The Switch


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Mark and Anna had a very healthy, and increasingly more adventurous sex life, especially once Anna got her beau to sheepishly admit to some of his formerly secret fantasies.

If nothing else, those loving nudges of hers gave Anna an opened doorway to realizing some of her own fantasies - among them, turning the tables on her man and fucking his ass like he was her owned whore - just the way he often fucked her, front and rear. And how she craved that too! But the savage fuck-back was her latest rising and insatiable addiction.

She loved how, more and more, her heretofore semi-uptight man was now happy to let Anna take the reins on those nights, when she longed to have a giant dick to abuse his body with, sending them both into the wild stratosphere of cummy bliss.

Mark was beginning to actually hunger to have his ass reamed by his girl’s applied appendage. When she got going, she could almost fuck him with the ferocity of a man (or so he assessed, but would never dare say).

And yet, he could hear her sweet feline voice grunting obscenities, and feel her diamond hard nipples and soft breasts tickle his back. when she leaned in to dump filthy talk into his ears. Then she’d ramp up the beat and ram his back door’s canal so deep, that he actually saw stars at times.

Mark knew he had succumbed to this surprising, wild pleasure of being pegged and owned, on the night that he finally came from it, without even one touch to his swollen shaft.

That happenstance alone opened yet another door for Anna to slip more of her wicked desires into his panting consciousness.

At next table turn, Anna began to add this kind of dirty talk as she slammed her strap-on fever into his now more-than-receptive mancunt.

“I’m going to grow a real cock one day, one that can spasm, and shoot off a huge geyser of cum so deep into your asshole, it will take days to find its way out again.’

That made Mark moan aloud.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you with a real cock. C’mon, fess up, Mark…  or you may not be allowed to cum tonight.”

Anna actually heard Mark whimper, before he cried out, “Fuck me with your real cock, Anna baby, please… and leave a gallon of cum all the way up in my belly…!”

“That’s my good slut boy”, Anna roared, “That’s my little dick-whore Switch. C’mon, beg for my cum… beg for more dick!!”

And on they went, into the howling ether, both of them, the sometimes Dom, and tonight’s reigning Domme.


The idea of introducing a real cock into her lover’s anus was becoming a silently brewing, new obsession in Anna’s libido. She broke the waves gently at first onto his orgasm-lubricated shores.

“You know, they make big squirting dildos, that can simulate actual cum dumpage inside of you, baby. I think it’s time I got one. I want you to feel a dick painting your insides with creamed lust. I want to see how that makes you reel. And cum.”

“God, I love you, Anna. I swear, no one would have ever guessed I’d love your brand of kink, not even me. But you make me want to do the dirtiest things ever. So, yeah, fuck me with a cock that feels real, and dump a monster load in my ass. It’s yours, yanno.”

Anna laughed.”I know, baby, more and more. Allll mine.  Just promise you won’t stop fucking me back like that, okay?”

“I’ll fuck you right here in public to show you, if you like.”

“Mmmmm, I love that thought, Marky. But only if you let me ass-fuck you in public too. You’re dying for an audience, aren’t you? Maybe I can get some others to help out.”

“Oooooh”, was all he said.

Anna lost herself for a brief eternity imagining a public gangbang, first on Mark’s willing anal pucker, then on Anna’s shamelessly hungry cunt.  Fuck!!  Her panties were suddenly soaking themselves.

Eventually, with the idea of a real cock introduced, Anna began teasing Mark about taking one that wasn’t on her body.

Mark was skittish at first about that topic, but once Anna reminded him of how much he loved having his ass royally fucked, Mark admitted that he’d actually thought about it once or twice. Which, to Anna meant, way more often than he’d admit to her… yet.

Mark was getting used to Anna pushing his boundaries, and he always made an effort to stay open to her wild hungers, to keep stride with her.

“If I ever did, hon…. it would have to be just the right guy and the right energy”, Mark said with some seriousness. “No pushy guys. Maybe someone who is just discovering his need to try some man fucking.  And I just don’t know how to read that on a guy… ever.”

Anna nipples rose in an instant with the thought of Mark eventually giving into this scenario. She could feel it. He would, with the right guy and the right scene.

“I’ll find you someone, babe” she teased lightly.

“Honestly, Anna, I’ve actually seen a couple of pics online of guys who look good enough to fuck….” (That sent Anna’s clit spinning. “So he does think that way sometimes. I knew it!”, she thought to her vibrating self),

“But I’ve yet to see one in person that made me think, ‘I want that.. or I would try that’.”

That seemed to be his escape clause. However, Anna noticed that Mark didn’t use the words, “No” or “Never”. The door slipped open a tiny bit more.

“Maybe I’ll just surprise you one day, and bring in somebody nice, with a really pretty, big dick, when you’re not looking…”, she laughed out loud to make sure he knew it wasn’t a demand.

“If you do that, just don’t tell me it’s coming.”

“Oh babe, if I do that for you, you’ll feel it cumming, right up into your throat”, she teased.


“Mark, when you fuck my ass like that, you cum so hard and so deep that it feels like you are shooting your seed right up into my throat.”

“Fuck, that’s hot. You’ve never told me that before.”

“Why do you think I Iove anal with you, mister?”

That made his cock rise and his mind weaken.


Now they were out for coffee and people watching, and Anna would see a guy she thought Mark might like, and nudge Mark gently, “If you had your say of what he could do to you, or you to him, what about that guy?  Just checking to see your tastes, babe”, she’d add a laugh to ease any tension.

When she pressed him for comments on guys who she pointed out, she’d hear things  like, “He seems kinda… I don’t know. Not right.” Or, “Terrible body and too hairy”. “He looks angry. No go.”

Anna laughed and said, “I’m taking notes you know”.

Mark joked back, “I don’t know if an guy will match up to you, you hot little thing. I just can’t imagine anyone fucking me as good as you do, Anna Banana”.

“Mmmmmmm”, she purred. “Keep talking like that and I’ll walk down the street, buy another dick and fuck you right here over this cafe table.”

“Promises, promises”, came the taunt back from Mark. They both laughed and it seemed like the subject was done for the day.

Then suddenly, a young,  very fit male stranger quietly walked by with his coffee, and sat down not far from them.

Anna almost purred to herself when she eyed this one. Nice sleek body, sweet countenance, shy looking. On the younger side, but maybe that’s the perfect thing, she thought. And even better, that the stranger kept looking over at Anna and Mark’s table.

“Okay, babe, last one for our boy shopping day. He looks nice. Not hairy. Tall - probably a big dick too. Look at those hands. And kinda shy-ish.”

“For me or for you?”, Mark quipped with a smirk.

“Both of us, babe”, Anna answered with a wicked tone.

Mark laughed again. Then he freely admitted that this young guy was the closest thing to what he might give into, with another guy.

“We’ll find you someone when you’re ready, babe, no worries” Anna hummed, letting Mark off the hook. “But until then, I’m buying one of those squirting cocks. I get to seed your ass first, cuz its mine, all mine!”

She kissed him deeply, then softly whispered how much she adored that he kept his mind open to her dirty ideas. “I love you for that, babe.”

“I love your incredibly dirty mind, Anna-bee.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Anna caught the young man watching them kiss, so she reached under the table and noticeably rubbed Mark’s rising meat.

“And you love my dick too, doncha, Marky Mark? You know I’m gonna have to fuck your ass again until you can’t walk…all this talk has made me horny to top you again”, she taunted.

“Promises, promises”, he said as they laughed again.


It was the following night when Anna got her way again, and this time, she was prepared for something new and daring. Maybe even a bit dangerous.

As Anna slowly poured the lube upon her lover’s arched and spread bottom cheeks, softly and sensually rubbing it into his already pleading pucker, there was a new energy in the room. Anna had a huge secret. Or two.

As she massaged Mark’s happy prostate, Anna leaned in and announced the first of the surprises.

“You’re going to get as ass-full of my cum tonight. After I work you over with this dick, and have you spread open wide, I’m switching cocks. To one that is bigger, and very real feeling… and shoots creamy cum juices up your hot little asscunt.”

“Oooooh”, Mark replied. “Fuck me and fill me up, baby. You gonna make me your cumwhore tonight?”, he asked, as he arched his hips like a cat in heat.

“In ways you can’t imagine, babe” Anna taunted back

Mark was getting into that role, both for himself, and because it revved Anna up so much, and made her fuck him mercilessly.

“Trust me, babe”, Anna continued,  “After tonight, you will want this kind of thing all the fucking time.”

“Do it” he commanded, from his more dominant side. “Do me, however you want!”

“Oh I plan to… but let’s start with what you know. I need to open your cunt up for the big switch!”

Anna didn’t hold back. She jammed her usual strap-on dildo right into his open ass. One thrust and she was halfway in. And she began, with her rocking pushes, to take his mind and his will away with every thrust and lewd whisper.

“Beg me for a real dick that cums deep inside of you, Marky. I know you’re dying for it!”

She spanked his ass hard, as she slammed him harder.

“Fuuuck, yes! Get your real dick and fill me with jizz. Make me your cumwhore, Anna, pleeeeasey!”

“In good time, my little slut boy. You get the fucking of your life tonight. but you have to promise to fuck me back double when it’s done.”

“Triple…whatever. Anything!! Just fuck me…!”

Anna’s entire body tingled. Mark was primed and ready, and yet part of her was terrified this might be happening all too soon.

However, it was the Universe that had conspired to make her wet dream cum true, when she ran into the young man again later on that first day, and she dared to ask why he’d been looking at them, and actually flirting with them at the coffee shop.

“Just tell me truthfully. Which one of us were you flirting with, me or my guy? I promise, there’s no wrong answer. I’d just love to know.”

The young man blushed hard, but he finally admitted quietly to Anna, that he was kind of flirting with both of them. He’d always loved the idea of being with a couple, because he might be forced to give into his own bi urges then, which he clearly wanted to try.

“God, you are so much like Mark. He needs a little push too, but he secretly wants to try some real cock badly. I just know. Am I right?”

Young Matt shook his blushing head yes.

They talked a bit more, and Anna finally said, “If you’re up for it, come over tomorrow at about 9. Text me when you’re outside. I’ll come down to “take out the trash”, and bring you into a safe waiting place. BUT, you have to play by my rules and do exactly as I say. And do everything I say. You’ll be a total surprise for Mark, got it?”

“Got it”, Matt hoarsely whispered.

Anna divulged the overall plan to young Matthew, and he agreed to it, faster than she’d imagined. He was indeed like Mark, obedient enough to get what he secretly wants, and hoping to be pushed, by a willful woman, past his own fear and self-judgment, so as not to have to feel guilty for trying it.


The stage was now set. Mark was lubed, arching and begging for Anna’s “real” dick, while Anna’s stashed young man was in a nearby room, naked and stroking himself to a glorious hardness, per Anna’s instructions.

“Okay, my little cumwhore man. I’m getting the new loaded dick to rape your ass with. And so that you put all of your attention on these new, wicked sensations, you get a nice dark blindfold first.”

With that, Anna draped and tied a black scarf about his eyes, smacked his ass hard, and whispered, “Get ready for the fucking of a lifetime, babe…”.

As Anna walked away from her beau, she could see his aching cock dripping like a leaky faucet. He was dying for this. If only he knew what and who was coming… and how hard it would make him cum, even without knowing.

Before she brought the stranger into the room, she reminded Matt that he was not to make any noise whatsoever.

“I know that may be hard, so I’m gagging you. And I want your hands tued behind your back.”

She bound and gagged her prize young stud, then looked down at his long, thick, perfect cock.  “Fucking gorgeous!”, she muttered to herself.

Then to him, she purred, “Let’s get you lubed.”

Anna reached for the lube, but decided that she’d earned a taste of this beautiful hard flesh before she greased it, She knelt and suckled Matt’s twitching cock, then lapped and savored the first beads of precum off that pretty swollen head.

“You do this right for us, and there will be lots more of this. From both of us.”

She lavishly greased Matt’s dickpole, then, as Mark called in and asked “You coming back?”, she whispered to Matt “No sound. I direct everything, got it?”

Matt nodded, then smiled when Anna called back to Mark, “I”m coming, babe. Then you’re cumming, big time.”

The sheer visual of Matt’s ragingly hungry big cock poised near Mark’s gapped anal entryway, had Anna’s cunt gushing from beneath her squirting dildo (yes, she actually put one on for show).

She moved around to Mark’s front, took him by the hair and whispered, “Suck my cum-loaded dick, then beg me for it.”

Mark got into his new slut role. He took Anna’s new bigger strap-on deep in his mouth, like a good cocksucker, then he pleaded, with a raspy edge, “Fuck me, please, baby. I really want to feel cum shooting inside of me… please!”

As Anna moved back and positioned herself behind the doppleganger dick boy, she added a Domme edge to her voice as she said, “You’ll get that and so much more, my little whore.”

Anna reached around and guided Matt’s hot rigid cock to nuzzle into Mark’s yawning opening. Anna thought to shove her strap-on up the young man’s ass to act as the guide, but she knew that would cause too much noise from their secret third. So she folded her dick into Matt’s ass crack, pressed her hips to his, and grabbed Mark’s hips for leverage.

Anna pushed her hips forward, which pushed Matt’s hips straight into Mark’s. And Matt’s well-lubed sex easily pushed its way past the barriers of Mark’s anal pride, a third of the way up Matt’s shaft. The real cock was in. Now Anna could rock it in deeper, and yank it out as she wished.

“How does that feel, baby?”

“Fuck, that feels so real…”

“How would you know? Are you keeping secrets from me, cockwhore?”

“No! No! It’s… what I imagine.”

“Oh, so you have imagined being fucked by a real dick!”

“Fuck! Okay, yes, I have.”

“I knew it!” Anna cried out as she shoved Matt’s cock deeper into her lover’s gape-hole.

Anna slid around Matt and leaned in to add, “I fucking love that. You shouldn’t keep those things from me, Marky. I should call that young guy we liked from the cafe, and have him come over here and take your ass like I do.”

“Oh god…”, Mark whined. He didn’t want to say yay or nay at this point, but the thought stirred his dick to dripping even more.

Finally, after more taunting, as Anna drove Matt’s cock fully into Mark’s surrendering anal canal, Mark cried out, “Bring whoever you want. Just keep fucking me like this, and cum deep in my asshole!”

The game was on in full. Anna just got her permission. Mark would get what he had just begged her for.

Anna dug her nails into Mark’s hips, as she positioned herself behind Matt’s pelvis again, and she began driving the fuck train, as the locomotive that pushed the visiting cock deeper and deeper into her lover’s wanton rear door.

Her own knees wanted to buckle at times, as she’d peer around to see Matt’s stunning cock completely disappear into Mark’s happy, welcoming happily stretched hole.

Anna was even more stirred up when she caught the pool of precum under Mark’s body. It was oceanic in size, something she’d never seen from him before.

Matt was struggling to keep his grunts under the gag, and Anna kept taunting Mark to beg her for real cock and real cum, so he gave her all the pleading she and Matt would ever need..

Anna could feel Matt nearing his final edge, so she called out,
“Get ready, babe. I am about to dump a monster load in your dirty asscunt!”

“Do it! Fuck me! Fill me with cum. Pleeease!”

Those words sent Matt right over his edge. The young man’s hips took their own course, driving themselves and their raging appendage deeper and deeper into Mark’s begging, arched and stretched fuckhole. And both men were suddenly shaking and cumming at the same time. Thankfully, Mark’s loud roaring groans drowned out Matt’s muffled grunts.

Anna watched Mark’s cock dump his own huge load all over the bed, as Matt jerked and spasmed, and shot wad after wad into her unknowing beau’s secret slut passage. Anna herself managed to finger herself to a shivering orgasm as the boys both exploded, one inside the other.

Anna held Matt up, lest he collapse and reveal the secret ploy before it was time. Then she pulled him out, and heard Mark’s whimper of protest.

“Oh, Mark, baby. You fucking loved that, didn’t you?”, Anna whispered as she draped her body over his back.

“Holy shit, that was hot. I came all over the bed…”

“I know babe. I watched it happen.”

“That felt so…. real!”

“Like you imagined?”

“Even better.”

No words could have made her happier.

“C’mere, babe. Leave the blindfold on for a moment and help me clean up this dirty, cummy cock.”

She pulled Mark down to his knees on the floor, then instead of standing in front of him, she knelt next to him. Mark was confused for a moment, but too weak-willed to completely comprehend.

“I’ll help” Anna whispered, “It’s only fair.”

She guided Mark’s  mouth to Matt’s cum-and-ass slicked cock, and said “You first, then me.”

Mark obeyed, still in his switch role.

“Shit, even  the cum tastes real.”

“That’s cuz it is baby. I….ummm… took a chance. But I think it was the right one.”

She removed Mark’s blindfold, and standing over the couple was young Matt, his glistening semi-erect cock dangling right in Mark and Anna’s faces.

“Meet Matt. He’s new to this too. And from the look of things, he loved it as much as you did.”

Anna took one long suckle of Matt’s cock, then kissed Mark so deeply, it took his breath away.

“So, babe, are you gonna kiss me again, or kill me?”

Mark was still processing what had passed between this lewd trio.

Anna swiftly added, “You did say that, if i brought in a real cock, not to let you see it coming.”

“I did,” Mark replied. “I guess I did.”

“You loved it, didn’t you?”

“I, ummmm… kinda did.”

Anna pulled Matt down to his knees to join them. “Sorry, hon. Lover’s negotiations. Hang in there.”

Matt smiled gently.

“So, the only question for the moment is, who gets to fuck Matt’s hot little ass into oblivion? I still have a loaded strap-on dick here.”

Mark’s more dominant side was instinctively rising, and his cock was considering following suit.

“Well, you and Matt owe me, for keeping secrets. So you should both suck me to hardness. Then I’ll fuck anything and everything I want.”

“I don’t know, babe”, Anna teased lovingly.”You owe me for the biggest hands-free orgasm you’ve had to date. So, maybe you and Matt should suck me and I’ll chose the next target.”

Mark was about to protest, when he realized that Anna was kidding him again. She leaned in and whispered to Mark, “I”d give anything to see you take his ass the way you take mine, love.”

Mark bit his lower lip, his telltale sign that he wanted just that.

“And if you’re good, babe”, Anna said,  “Maybe I’ll fuck your ass and dump my load in there while you do…”

“Promises, promises”, Mark smiled. “Now you and big dick boy get sucking…”

They were all in now. All three. In deep and getting deeper…


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