Jazz Bar


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In 1982 I was 20 years old. I was 5’9” tall, 160lbs, with a libido and hard, 7.5” cock that seemingly could never be satisfied. I was relatively new to male/male sex and was still trying to accept my bisexuality. I lived in Key West at the time.

One night I went to Captain Hornblower’s, a local jazz bar, with a female friend named Jan. She knew I was bi. We had drinks and enjoyed the music. There was a guy sitting close to the quartet that was playing. He was pretty. My friend admired him too, and we both complimented on how good looking he was. He had straight, dark-brown hair and a nice tan. Since he was sitting alone at a table, my friend suggested we join him. We did, chatting and enjoying the music. He was gay. My friend nudged me under the table and smiled knowingly when she noticed he and I were connecting.

He asked us if we were married. We told him we were friends. He was 38 years old and not involved as it turned out. After a while he suggested we take a walk down Duval Street and do a little bar hopping. We spent the next few hours hitting the bars, listening to music, and people-watching. It was a nice mesh of personalities, and very fun. We ended up at Two Friends, another Jazz bar, just off of Duval Street. After a few minutes there he suggested we all go to his place for drinks and a swim in his pool. My friend said she was tired and wanted to head home, telling us not to end our evening on her account. We said our goodbyes. She said something like, “You two don’t have too much fun tonight,” and was on her way.

The guy, whose name I can’t remember, and I left shortly thereafter, and walked about five blocks to his house off of White Street. We walked into his nicely-decorated house, and to the kitchen for drinks. He looked even nicer in the soft light of his home. He was about 5’4”, slim, and very attractive in his shorts, which his ass filled very handily. His legs were gorgeous. He mixed us some drinks and led the way to the small back yard, in which a modest but pretty pool was located. “Since you don’t have any trunks with you, I guess we’ll have to go in naked.” I smiled and agreed. I set down my drink and we disrobed. He commented on my already-hard cock. I fell in love with body. He had naturally dark skin. His semi-hard cock was thick and looked delicious coming out of his black pubic hair.

We talked, sat, and sipped our drinks. Our hands made their way to one another’s cocks after a few minutes. We sat next to each other, continuing to chat as we stroked one another’s cocks, balls, and thighs. It was very exciting. A few minutes later we headed to the shower, at his suggestion, where we thoroughly washed one another, taking time to lavish attention in the right places. “Are you a top or a bottom,” he asked. I told him I was a top. He smiled and told me he’d need a few minutes to get ready. I dried off and went to the living room. I sat naked in a chair, edging my cock for the fifteen or twenty minutes that elapsed before he came out of the bathroom.

He looked stunning coming out of the bathroom and into the soft, dim light of the living room. I wanted to rush him and eat him whole. He was so fucking hot. He commented on the size of my cock, and walked over to me, dropped to his knees and took my dick in both hands. He stroked it slowly, admiring it for a bit before kissing the head and shaft all over. He blew me exquisitely for a time, taking me to the edge of orgasm numerous times as I leaned back in ecstasy, moaning and thrusting my hips into his face.

We were in his room a few short minutes later. He sat down on the bed. My turn. I kneeled between his legs and fondled his lovely, loose-hanging balls for a minute or two before turning my attention to his pretty cock. It wasn’t huge (I’d say about 6”), but it was perfectly proportioned, and thick. I took it into my mouth and spent the next few minutes licking, sucking and nibbling it from head to base, alternating my attention between his dick and his balls. I lubed a finger with saliva and worked it into his ass. Then two fingers. He offered me some lube, which I then applied to his ass and my fingers. Soon I had four fingers inside him up to the large knuckles. I finger fucked him slowly while using my thumb to work the root of his cock while I continued to suck him and jack him with my left hand. After a couple of minutes he said he was going to cum. I took my left hand off his cock and increased the rate of my finger fucking. I bobbed on him quickly, taking him all the way down, using my tongue in his dick hole and under the head. He grunted a little and I felt his cock throb in my mouth. Then a taste of semen…then another, followed by a moderate shot of jizz, then a huge stream of thick sperm hit the back of my mouth. He made a lot of noise as he pumped his cum into my mouth. The feel of it shooting onto my tongue and to the back of my mouth was gratifying and very hot. I swallowed and finger-banged him furiously as he spurted over and over. When he was done thrusting, yelling and streaming his delicious juice into my mouth, I slowed down. I took his cock in my left hand, and eased my fingers out of his hole. I milked his cock slowly, flicking my tongue over the little bit of cum that seeped out of his dick hole. As he softened, I took the very tip of his cock into my mouth and tried to extract everything that was left as I milked and flicked the hole with my tongue. When there was no more, I collapsed on the floor, savoring the experience and enjoying the taste of cum! in my m outh.

When he’d caught his breath, he told me he wanted my cock in his ass. I was all too pleased to oblige. When I stood up (slowly so as not to pass out!), he was face down on the bed. He was a beautiful sight. The light in the room was very low, which made his body look more than it actually was. I got the lube and got onto the bed, straddling his thighs. I opened the lube and streamed a liberal amount to his ass crack and some onto his muscular cheeks. I massaged his smooth, firm ass deeply, occasionally spreading them to peek at his hole, which would soon be getting pounded by my painfully throbbing dick. I rubbed my dick on his cheeks and between them to lube myself up. I jacked and admired his body for a bit before dipping the head between his cheeks.

He used his hands to spread himself, and I placed the head of my dick against the hole, tracing circles around it, pausing to jack as I admired his beautiful ass and body. He raised his ass up in the air and told me to put it in. I obliged, pausing for a second to find my target then slipping just the head in. I held it there for a few seconds, then slowly slipped my glistening, hard cock all the way in. It went in effortlessly as he sighed and commented how good it felt. There is nothing quite as exquisite as the experience of penetrating a man for the first time. It’s not just the sexual feeling, it’s the whole experience - The excitement of the first time, the sight of cock entering ass, the mutual pleasure, and the anticipation of a stunning orgasm. I let my weight settle on him as I held my cock balls-deep inside him. It twitched as he contracted his sphincter rhythmically. We lay there like that for a few minutes, commenting how nice it felt. I thought of my friend Jan and couldn’t wait to tell her how things went. I owed her a big “Thank you!”

I started slowly grinding my hips around, taking time to slide my cock almost all the way out, then back in. Soon I was pumping him gently. I propped myself up a few times to watch my large cock enter and exit his beautiful body. We changed positions a couple of times. He was on his left side for a while, right leg pulled up to his chest; he was on his back for a while too. I held his ankles in my hands high in the air as I plowed his hole, savoring the sight and the sounds. Flesh slapping together, moaning, groaning, squishy sounds. It was all marvelous. I slid out of him at one point for a short breather. We laid side by side for a short while before he mounted me, facing away as he slid down onto my dick and started bouncing vigorously. We paused every now and then because I wasn’t ready to cum quite yet. This was too good to be over with quickly.

Eventually he was on his face again. I was straddling his ass, hammering him mercilessly as our flesh slapped together. As I got close to cumming, I put my hands on his back and pounded him deeply. My cum was soon streaming into his tight hole. I made a lot of noise as I thrust convulsively. The friction lessened a bit as my semen added more lube to the mix. I kept fucking until I just got plain tired. I rolled off and plopped on my back. Almost as soon as I was on my back, he had my dick in his mouth again. He sucked and licked ever drop of semen off of it before falling back himself. We laid there commenting how amazing the sex was. We dozed off.

The sun was up when I woke up. He was still asleep. I felt a bit awkward, but that dissipated as soon as he had my dick in his hand again. We arranged ourselves in a 69 position and lovingly blew one another. We had near simultaneous orgasms. His cum tasted as good as it had the night before. We showered, had breakfast, and I left shortly thereafter. We didn’t exchange numbers, but agreed we’d do it again next time we happened upon one another in town.

Later in the day I called my friend Jan and thanked her for facilitating the tryst with this stranger. She was happy we had fun, and glad to have hooked me up with someone so hot. We had dinner at her place later, and some great sex after I’d shared all the gory details of my adventure.


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