Thinking Of Two


Written by Boxoftoys1966

Across from office is a bench where people occasionally sit. Couple out there today, in their 40's. Having lunch. Cant see their faces or details too much because the window screen blurs everything a bit. Ive walked past and noticed its difficult to see into my ground level window between the screen, the grime and my curtains. My thin curtains allow me to look out without being seen well, if at all. They sit there. And I imagine its you two.

After you sit there long enough he gets up and comes across the street to my office. Where I sit. Naked. Legs open wide. Cock hard. Behind the curtains but in front of the window. As the world walks past me I sit just a few feet away, cupping my smooth, heavy, taught balls. Tweaking a nipple as I stroke my shaft. I hear the door open and close behind him, the lock falling into place. I hear him come in behind me, but I continue to stare out the window at you. I know that if you can see me I am just a shadow against the wall. But you have also told me what you wanted to see, wanted you wanted me to if you could actually see me, were here with us. There I sit, knowing that you can see me just fine in your mind.

I hear a cell phone dial, and then he speaks. "Yes, just like you told him. Yes. Yes. I will." He puts the phone on the desk and then turns on the speaker phone. I can hear birds and traffic behind you. Behind me he begins to undress.

"Is he undressing?"
Yes I say
Is your cock hard?
So very hard.
Is your ass hungry?
So very hungry.
Whats he doing? you ask.
He's just stepping out of his pants and coming to stand in front of me.
Such a good boy you chuckle.Suck his cock for me, you command.

Without hesitation I lean forward and begin to nuzzle that area of his cock where his shaft meets his balls. Let the smooth skin glide over my face then stick out my tongue, dragging its length up the underside of his prick and then engulfing the head. In one smooth motion his cock is back against my throat and you can hear his moans over the phone. The phone is still against my ear.

You like sucking my husbands cock don't you?
Mm hmm.
I can totally imagine what the two of you look like right now. Here's whats going to happen next. You're going to give him the phone. He's going to turn on his camcorder. And he's going to film a video of his cock spurting hot come all over you. Does that sound good? Dont say anything...I already know the answer. Just keep sucking that hard cock. And do not play with your self dirty boy...I have plans for you.

Through the window, across the street I can barely see you crossing your legs from one side to the other. I give him the phone and he fumbles with it briefly while suck his dick. Then he leans back to improve the angle..and he begins to fuck my face. I let his cock out of my mouth so it slides wetly across my tongue and eager lips. Back into my mouth, deep and long and slow and then out again to thrust upward against my lips. He leans back again and begins to stroke himself with his free hand. I know from our times together that this is a sign he's closing to coming. I lean back and watch him. I so want to stroke myself but I know better. I reach up, instead, to cup his balls and gently circle his ass. He begins to glide his ass the length of my finger, looking for that pleasure spot, just as I knew he would. He grunts when his hole connects with the tip of my finger. As I lean back hot white jets of come spurt from his cock. The first hits me across the corner of my mouth and cheek. The second splashes hotly on my nipple. The rest are all aimed at my cock and his aim is pretty good. Not perfect, but good.

My cell phone rings. He walks over and picks it up, answers and then hands the phone top me. Did he come yet?
Yes he did.
Is it all over your face....and cock?
Mmmm...I'm a bit messy
Good. Now lift your legs up over the arms of your chair.

I do and then he drops to his knees between them. No hesitation. I watch as he begins sucking my cock with the devotion of a man pleasing his wife. And perhaps a bit of his own enjoyment....

Is he sucking your cock?
Yes, oh yes he is
Is he getting his own come on his mouth?

Mmm hmmmm....Suddenly I moan and inhale deeply.
He just rimmed your ass like I told him, didn't he?
Oh my yes
A Good man. I want you to relax. Pick a finger.
Pick one of his fingers

I grab his left hand, the one not stroking my cock .

I got his hand
Pick a finger. Put it in your mouth
In a flash I see where this is going. I pick his pointer finger and begin to suck it wetly. Slobbering it. You can hear me

Now give it back to him.
I let his hand drop and without hesitation his finger slides so deep, and so long and so slow into my ass. When I moan I see you across the street, standing up quickly and pacing.Then my eyes roll up in my head. He hits that spot from which there is no coming back. My hips move in rhythm with his finger, hungerly fucking myself on it.

You can tell, from the sounds on the phone to the shadows- that only you have stopped to watch-dimly moving against the wall that the moment is here again, the one from which there is no return no matter how much we squeeze our ass or clench our stomach. I come in his mouth while you watch. My ass pulses in rapid clenches around his finger, buried in me to the third knuckle.

As I return to earth he gets dressed. Then with a quick "later man" he walks out. As I get dressed I watch him cross the street to greet you. You pat the bench next to you and he sits. You take his cell phone and its obvious that you are watching the video of him coming all over me. He turns to you and you kiss, long and slow.

As you walk away hand in hand I get back to my work.


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