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Written by http://tallmarriedprof.tumb

God your sister can be such a bitch.  You should’ve known, thinking it was going to be a fun relaxing weekend where you could tell her about your amazing new boyfriend, but maybe she was jealous, or maybe she was just having a rough time, but everything turned into a fight.

So instead of fighting, you wisely decided to cut your loses & end the girls’ weekend early.  Plus you realized that even 48 hours away from Tim was longer than you could handle.

Driving home early you just couldn’t stop thinking about him anyway — it’d only been 7 months but what a great seven months. Finally a nice guy who treated you so well, but a man’s man who wasn’t a pushover, who’d defend you, and who in bed was ALL man and took what he wanted — and it helped that everything he wanted was everything you secretly craved.  Where had that combination been all your life?

You’d swapped apartment keys a a few weeks ago, so you drove by this place just in case he was there.  You’re not sure which you need more — to complain and tell him about your shitty weekend (he is such a good listener) or just to be taken by him (he is an even better fuck) and made to forget about your sister.

Perfect, you think, there is his car.  You park and head in, you think you might surprise him and let yourself in quietly.

The place seems quiet, but then you hear something from the bedroom.  Your heart quickens as you think of he possibilities if you’ve caught him watching porn!  You unzip your jacket, and start to unbutton your blouse, you feel your thighs moisten when you hear him moan.   You know it’s porn as you hear another male voice, too.  Must be the actor he’s watching.

You peak around the corner — then see Tim kneeling!  You see a friend you’ve seen once standing over him, smacking his cock on Tim’s face.  You see Tim trying to catch his friend’s cock in his mouth, and when he does he grabs’ his friends ass, Pulls it forward, and you almost exclaim audibly as you see Tim’s friend’s cock disappear faster down Tim’s throat than Tim’s has ever disappear into yours.

You stand transfixed, watching Tim hold his friend by the ass and bobbing his head.  And choke.  And gag.  And you see Tim’s cock swell more as his friend says the dirtiest things.  When his friend palms Tim’s head and pulls back you hear him pant and catch his breath, then hear a voice you know so well say something you’ve never heard it say:  “Fuck, Mike, don’t stop. I love your cock.”

You’ve fantasized about bi guys before, alot.  There is something ridiculously hot to you about otherwise straight guys who just love cock as much as you do.  But Tim was the least likely guy you’ve ever dated to be bi.  You’ve dated a lot of pussies.  But Tim is the most manly guy you’d ever dated, certainly the most dominant man you’ve ever dated.   But when you peak back around he has both hands wrapped around Mike’s cock, stroking, as he suck’s Mike’s balls.  And you peak further down and see Tim’s big cock standing rock hard as he does.

"Attaboy, Tim.  Suck ‘em and get ‘em full of cum.  I know you’re a dirty little cocksucker that likes a big fucking load.  I’ll even let you pick today.  Face or mouth, faggot?"

You see Tim straighten up, his mouth moving from Mike’s balls to engulf his cock.  Then you realize your hands are down your pants, rubbing quickly.

Tim — your dom boyfriend — just got called a faggot then *eagerly* swallowed his friend’s cock.  Your senses are overwhelmed.  IS he?  you think?  No.  He must be bi. What he does to you is too sincere!

You see Tim pull his mouth from Mike’s cock, smack Mike’s big cock on his face, and you hear your boyfriend say “Wherever the fuck you want, you hung bastard.  You know what I want — just use my mouth like a cunt and cum wherever the hell you want.”

Then you see Tim kneeling and stroking his cock, then you see him stand an inch shorter than Mike, and jerk off — exploding onto Mike’s cock and balls.  Then Tim immediately kneels again and sucks his own cum off Mike’s balls and shaft.    You gasp, but Mike’s own — louder, deeper — gasp covers yours.

"You little cum-eating bitch," Mike says and starts fucking Tim’s mouth, and you see Tim fondling his now empty balls. Seeing just the side of Tim’s face, it seems like he’s in ecstasy.  "Fuck yes, attaboy. You know your fucking job, cocksucker.  Katey is a cute little slut, Tim, but THIS is what you need isn’t it? Sometimes you just need to choke like a dirty little cocksucker?"

Mike pulls out and you see his balls tighten against his body. “What are you Tim?”  he asks and strokes his cock right over Tim’s face.

"I’m a cocksucker."

"Your whose cocksucker, boy?"

"I’m your cocksuck——"  but as you watch your boyfriend say it you see a jet of cum cover his face, then a second rope, then watch Mike’s hand on the back of his head yank Tim’s head back down onto his cock.  Mike bucking into Tim’s mouth, milking his cock.  You see Tim’s eyes close, and you can tell he’s tasting Mike’s cum, and swallowing quickly.  You can see Tim savoring Mike.  Then you cum on your fingers.

Mike pulls out and smears Tim’s face.  Mike reaches a hand down and help’s Tim stand and Tim puts his arm around Mike, “Nice to have the house alone for a weekend.  I’ve missed this” and smiles. 

They walk into the bathroom and you hear water turn on.  You rub your clit faster, to another small orgasm, then let yourself out.

You can call Tim tomorrow, ask Tim how his weekend was, and maybe you’ll confide about bi fantasies you’ve had — just let him know how hot you think such things can be.  Just wait and see how he reacts ….



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