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“Home sweet home,” I say as I let us into the house; the damp, empty smell surrounding us.  “The bathroom is around the corner and all the bedrooms are upstairs,” I tell Jon as I carry in the bags. 

The car empty, we set out for the 400 club.  A cold walk has us at the doors to the pub, a live bands music filling the night air.  We enter the warm establishment, seeking warmth of the body and of the gullet.  Acquiring drinks, Jon, Katie and I find a table in a corner and settle in.  We drink and drink, each seemingly stronger than the last.  As we drink more and more the time flies by.   2 am rolls around before we know it and we ready ourselves to leave and head out into the cold for the staggering walk home.

Arriving back at the house we enter its warmth, still more than buzzing.  The hilarity of the evening spills over as we laugh more and more.  Jon goes to the bathroom to pee, as Katie and I kiss on the couch.  She leans into me and whispers “Wanna have a threesome with Jon?”  Her horny eyes piercing me. 

Taken back for a moment, I ask, “Do you want to?”

Katie nods and I say, "Sounds fun, as long as you don’t have sex with him"

"Deal!" she replies.

Feeling somewhat awkward about what she is going to ask, I act nervous and head for another room as I hear Katie ask Jon, ”Would you be interested in a threesome?” 

A silence fills the moment as Jon’s heart skips a beat.  “Are you serious?” he asks. 

My heart skips a beat as Katie says, “Yes, Brian is up for it as well.  Let me go get ready upstairs and then you and Brian can come up.”

Jon turns to me and asks with a shy smile, “Was this your idea?” 

I smile back, “No, she asked me while  you were in the bathroom.”

Jon shakes his head.

“Well, here we go,” I say as I head for the stairs.  Jon and I arrive at the top of the stairs and slowly push open the door.  Katie is lying on the bed, propped up on pillows in silk pj pants and a tight t-shirt with no bra. 

“Hi boys,” she says with a smile, patting the bed urging us to sit down.  Jon and I sit on either side of her and I raise my hand to her thigh and begin to stroke it slowly and softly. 

Jon takes my lead and begins to do the same, on her other leg.  Slowly our hands get higher as she smiles.  I lean in and kiss Katie softly on the lips, sliding my tongue to hers.  Then she turns from my lips and pulls Jon to her and kisses him softly.  I slide my hand past her waist and begin to slide her pj pants down as Jon does the same.

With them off, Katie lays there, her tight green t-shirt on and her soft cotton panties.  I lower down and begin to kiss her legs at her knee and work my way up her thigh, as Jon does the same on his side.  Getting higher Katie begins to squirm as we slide our tongues on her soft thighs.  My mouth begins to water at the thought of sliding my tongue into her.  Our tongues reach Katie’s panty line as we both slide a finger over her mound and around her panties and slide them down off of her.  I make the first
pass, sliding my finger along her soft wet mound releasing her wetness, and getting some on my finger.  I continue my rubbing around her legs as Jon slides his finger into her wetness and up and around to her leg, as we take turns sliding our fingers into her and along her sweet pussy lips.

While our fingers dart along her pussy, we slide our other hands up and slowly remove her tight green tee, revealing her gorgeous and soft breasts.  I lower my lips to her nipple and circle it with my tongue as my finger continues its rhythm against her sweet pussy.  Jon mimics me, his lips wrapped round her nipple and his finger darting to and fro in her.  Katie’s moaning grows, as does my cock.  I slide down, and begin to lick her thigh again as I slide over and begin to lick at her pussy.  My fingers and tongue rocking her sweetness, Jon continues his work on her nipples.  Her moaning louder now, she pulls him up for a kiss as her body shakes from my licks.  Her tongue dancing with his, she reaches down for his belt, undoing his pants, and pulling out his member.  As I insert another finger and begin to lick harder and deeper she wraps her hand around his throbbing cock and pulls it towards her lips.  She slides her lips over his tip and around his cock.  She slides her hand to his balls and massages them as she sucks away.

Before he can begin to enjoy it too much, she takes his cock out of he mouth, and beckons for mine.  Climbing towards her, she undoes my belt and slides my pants down to take out my full cock.  By now it is hard and begging for her to suck as she slides her tongue up my shaft and circles my tip before taking it into her mouth.  Her lips around my cock feel amazing as I circle her nipples with my fingertips.  Jon slides down and takes over for me, inserting his tongue into her pussy.  She moans softly at the new touch, as she circles my thighs with her hand and massages my balls.  Her tongue feels so good sliding around my cock as I slide my fingers thru her hair.  She places her hands on Jon’s head and pushes him away as she takes her lips from my cock. 

“I want Brian inside me while I continue sucking Jon” Katie says, as she gets up onto her knees.  “How bout doggie style?” she asks as she climbs to all fours.  I slide behind her and slowly lower my rock hard cock into her soft wet pussy.  She lets out a soft moan as my girth fills her.  Jon sits down in front of Katie, as she lowers her back to slide her lips around his cock.  Her rhythm round his member quickens as the pace of my cock sliding in and out of her picks up.  Soon I am fucking her quickly and gently as she runs her tongue around his cock and his balls.  I reach forward and slide my fingers round her nipples as she moans out loud and asks for more.  Jon reaches forward and massages the other as she moans in ecstasy.

Fearing I am too close, I slide my cock out of Katie’s tight walls and lay down on my back, sliding my head between her thighs as she drops her hips to my lips and allows me to slide my tongue along her moist pussy.  As her legs begin to tremble I slide two fingers into her warmth as she moans louder

“Brian fuck me with your fingers” she begs as I quicken my pace.  She stops me and climbs off of the bed.  She sits on the corner and asks us to stand.  Standing in front of her, she takes each of our cocks into her hands and begins to stroke them. 

Jon and I lean back enjoying the pleasure, more and more.  She takes her lips and tongue and slides them from cock to cock, taking time to suck hard and deep on each one, while massaging our balls.  As we moan, loving her tongue on our cocks, she slides her hands up our chests feeling them, and circling our bodies.  Finally each of her hands comes down on one of ours, pulling them down.  She removes my cock from her mouth and slides her tongue along my fingers and then Jon’s. 

“Help me out," she asks as she slides my hand onto Jon’s balls and Jon’s hand to mine.  We both hesitate, but are given no option as she presses our hands into the others balls making us massage them.  Taking her cue we continue as we are directed as she slides her lips over our tips.  Katie drops from the bed to her knees lowering her mouth to Jon’s sack first, moving my hand to his cock as she licks and sucks at his balls.

She directs my hand to stroke him as she slides over and begins to lick and suck at my sack, sliding Jon’s hand to my cock.  His grip is soft until she forces his stroke and he begins to go on his own.  Katie continues to lick and suck at our nuts saying, “I love your tastes and I love watching u touch each other.” 

Jon and I continue as we are told as she stands, still running her hands over us, and kisses us each deep, sliding her tongue into our mouths, one at a time back and forth.  We run out extra hand over her, sliding it over her legs, and hips, and breasts and grabbing at her thighs. 

She sits back on the bed, watching us stroke each other.  “Jon, wont u please kneel down for me?” she asked from her seat upon the bed. 

Following orders, Jon slowly dropped to his knees, my throbbing member still in his hand.  “Mmm yes that is good Jon, now, I want you to slide his cock into your mouth for me.” 

Jon looks into her eyes hesitating for a moment, as my heart skips a beat, wondering if he will.  Finally he slides his mouth forward till his lips touch my tip.  He hesitates a second as he finally leans in full and closes his mouth on my cock.  He raises his second hand to my cock, using to hands to stroke it, as he licks softly at the tip and circles it with his lips.  I moan, enjoying it, but wishing she was helping.  Her eyes are locked on mine as my cock lies in his mouth.  I can feel my orgasm coming and she can see it in my eyes.

"Mmm, your close aren’t you?" she asks, knowing full well I am. 

"Yes" I moan, wanting to cum, but not sure if I should. 

“Go ahead and unleash your orgasm, Jon can take it.”  She says, urging me to cum in his mouth.

Finally as his tongue flicks against my tip, I can no longer hold it in and I unleash it into his mouth filling it.  He leans back, his mouth full of my cum, he looks to Katie.  She slides over to him on her knees and puts her lips to his, and slides her tongue into his mouth, it dancing with my cum.  She slowly takes it all from his mouth and swallows with a smile.

"Your turn Brian." She says as she returns to the bed. 

Understanding my orders, I slowly kneel down, prepared to take his cock.  Standing against the wall, Jon’s cock hangs in front of me.  I slowly take it in my hand and raise it to my lips, sliding my lips over his tip and down his cock.  I raise my other hand to his sack slowly massaging it, hoping that if I like it, he will like it too.  I suck a little harder as I run my lips along his length faster. He lets out a moan, as he seems to be enjoying my mouth on his cock. 

Katie slides down to her knees next to me, pushing my aside as she takes his cock in her mouth.  She sucks and licks for a bit and then offers it back to me.  I take it in my mouth again and continue.  Back and forth we go, sucking and licking Jon’s throbbing cock. 

“I am going to cum.”  Jon whispers as we continue. 

Katie slides his cock from her mouth and I take it in my mouth.  I feel him begin to pulse as he breaths faster and faster.  Then finally he rockets into orgasm, filling my mouth with his cum.  The salty warm taste hits my tongue as I continue to suck, his cock still pulsing in my mouth.  He relaxes as I slide his cock from my mouth.  Katie pulls me to her and kisses me deep, taking some of the cum and
leaving some for me.  I swallow as she does and relax, leaning against the bed.  Katie wipes the cum from her lips and smiles.  “Who wants to shower?” she asks as we all smile.



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