I really want to try and eat my own cum but after cumming I lose momentum and chicken out.  Any Advice?

Most guys are only interested in eating cum when they are very, very aroused.  In the moment it sounds like a pretty hot idea.  After you cum…well you’re not in the zone anymore so it’s harder to do the deed.  My advice…get yourself super hot…edge yourself for a while if you can.  Place yourself on your couch or bed or up against a wall with your legs positioned over your head.  This way when you get close you can shoot your cum in or close to your mouth.  It helps to visualize cumming for someone who finds the idea of you eating your own cum a fucking hot turn on ;)  Even if you only get a little bit in…at least you’ve got your foot in the door! Good luck hon xoxoxo



08/27/2013 4:23am

I had/have the same issues. The physiology is weird how your body and desires change so quickly. Good advice about legs up and trying to cum in your own mouth. In the moment its a huge rush to get that hot load in your mouth or on your face. Also, Try getting right to the edge and stop stimulating just before you cum. I find I can sometimes shoot a good wad or two and stay hard - ejaculation with out orgasm. Then with a hard cock in one hand and warm cum in the other you are super excited and will lap it up... and want more!

If you do end up going too far and orgasming, then cum in your hand and after the first or second wave quickly get that hot cum up to your mouth while your cock is still throbbing and you still have the "momentum". Good luck.

11/03/2013 1:33pm

The legs over the best is the best way to start and the best advice you can get,
Even if you don't take your load in your mouth, the feeling and confidence you'll get by even just blowing on your face will be huge, and the first time you do get some in your mouth you won't even think of the taste all I thought was how warm/hot it was in my mouth and how silky smooth it felt on my tongue,
The only over advice is make sure your really horny and I mean look at porn or tumblr all day or read the stories on this page and make sure your bursting at the seams, because when your really horny you'll blow a really big load which seems to water/ thin out your load and makes it more pleasant to take in your mouth
Have fun it's great

02/28/2014 6:19pm

another thing you could do is to freeze your cum, and pull it out when you are stroking and suck on it....it is a hell of a rush!

03/21/2014 11:22pm

eating cum (your own) is best when you can french it with someone!

I have ejaculated into a wine glass over my woman, poured into my mouth and frenched her... sexy.

Ejaculating onto a lover and playing with the cum before you lick them clean is hot too!!!

03/23/2014 7:03am

Agree. NOTHING beats a cum-kiss. A woman that just loves to eat cum is a great help. She will get more aroused if you talk about the sensation of a mouthful, and even sharing that mouthful while you are both building up. When you are about to cum tell her not to swallow - you want taste your cum in her mouth. After most of your load, but while still throbbing guide her mouth up to yours quickly before you change your mind. Not only will it really turn her on, but you will be rewarded with the best kiss of your life. The added excitement of her involvement will make you want to suck every bit of your cum out of her mouth. As Aussieloveskinky said - its more the sensation, and the act itself, than the taste.

08/20/2014 12:38am

That is how I tried it, my wife fucked me with a vibrator and sucked my cock at the same time. When I shot my cum into her mouth, I quickly French kissed her and tasted my sweat thick cum for first time before I chickened out

09/02/2015 7:09am

Another sexy thing to do is swallow another man's cum!!

08/14/2014 3:04pm

I have found the taste/smell of pussy juice mixed together with cum to mind-blowing!

08/27/2014 3:13am

The legs over the head is the best way. It took me awhile to figure that out. Once I did I have done it everywhere I can bed, couch, bathtub, etc. The first time was better than I thought it would be. Good luck

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