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No one in the following narrative is real, all characters and events are fictitious, and all persons depicted are over eighteen - also this is an older story, been around a while but I keep sharing :).

I woke suddenly. I’d felt something on my arm and when I opened my eyes I was startled to find someone vaguely familiar standing over my bed.  She was stunning, red hair the colour of Dawn, eyes as green as emeralds, skin as pale as the moonlight streaming through my window, with a delicious spray of freckles, cheeks as sharp as a knife, a nose that would be the envy of any Hellenistic Sculptor, and a chin with a dimple that was so innocent yet held danger. However what held my attention about her face were her lips, they were generous, ruby red, and they were saying something....

“Good you’re awake” she purred like a cat, though her accent was clipped. “We can Begin.”
It was then I noticed that she was not alone, crouching at the foot of my bed was another, I could not tell if it was male or female, it’s androgyny was complete yet achingly beautiful, white blonde shoulder length hair framed its face, blue eyes the colour of a tropic sea, and flawless skin glowed, I could not help but react.

“Ahh I see he interests you” my gaoler said. She extended her arm to my face, with her long fingered hand, gloved in new leather, she turned my head towards her, “We knew you’d be perfect”
Finally finding my voice I said “Perfect? For what?”

“Play” The Blonde said. The Redhead showed a predatory smile, her teeth a slash of brilliant white behind her lips.

I barked a quick laugh, “Really? I may have been caught off guard, however what makes you think I’ll ‘play along’?”

“We saw you at the Club this evening, your superior attitude to those around you marked you as fair game for us.” Red said.

The Club, of course! I remembered her now, she was dancing, not quite the centre of attention, but her presence was felt by those near to her, and even I was caught in its hypnotism. I’d dearly wished to join her, but owning a Club, and seeing to its every minutiae, had kept me from exploring any further.

My mind was brought back to the present as she stood over me, I could not help but see that she was wearing a black corset that stopped just under her small and freckled breasts. The Blonde also stood, he was wearing a white corset of a similar style, showing his hairless chest and pierced nipples. Both wore a loose skirt below their corsets. My arousal was growing with every second.
I tried to move my arms to cover myself, that’s when it dawned on me that i was shackled to my bed, I muttered under my breath, Red asked in a mockingly sweet voice, “What did you say?”

“Well ‘Played’” I replied, “so are we to exchange pleasantries, or shall we get on with it?”
“Perhaps one last round of pleasantries are in order” she said, “Such as what you may call me, which is to say you may address me as Venatrix, and my companion is Dionysius” Huntress and the god of wine? Interesting combination. I thought.

Without a further word Venatrix took the sheet covering my body off the bed, she and Dion had efficiently tied me like a prisoner ready to endure the rack. Dion proceeded to kiss my legs as Venatrix drew a gloved finger across my exposed chest, my body ached in anticipation, they both knew this, they smiled with such a predatory glee that I had not seen since I was a young and foolish man. I knew this could be fun.

Dion continued to move up my legs, his warm breath and delicate lips tingling along my skin. Venatrix took off her Skirt, again her perfection was so lustrous -- her vale of Venus was delicately covered by a lighter shade of red that barely covered her delicious cleft. It was as though she’d known exactly what I had always fantasized in a woman. She straddled her lithe body over my chest, facing me her smile never wavered, “I think you know what to do” she said in a sensual growl.

I started to nibble gently on her labia; I could feel the pulsing of her blood as I worked my way up towards her clitoris. Just as I was lapping Ven’s clit, Dion licked my balls, causing my body to shiver and making me work harder on Ven.

At this point I pulled back, I wanted to take some control, so I ever so lightly drew my tongue across her sweet valley, barely touching, not allowing her to get too close, I wanted to make her scream for more. The subtlety of my movements made her groan, she wanted it harder but I held back, Dion started licking my cock, in a vain effort to make me go harder, but I resisted.
“Go Deeper!” Ven yelled, “I want to feel your tongue inside me!”

I chuckled and gently flick her clit with the tip of my tongue, “Oh no” I said, “You may have me trussed up, but I am going to control you”

As we continued she became frantic, pushing her hips towards me, I merely backed away till my head was deep in the pillow, “I’ll suffocate you till you do as I say!” Ven barked, I continued with the light touch, infuriating her more.

Finally she jumped off the bed, “If you’re going to be naughty you need to be punished!”
“Dion, come here and put your cock in his mouth, I want his arse” Ven hissed. She brought out a large strap-on about 13 inch long and strapped it to her waist “Let’s see how you like this” she sniggered.
Dion took off his dress, his erect smooth cock bounced out, like him, it was stunning, and around 8 inches, uncut and such a tight ball-sack, he grinned as he brought it to my mouth. Straddling me, he eagerly thrust toward me, I opened my mouth and greedily sucked him in, further frustrating Ven.
Don’t get me wrong, I love women, but I felt that Ven needed a lesson, you do not invade my house and just expect me to play along, this is my house, my rules, and at the moment I felt like taking this Adonis of youth and sucking him dry.

Furious at my eager dalliance with Dion’s cock, Ven grabbed my legs and pulled them apart, exposing my anus to her rubber friend, “No lube for you, you naughty boy,” she said as she began to thrust. The pain was bad, but so nice at the same time, as she went in further I sucked on Dion harder, I could barely take him all in but I managed as much as I could, just to piss Ven off more.
I could feel Dion’s cock start to pulse, then his balls tightened as he came, I swallowed his saltiness as quickly as I could, when he’d finished I gently held him in my mouth and licked the end of his cock, playing with his head, he groaned in sheer pleasure.

When Dion slid off the bed I smiled at Ven and said, “He is good, I can see why you like him so”


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