have my way with both, and hope they would with me, one at a time and together.

I began to wonder what tricks they themselves had up their sleeves, and even more so, what cached kinks lurked behind those slyly wicked eyes of Alice's. Something told me she had her own bawdy wonderland that she drew from, a place that she'd keep in check until she knew it was safe.

And I had no doubt that this slinky siren could corral both of her men (or any women who crossed her naked path) into any deviance she desired in the moment. There was an intangible seductive aura about Alice that made me want to explore every dark corner of her salacious mind. With all of that swimming about in my head, I decided for myself that it was time to plan just enough, and leave the doors wide open for a ton of savage surprises. 

On the day, I brought a bag with me, mostly with things to wear home, because I knew what I had on at my arrival would end up soaked and shredded and steeped in triplicate sex. In the mix, i managed to slide a few toys and goodies into the side pockets, just in case certain ideas came up on the fly. I had to remember, other than the incredibly hot and incredibly surprising first fuck at the gym with Rory, I didn't really know these two, individually, or as a couple. And couples can also have separate personalities than each mate alone. 

I was to be the invited guest, in their home, in their bed, and then deep in their orifices all. It would be an intriguing line to walk, especially since the man-to-man sex was brand new to me, debuted to fucking perfection with the husband himself. And god knows I wanted my turn with his alluring wife, which he and she both seemed thrilled about. But in the doing, I imagined that one must be careful not to "own her in the moment" too much. The last thing I'd want was to lose this delicious pair over some trio-newbie misunderstanding.

I soon tossed my worries out with the trash, when I remembered that, according to Rory, their threesomes had not borne any real satisfactory fruit, so this was my chance to take us all to some depraved, ambrosial corner of tangled-up nirvana.

At The Door

I dressed casually, but well: form-fitting jeans, crisp white shirt, black boxers, and easily escapable shoes. I cleaned my body and lightly scented my skin with subtle, forest-scented natural oils. And though dinner was suggested in the plans, I knew from my first encounter at the gym that food would be our last priority once I arrived. So, I ate the way I would when training for my 10K runs. Stamina would be my best ally.

Upon arrival, with some nice cabernet in hand, both anxious beauties greeted me at the door, and with such lustful eagerness on their faces, I wanted to tackle them both, take them right there and invite their neighbors to watch. As the door closed behind me, I felt Rory's hand slide into mine, and I watched him gently push Alice into my embrace. She tilted her glowing face up to mine with a smiling plea for a kiss, and when our mouths met, she devoured mine, softly and slowly, plundering my insides, like her tongue was searching for a taste of her husband's seed in my cheeks from days before.

When we broke, we both purred audibly, and I couldn't help but melt a little, when her small soft hand caressed my cheek. Before I could look at Rory, she leaned n close once more, nipped at my ear and said, "Now I get to see you do that with my man" Her right eyebrow arched with a little wickedness, and she batted her eyes once only, and added with quiet insistence, "Please?"

My hands unconsciously slipped down to the lush curve of her bottom as I grinned back and answered, "It would be my pleasure."

I turned and took Rory by the back of his head with my other hand, and I pulled him in firmly to kiss his mouth the way Alice had dug into mine. As she saw her husband open to my invasion, I heard Alice moan quietly and felt her thighs gently tremble against me. I let a finger or two nuzzle her just under her ass cheek, and soon she had hands on both of our chests as Rory and I gave her more than she'd hoped for.

I turned to her when the kiss broke and smirked "Like that?"

She was wide-eyed and biting her lower lip. "Fuck yes. More please. The others never did that."

Alice stepped out from between us to watch, and as Rory and I moved in to wrap about each other and deepen the kisses, we both felt Alice's hands pressing our hips together from our asses. In the right moment, I thought I'd give her one more visual that I knew would send her. I pushed Rory to the wall, slid a hand down to his rising erection and rubbed him like I was calling the genie from the magic lamp. I bit his lip and nipped at his neck, and soon his hand was grabbing at my ass. I looked over to see that Alice had lowered herself onto the arm of the sofa, and with widened thighs, was rubbing her own little hot button right through her skirt and panties.

Popping the Cork

When the toying and teasing paused for all of us to take a breath, Alice shamelessly kept rubbing herself. She looked at me and smirked "I think dinner can wait. That okay with you?"

I smirked back and said, "I knew. I already ate. Maybe just a little wine for flavoring?"

She nodded and we all three stepped into the kitchen, trying to inject the awkwardly casual conversation that we'd yet to have. Alice had worked for a catering company, so she went right to opening the bottle, but as she peeled the foil and plunged the corkscrew in, Rory and I flanked her, and let our hands run gently over her curves, while rubbing ourselves against her and nibbling on her swan-like neck.

When my fingers scissored one of her nipples through her blouse, she gasped, "Keep that up and we won't get to the wine either, until you DP me right here!"

"Shall I?" I asked, as I took the bottle and finished the task. 

I poured a taster glass and sipped. "It needs to breathe a little, but it's not bad as it is. Wanna taste?"

I looked at Rory and signaled for that first secret play moment he had asked for. Both men's hands began to unloose Alice from her blouse. Her soft white breasts and dark rose areolas burst forth, as she was sans bra, her nipples already at pert attention from eyeing the man-to-man make-out session.

I held one hand under her left breast, and poured a little wine onto her collarbone, so it would trail down to coat and warm her nipple. And what ran into my cupped hand, I slathered onto that breast, then repeated this christening over the other.

Without a word, Rory and I were sipping the tingling, red grape from Alice's white body, then in tandem moving up to her mouth to feed her what we had lapped up from her curves. Our tasting began lightly, but as things heated up, Alice's fists were lacing into our locks, and her nipples were being suckled and tugged in taut lips and teeth's grips. In no time, hubby and I were moving intently down her belly, drizzling wine and licking it up, kissing and taunting. Alice was now without her skirt, and we two males were nipping at her inlets through her now dewing panties. 

By pure instinct, Rory and I looked up at Alice in perfectly timed synchronicity, and she was looking down, holding her breath while tugging at her reddened nipples. There was a long silence, then she whispered hoarsely, "Yes, please."

I almost heard her whimper when I stood to pour a full glass of wine, but I knelt immediately after, sipped a bit, then pulled Rory in to share the mouthful of wine in another lush kiss, to which Alice uttered under her breath, "Fuck, yes."

Rory and I pulled her panties to, then off of her ankles in one swift motion, turned her between us, my face to her perfectly coifed, pale pink labia, and he to her blushing bottom. We pressed her thighs apart and thrust our wine-soaked tongues into her front and rear relentlessly, and began to make molten jello of her legs, and a running stream of the inside of her thighs.

When she hit her first peak, she nearly ripped some of the hair from our skulls, she came so hard. And when she was done, she crumpled into our strong double embrace. She shared our wine and girl-cum laced kisses, and in the midst, Alice's hands were suddenly wrapped around both of our cocks, and rubbing them rhythmically through our jeans. My fingers dipped deep into her sopping, still twitching cunt, smeared both her and Rory's faces with what I captured there, and lapped it from both wanton maws.

I put a hand on both of their hungry faces, and said quietly, "I've always wanted a couple to ready me for fucking." And as I finished the sentence, I stood slowly. Alice's hand never left my firming bulge, and without missing a beat, she whispered to Rory "get his belt". Between the two of them, my jeans and boxers were at my ankles in record time.

Alice took the first salvo, stroking and purring at the new hard flesh toy before her, then licking and teasing and wrapping her lips about my cock. She looked up at me, opened wide, and took a long deep plunge, wrapped me tight in her opening throat, then suckled and hummed away. It was velvety fellatio heaven. But she didn't linger long. She was dying to watch Rory do the same to me.

She cuddled up to her husband as he moved in to take over, and she rubbed her diamond hard nipples on his ribcage as he opened his lips to echo her oral play on me. In no time, Alice was chanting sweet obscenities into Rory's ear, then all of a sudden, she pushed her way in to join him in doubly devouring my now fully rigid, begging flesh.

God, the feeling of their two mouths on me like that - the soft full-lipped feline suckle and the scruffy male tug - both fighting for position on my cock and sac, like hungry wolves to a fresh kill - it is still nearly indescribable, but most of me never wanted it to end. I was ready to spray a gallon of lust all over their faces, and have them feed it back to me as I regained full consciousness.

But I was looking at the big picture, and as I got close to a buzzing precipice, I pulled them both away and back up by the hair and hands to standing.

"Rory's still half dressed, Alice." I teased. "What shall we do about that?"

As Alice giggled, I swung Rory around and pushed him over the dividing countertop.  I reached under, unbuckled, unzipped and tugged his clothes to a naked end. Without a word having to be spoken, Alice and I were soon trading places back and forth, suckling his balls, supping and handling his beautiful cock, and taunting his hot ass pucker with penetrating fingers and lashing, thrusting tongues, all the while having a running dialogue about "Does he like this?" "Yeah, but what he really wants is...mmmmmm".

Rory was hanging on to the counter's edge for dear carnal life, and half-delirious by the time we stopped. Soon, the three of us knew we needed a royally unabashed fucking before we all imploded. The two cocks were rabid, hard and drooling, and one touch to Alice's nethers told me that her gorgeous cunt was already a wading pool.

The Bedroom Beckons

We were into the bedroom almost without knowing how we got there, though I did love the feeling of Alice pulling us by our cock poles like we were her own personal flesh and blood rickshaw. Once by the bed, Alice stopped and turned, and her boys flanked her instinctively, all three of us exploring every nook of the others' bodies non-stop, in a slow motion Braille read.

Alice broke the silence. "Wherever shall we fucking start?"

"Fucking is a good start", I quipped, then added, "I know..."

I nodded to Rory, as our next secret ploy was about to unfold. And in truth, we both knew it was what Alice wet-dreamed of endlessly. We lifted her off the ground, and placed her on the bed. Rory knelt over her, pinning her arms down, as I reached for the cuffs to bind her to the headboard. "Whatever are you boys up to now?" she panted, not knowing the plan, but already so turned on by the very idea of being bound and under two hungry, naked men, that her legs were squirming from the renewed rush in her labial gorge.

I kissed one side of her neck and Rory the other, as we gave her the first hints. 

"I know you were dying to watch us at the gym, honey" Rory teased,  "But you couldn't really see much through the steam."

She moaned "Oh fuuuuck!"

I leaned in and slid a finger into her swollen folds. "Just enjoy the show, sweet Alice. This is just for you to savor. We'll tell you when you can touch. And taste. And maybe join us if you're good."

And right before we began, I smiled at Rory and said, "It's a shame she can't touch herself." 

Then, an idea hit. I reached for an anal plug that Rory pointed out as hers. I lubed it first in her juices, then with some actual lube (though I doubt the latter was necessary). We men proceeded to tease and warm up her pretty little back hole to take that eternally-nuzzling toy inside. It was only fair that she had something stirring her up down there during the dirty show and tell.

Once Alice was plugged, Rory and I laid by her sides and right in front of her face, began to kiss each other feverishly, like the  two revved-up lovers we were, readying for a pounding, feral fuck. In no time we were kneeling above her, trading shaft strokes, gently moaning, while biting mouths and shoulders and nipples.

"Like what you see, Miss Wonderland?" I smirked.

"Oh my fucking god in heave....."

She stopped as I lowered my hips to just over her face, my cock ready to rain on her mouth, which she opened instinctively in case there were any errant droplets. But before that could occur, I tugged Rory down by the hair to my cock's level, and he began to lick and suck and swallow and tease my thrumming sex right over top of her wide-eyed breathlessness. I made sure she was watching every moment, when I gripped her husband by the ears and mane, and face-fucked him right into his throat, just inches from her tongue's reach. The sound emanating from Rory's savaged insides alone had her whole body flushed and arching, ready to cum along with me, when I did.

But Rory and I stopped, and traded places for a bit, as I gave him what he'd just given to me - a good, nasty, Alice-teasing, deep as possible cocksucking. And as an oral finale, we smeared Alice's lips with both of our pre-juices, then kissed away at her and each other, until all three tongues were coated and whetted for more. While our faces were that close to hers, I kissed Rory once more and said, "Let's show her what she really wants to see."

I moved up and positioned Rory's hips to straddle his wife's flushed face far enough above for her to focus on everything, but close enough for her to almost taste. Mostly, I wanted her to see and feel the first anal penetrations. Since soap worked the first time as a lube, and Alice was already a fountain of slippery honey, I dipped a few fingers deep into her pot and stirred it up to soak them good.

I slathered my shaft in her gushings, and coated her hubby's anal chute with the next handful. Alice could not stop her new mantra. "Oh fuck yes. Fuck him. Fuck him deep." which sometimes veered off to "Fuck me. Fuck you for not letting me touch.... Fuck yes!!"

I began to alternate two- and three-fingered, deepening thrusts that were stretching Rory's back door open, with slipping my hand away to slide my hard meat up and down in his perfect, firm, wetted crack. The elongated tease was making Alice beg now, which is exactly where we wanted her. It was time. I made one last taunt, shoving my fingers deep inside of Rory's bottom, and whispering to Alice how nice and warm and tight it felt.

"I'm just dying to fuck your husband's ass. It was so good against the wall. I'll bet it's even better taking him from behind"

All she could utter was "Ohhhhhhhhh my fuuuucking gaahhh..."

I slid my cock along Rory's prepped crevice, while reaching around to grasp his pulsating cock. I whispered to him, "Rory, babe... you want me to fuck you now?"

I was teasing him past his own point of sexual sanity and he rasped, "God, Rob, just ram that fucking thing in my ass and ride me already." Then he begged,"Fuck me, please! Fuck me until I cum all over Alice!"

Alice growled at her man's plea, and Rory roared ferociously as I pushed my cockhead well into his tight, hot, little gripping butthole. I, too, was moaning aloud with the feel of his taut anal embrace on the first third of my humming shaft, and I made sure that Alice could see me rocking my swollen, purpling rod deeper into her hubby's breached bottom with every rock-a-bye push.

I kept taunting her as her body instinctively rose off the sheets to feel the heat, "Mmmmm. it's so fucking tight and warm and yummy inside of your boy's asshole, so dirty and deep. And listen to him - he fucking loves this! I'm going to empty my balls so far inside him he'll taste it in his mouth" Then I shoved my cock in deeper again to punctuate the filthy tease with a filthier visual.

All Alice could manage was a stream of things like "Oh, fuck jesus fuck..." and other unintelligible, obscene mumblings.

As I began to push farther into the tight little man-ass in front of me, I began to stroke Rory's cock so it dribbled endlessly onto Alice's face. In very little time, all three of us had our own singsong mantras revving up and entwining about the others', and the orgiastic symphony we made together began to ramp the perverse deeds up past the breaking point.

Just before I reached full depth inside of Rory's arching ass, I told him to give his wife a taste. I made him buckle his legs enough so his cock laid across her face and she lapped away at his straining cock like a starving animal, while I pushed into his arching rear ever further and ripped away at his nipples. Now Rory was pleading, and in a flash, I tugged him back so his hips were directly over his wife's, and his face nestled down next to hers.

I gripped Rory's hips and set myself for the oncoming slamfuck. Then I wickedly announced to Alice that her husband's ass was now mine. All three of us howled to the carnal moon as the raging assfuck took flight. Rory was grunting into Alice's ear, her feet were gripping his thighs to feel the rocking, and I was on my own rabid trajectory, knowing that I had a thundering load to deliver into his willing body once I was balls deep, and ramming to go past there.

As we got closer, I grabbed Rory by the hair, even spanked his ass the way I would with any woman. And when I heard Alice cry out 'FUCK ME!", I decided to take it literally. I eased the slamfuck just enough to grab Alice's legs and tug them up towards Rory's hips. I pressed Rory's pelvis to hers, and guided his ready to burst cock, right into the sloshing pool of her pleading cunt walls. 

I pressed Alice's knees to her breasts, let my weight fall on them both, and then began to pound down into the couple below me, setting us into the final ascent to our three-way volcanic eruption. Rory and Alice were moaning and grunting and roaring obscenities into each other's ears. I was driving my cock's swollen head right through Rory's pliant ass and into Alice's sacred, screaming wet insides.

Rory was the first to fly, and as Alice shrieked her orgasmic waves' onset, Rory's sphincter rippled with the echo of his cock's spasms, and I swiftly hit my peak with a vengeance. The feeling was so intense, I thought I was going to bury even my balls inside of his pummeled rump's shivering grip. There was clawing and biting and body-shocking twitches in triplicate, echoing back and forth like those pendulum balls knocking to and fro on a science teacher's desk. It was orgasmic ping pong, paddled back and forth and back again, the rhythms of which were sending us into endless streams of reverberating aftershocks, then slowly easing us back to earth and bed and cum-drenched, entangled bodies.

Round Two

As we lay in a panting entwined heap, still doubly embedded, I hummed into Alice's ear that her hubby had "such a hot ass for fucking. I've cum in it twice now, and it's even better the second time." Then I nipped at her ear and whispered "I can't wait to cum in yours too."

She kissed me hard with a wet moan, then kissed Rory. "I've never seen anything so fucking hot...", and her thought trailed off as her eyes watered and rolled back into her immediate sense memory.

When we finally uncoupled, I pulled Rory down to join me in licking his cum from his wife's gurgling pussy. She was still tied to the bed, so she could only watch and wriggle and continue to gush. She whimpered, then protested when Rory and I began to share the seed and honey mouth-to-dirty-mouth. But we also knew she would love watching this more than she could express. We moved up to her finally, and all three of us lapped away and traded the runny spoils.

We freed Alice's arms, and she quickly promised to get even, with a color in her voice I had yet to hear. Rory just raised an eyebrow. He clearly knew that tone. She fucking well meant it.

Then she took the reins and tugged me down to her husband's fucked ass to feast, and as Alice and I shared clean-up pleasures there, Rory arched his hips and groaned into the pillows. The luscious feline and I lapped my cum and hers from her man's ass and balls and cock, then from one another's faces. She whispered to me in the midst, "Who the fuck are you? I've never seen anything so hot! And from a bi newbie?"

I whispered back "It's something I've wanted to try for some time now, especially with a couple. And i always think, if you're going to have a new wild adventure, why hold back?  Don't half-ass it, just dive all the way the fuck in!"

We heard Rory's voice, "What are you two up to back there?"

Alice swatted her hubby's ass and balls playfully, and answered, "We're having dessert and telling secrets. Get over it!"

Alice licked one more swath of cum from the side of my mouth and ran her hand over my entire body as she quietly and wantonly pleaded, "Can we keep you?"

I nodded and mouthed in silent, the words "Fuck yes!".  There was one more wicked look shared between us, then we headed back to the pile-up with Rory.

Not long after, Round 2 had me giving Alice the same wall ride as Rory got at the gym (she begged to feel what that was like, and made me promise to teach Rory how to do that to her). And as she and I heated up, Rory began to ready his cock for a raw ride on my ass. He held onto his wife's fucked, rolling hips, and slipped up and down on my rocking crack, right up until it was breaching time.

But something else Alice had been dying for came to my mind in a flash, and I lifted her away from the wall, while still being buried full length inside of her unbelievably silken, sopping cunt. I turned her to Rory, and just said, "Take her ass this time. You can have mine later."

He worked his fierce tool into his wife's more-than-willing back door, and once he had penetration and we found our stance and balance, Rory and I began to lift and drop Alice onto our hungry cocks. She was suddenly weightless and fully DP'd all in one feral breath. I could feel Rory's shaft sliding against mine through her inner membrane, and it fired up the tempo even more. At one point, we were practically throwing Alice into the air, and letting go so she could slam down onto both flesh rods, piercing herself front and rear, deeper than she'd ever felt.

And before our legs weakened, and our cocks exploded in unison, Alice was already close to her third orgasm of the round, roaring her unyielding fuck-bliss, clawing my shoulder and Rory's neck until we almost bled. After we did all erupt in firecracker succession, shaking the rafters and rattling the window panes, as we descended from the ride, we decided not to catch our collective breath in mid-stance - it was time to shimmy back over to the bed and collapse there, lest we hit the floor with a crashing thud.

The Morning After

There was more playing hither and yon before we fell asleep in a tangled twist, but as I awoke in the couple's bed the following morn, I was gently nudged to consciousness by the aromatic blend of freshly brewed coffee and all night sex. When I opened my eyes, the two lovers who had invited me into their sacred space were nowhere to be seen...or heard.

Once I could focus, I looked to the side table, and there was a steaming mug of black coffee (she had asked me along the way how I liked mine), and a note written in two different hands. I reached to the table, only to find my right hand cuffed to the headboard, which made me laugh out loud. 

"Oh Alice" I said aloud, "No doubt this was you." Luckily, she had left my other hand free for the coffee and the missive.

Rory's note was brief. "We've headed out to buy food. The least we could do is to make you breakfast. Back soon."

Alice's was a little more pointed:

"Rob babe, you said we could keep you. It's my turn to run the show after breakfast, and I just couldn't let you go before I had my spin at the fucking helm. I have some toys that need breaking in. They're in the box by the bed. See you soon, Mr. Hot Fuck.

PS. We may need to give Rory some lessons in topping men, but he can wait. When we get back, I have first dibs on you."

One look at Alice's box of tricks, and a sensory replay of the night before in my greedy mind, and I knew I was never going to want to leave this bed. Ever.



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