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C and I were just two feet apart, both naked and fully erect.  I don’t know how we got to this point but I looked in his eyes and saw awareness.  If this was a dream it was a consensual one.

I  slowly stroked my cock.  C’s gaze dropped to my hand and tentatively reached out for me.  Impatient I stopped stroking myself and grasped his approaching hand and guided it to my cock.  At the instant of contact C gasped audibly.

"I’m not sure…" he said but his hand had a mind of its own and slowly slid up and down my shaft.  This was the first time we had ever touched each other.  I smiled at him and stepped closer.  Our cocks bumped and C changed his grip to hold us both at the same time.

I loved the feel of his cock against mine and his hand on us both.  Despite his words his grip was firm and sure.  The sliding stroke of his palm was making me harder and harder.  Precum glistened on my tip, and his too.  I reached down and touched his cock tip, and brought the clear drop to my lips.

I reached around his torso and ran my left hand down over his butt cheek, letting one finger drag down his crack.  His eyes widened and he stared intently at me.  After a moment he lowered his gaze and I knew he was agreeing to my proposed invasion of his sweet ass.  More boldly I slid a finger down into his crack and slowly rubbed his anus.  His grip on our cocks tightened.

As I pushed my finger slowly into him, we were blasted by a strong light from the right that burst into the room and outlined the silhouette of a women.  Oh, shit, I thought; we’re caught!  Then I recognized a familiar, heavenly outline: it was BabyGirl.  Relief flooded me, followed quickly by a sharp rise in lust.  C caught the same wave of feeling and he inhaled deeply, expectantly.

"Don’t stop on my account, boys" she said in her husky, sensual voice.  "I just came to watch the show."

As the light around BabyGirl dimmed we could see her more clearly.  Her beautiful breasts were free and she had a thin, pale white thong on her hips.  Her eyes were wide and she radiated heat.  She was the goddess of fucking.  She looked me in the eye and commanded “Go ahead!  Fuck him!”

C relaxed his grip and our cocks separated.  I stepped behind him, grabbed his hip bones, and pushed my cock against his ass.  He pushed back and we stood still for a few moments, enjoying the contact and the promise of future intimacy.

"Down!" said BabyGirl and C lowered to his hands and knees, legs apart.  I knelt between them and let my cock rest on his ass.  Reaching forward, I pushed his shoulders down, causing his ass to lift and offer itself to me.

"Catch" said BabyGirl.  I instinctively raised my hands and caught the tube of lube.  I opened the tube and pushed the end against C’s asshole; I squeezed a modest measure into him.  I followed up with two fingers in his ass.  As I moved them around to distribute the lube, he moved his hips about in response and moaned to the floor.  My cock got even harder as I watched my fingers violate his ass.

I looked at BabyGirl, who was caressing a nipple with one hand and her pussy with the other,  She was breathing rapidly and staring at C’s anus.  “Do it!” she said, “Now!”  I pulled my fingers out and slid my cockhead up and down in C’s ass-crack, acquiring lube and enjoying the sensation of dipping into his anus with each movement.  Finally, I stopped with my cock at C’s back door.  I was as stiff as an iron rod, and I pushed slowly in.

At first I made no progress, but after a moment C relaxed a bit and my cock slowly started to squeeze into him.  I kept the pressure on and felt my cockhead inching past his anal sphincter muscle.  It was so good to work my way into C’s ass, the intense pressure and the warmth and the thought of it raised my excitement even further.  C began to push back, increasing the pressure that all came to a point where my cockhead met his anus.

Suddenly I was through!  I felt the head of my cock expand into C’s rectum and I heard him gasp.  I reached around and grasped C’s cock and started to stroke him.  I looked up and BabyGirl was closer.  I hadn’t seen her move but now she was only a foot away from my side.

She removed her hand, glistening, from her thong and brought it to my mouth.  I opened my lips to her fingers and sucked the sweet juice from them.  She smiled at us, almost a blessing, and slid her panties off.

I slid farther into C, enjoying the journey inch by inch until I was pressed up against his ass and as deep as I could go.  I stopped and C rotated his hips from side to side, letting us both enjoy our coupling.  I stroked out and then back in.  We had started to establish a rhythm when I was stopped by BabyGirl’s palm against my chest.  She pushed me slowly back, away from C, until my cock popped free from his ass.  He and I both groaned in disappointment.

"Have patience," BabyGirl said.  A girlcock appeared in her hand.  It was double-ended as she demonstrated when she slid one end into her pussy and held the other end pointed at C’s well-trafficked asshole.  She took my place, kneeling between C’s legs, and slowly fed the girlcock into him.

"Yes!" she said and began to slowly move in and out of C.

 ”Oh, fuck me!” C said.  As he moved his hips the end of the girlcock in BabyGirl shifted in her pussy, and her breathing accelerated.  I was kneeling behind BabyGirl, holding my now-unhoused cock, and staring at her beautiful, mobile ass.

As I stared at BabyGirl’s active ass, I decided that fortune favored the bold and I reached out and grabbed her delectable hips and held my rigid cock against them.  BabyGirl stiffened for a second, surprised, and then looked over her shoulder and smiled broadly at me.  She continued to work her girlcock in and out of C and I reached around her torso and cupped her wonderful breasts.  Holy shit! I thought, I’m feeling up BabyGirl’s breasts!  God, I was in heaven.  I ran my thumbs over her pert nipples and felt the womanly fullness of her breasts in my cupped hands.  BabyGirl meanwhile had supplemented fucking C’s ass by pushing her hips back against my cock at every out-stroke.  I couldn’t wait any longer: I lubed my fingers and slid one, then two, into her sweet little rosebud.  Two was tight and I worked them around for a while to help her loosen up so I could fuck her there.

What a garden of fleshy delights BabyGirl was!  My heart beat with love and my cock stiffened with lust as I felt her up.  I moved my hands to her cheeks and spread them apart to give me access to her anus.  She stopped moving into C for a moment while I nestled the tip of my cock into her little asshole.  I slowly pushed.  She was even tighter than C.  After a few seconds of movement, she put a hand on my stomach to tell me to pause while she relaxed around my cock.  I felt the grip of her sphincter noticeably soften and when she removed her hand I pushed in a little more.  She stopped me twice more as we made little steps of delectable progress into her tighter and tighter ass, and then suddenly my cockhead passed her anus and into her rectum.  My God!  I’m fucking BabyGirl in the ass!  I couldn’t believe my good fortune; there was nowhere I would rather be!

We stopped for another moment and then I slowly sank the rest of my cock into her ass.  It was a wet dream come true and an exquisite delight.  I sank all the way in and my crotch pushed up against her ass, my balls rested against her pussy.  It took all my self-control not to cum in an instant.  As soon as I was fully in, BabyGirl resumed fucking C’s ass.  I heard her tell him what was happening: “Your partner has his cock all the way in my tight cherry ass and I’ve got my cock in yours.  Do you like to think of how I’m fucking you and he’s fucking me?  It’s sooo good, and sooo dirty.  Every time I fuck you my girlcock wiggles in my pussy and I wiggle my ass for him.  Do you like that?”

I heard C moan loudly and I could feel the jiggling as BabyGirl stroked his cock while she fucked his ass.  She was stating to breathe rapidly and I could feel the beginning of my own orgasm.  I heard BabyGirl tell C that she could feel his cock starting to cum and her own pussy was starting to throb in orgasm.  I started to shoot into her ass, load after load, as I listened to her shout her orgasm.  C said oh fuck fuck fuck and we all pressed together in a cock-kebab.
I can barely remember the aftermath.  After what seemed only a moment, I awoke in my own bed and felt C pushing his cock into me.  Fair’s fair, I thought, and, groggy, turned to make my ass available to him.  Was BabyGirl just a dream?  Did all those wonderful moments with her not really happen?  Meanwhile C steadily pushed into my ass.

Then I heard a nearby giggle…



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