I'm still fairly new to my bisexuality and looking for my first boyfriend. My big problem is a lack of confidence, do you know how to build that up? How to feel attractive in my own skin?

That’s wonderful that you are exploring your bisexuality hon!  Confidence is something even the prettiest person struggles with.  I’ve found since having my own pics on Tumblr that I actually struggle with my confidence more.  The reality is I don’t go around looking like I do online…perfectly polished and posed in the most flattering ways.  I will walk by a mirror in my own house and go whoah!  I have to learn to accept that I am not always going to look like that girl who gets all the compliments online.  I am going to look plain and bloated and shiny at times and that’s okay.  For myself, I find little pep talks help when I go into a meltdown over a skirt not fitting, etc.  Your frame of mind is everything.  Do things that help you feel positive about yourself.  It may be adding some healthy changes to your diet/exercise routine.  Writing in a journal is a great way to help you flesh out where your mind is at.  You can set small goals for yourself and really praise yourself up when you accomplish them.  Don’t be hard on yourself when you don’t.  If you can ignore the cheesy pics in this article the advice is solid so check it out!  Good luck darling!

Although there are exceptions (like yourself), Ive found that men generally have much higher sexual appetites than women. The increased drive and inherent curiosity of men to try new and kinky acts is one thing that interests this curious guy in other men. It isn't that I desire women less, but finding such a person with a high sex drive is much more likely in men than women. Why should gender matter? What are your thoughts?

I think that is what really draws me to gay porn…to see two men genuinely  hot and hungry for each other…equal drives and that base need to go to those dirty places.  I love it.  I completely understand wanting to seek that out.  The fact is women and men are mismatched in sex drives.  I’ve always envied men for that.  It’s like you have a switch you can flip and boom…ready to fuck.  Woman are a different story…we have to be “in the mood”.  Which is really code for we can’t be stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, feel fat, have a lot on our minds, worried about finances, unshaven, pissed at you about something, tired, etc.  It’s ridiculous really…I want a switch. *pout*  I’m a kinky gal…I deserve a kick as sex drive! 

So yeah…gender almost takes a back seat when compared to how appealing sex drive and kink factor are.  I’m always amazed more of you guys are fucking each other…it just makes sense
Love your blog and feedback! For those Bi/curious men in a relationship, where do you think the line is drawn in secret online activity? For example, I think watching gay/bi porn can be kept to one's self, but phone sex or camming with others may be one step too far without the other partner's consent. What are your thoughts?

I think it depends on the individual hon…for some their interest in bisex is not as intense as others.  They are happy and satisfied in their lives and it’s something they wouldn’t mind exploring but by no means the end of the world if they don’t.  Then there are others who crave it badly…so much so that it drives them to distraction and begins to affect their personal lives.  It’s a nice thought to think all guys feel they can talk to their wives about their desire to be with men but that’s just not the case.  For some it would ruin their marriage and tear apart their family.  It’s a struggle for them and the decision is never an easy one but it’s one that each guy has to make for himself.  So my take on it is not to judge or encourage but let them cross the lines themselves.