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Audrey discovered some of her new beau’s secret porn stash, and as it turned out, he’d been hiding a little dirty secret from her. It was one that she’d hope some wild lover would finally share with her in the naked flesh. So she set her plan in motion to lure that hungry little fantasy of his, right out into the open.

When he finally and ashamedly admitted to some (but not all) of his secretive bi fantasies, he said he’d kept it from her because he thought she wouldn’t want him due to said secrets.

She kissed him, and softly rubbed his rising dick and said, “No, baby, just the opposite. If you keep that hidden and untried with me, especially now that I know, I’ll leave you because of not at least trying it.”

Once they found their first shared lover, this is how they started. Somehow, diving into the act sucking a hot cock together, trading back and forth, giving one another lessons in their personally discovered “how to’s”, and daring the other to trip the trigger first to capture the bulk of the monster load - this became their new feverish addiction.

And more often than not, Audrey let her man have the creamblast of the overpowering first cum shots - she was so lost in watching him taunt another man’s sex, and his devouring the entire length of the pulsating meat, that she would almost forget it was hers to swallow as well.

She was too busy and too happy cumming from the visuals, from the guttural sounds and from the standing man’s fists reining her boy’s hair and fucking his face like it was a cunt to own forever and ever, fucking amen!

Audrey did manage to get her guy to fuck another man’s ass once or twice, while she toyed with his tender hole, nearly ramming her entire fist into hm as he burst his seed into a young man’s dirty entryway. And yes, he ended up loving it.

But her guy was a little nervous about letting another man take and own his back breach hole. It felt like it might diminish him in her eyes. Which again, was the polar opposite of the truth.

Audrey was actually dying to have her man ass-fucked in her presence, but in a very specific scenario. At least the first time. Audrey had her own fantasy prize to reach for, and she had her guy so very close to making it come true, that she was not about to let up now.

On their next shared lover night, she backed off of the couple suck, and strapped on a big girlcock. And yes, he knew it was coming. She had whispered to him earlier that she was dying to spit-grill him while his throat was filled with a thrusting, and fully loaded man-dick.

And god, how he took to that, on this wild evening. Audrey herself must have cum three times, before the suck-ee burst into her boy’s gullet. As that happened, Audrey began to ram-fuck her man from the other end, and her beau, came all over the sheets from the two-ended pummeling.

He was ready, she thought. Next time, it will happen. And he’ll thank her for it. And want more. she just knew it.

The timing was perfection. It was Audrey’s birthday, and the only thing she really wanted that night, he agreed to give her. That was, free reign to call every shot, no holds barred, with their latest boytoy in tow.

“I promise, babe”, Audrey said, “It will feel like your birthday too.”

He had a sense of where this might lead, but so far, everything they did with another man only made him want more. So, for Audrey and for the sake of their very freeing, love-lust coupling, he agreed, with no reservations.

Came the night, and once again, they were deep-throating a gorgeous huge cock on a guy they had found via their club searches. And clearly, Audrey had prepped their third on what her desires and plans were that night. He was more than on board, since he longed for her man, more than for her.

As they sucked their young Adonis’ dick in tandem, Audrey lubed up and opened her man’s ass with one of her girl-dicks, and it somehow made his cock-devouring ever hungrier.

Suddenly, Audrey stopped him, and withdrew the invading toy.

She lay back on the bed and said, “Come fuck me, babe. I want you deep inside me. Now, please. No swallowing just yet.”

He followed Audrey’s lead and slid his raging full cock into her gorgeous, warm, enveloping cunt walls, and began a gentle sliding rhythm that she dictated from her hands’ tugs on his tight ass.

Finally, she stopped him. Kissed him and smiled.

“It’s time, baby. Time to give me my special present. Something I have wanted more than anything….”.

He hesitated, but only for a second or two.  “Okay… what?”

“Fuck me. Love me. Take me….

And while you do, he is going to take and fuck you too. I want to see his cock’s thrusts on your gasping and pleasured face. I want to feel his thrusts in your dick’s shoves, as you push in and try to breach and ruin my womb.

I want to see you move from your fear of pain, to your most intimate desire to be taken like this. be taken like his whore, while you take me as yours. And when he cums so hard and so deep inside of you, with battering-ram force, I want to feel that in every spurt and jerk and explosions of your gorgeous dick inside of me….

I want to feel his cum spurt right through your cock into my womb. Fuck me like he fucks you. Give me the twin pounding that i have dreamed of, and I am yours for fucking ever.“

He swallowed hard, blushed with the shame of knowing that he too wanted this, yet hardly knew it… then, he leaned in, kissed Audrey hard and deep, and said, “For you, baby, anything. Happy Birthday!”

He then felt her hands spread wide his ass, and watched her nod to the man behind and above him. And with their third’s first thrusts into Audrey’s beau’s primed anal ring, the three of them howled and slammed and double-piston-power-fucked into the hottest, loudest and messiest orgasms any of them had ever experienced. Even the bed wouldn’t want to forget the intensity of this one.

In the aftermath, they stayed embedded for a brief eternity, none of them wanting to move, while they re-memorize every sensation of this daring wild romp.

Audrey finally panted with a wry smile, “I think I’ll have to have a birthday everyday. That, baby…. was… fucking heaven!”

Her man kissed her slowly, and whispered, “For you, birthday girl, any time.”

Audrey lit up and kissed him back hard, while fondling their third’s mane and stroking his muscular form.

“Mmmmmm, I’ll hold you to that. I knew you’d love it too, sweetheart. And it’s still my birthday, so… there’s more when you two are ready, right? I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of this”, she added with a dirty giggle.

It wouldn’t be the only kinky door they opened that night, and those doors would not only remain open, they would get ripped right off their hinges… for good.

Now, when Audrey wants a replay, she’ll just whisper, or text her guy with the words, “It’s my birthday. Again! Bring that present on, babe. Stat!”

Everyday she wants, is Audrey’s birthday now.


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