Hello, Beautiful site! Do you think more guys would have sex with other guys if more girls found it a turn on? My girlfriend has got into the idea of us having a mmf threesome and I find myself thinking about other guys a lot more now... Wouldn't it be a more exciting world if we were all more open to the idea of bisexual pleasure? Anyhow, your site does a great job in encouraging open mindedness! x

Well in general I think guys like turning girls on and getting them in the mood to fuck.  If a guy knew his gf had a particular kink that got her hot…I can see some guys just getting into it because of that.  Having a girl turn something taboo into something acceptable…something hot and new to explore…heck yeah.  All you need is one person to get you thinking about something in a different light and it could be like opening up a sexy floodgate.  Good luck to you and your gf…I hope you get that MMF and love it! :) xoxoxoxo


Fair is Fair


My wife and I both want a threesome. Trouble is, I want to try a MFF while she wants a MMF. She told me If I had sex with her and another man she would set up a threesome for me. Im up for it but not really into guys. She said at a minimum there would have to be kissing and blowjob action between me and the other guy. Question is, is this a fair trade?

Lol @ fair.  I guess it depends…personally I don’t find any desire in making a straight guy participate in an MMF…the turn on for me is the desire.  At the same time some people derive pleasure from other people’s pleasure.  There are a lot of straight guys out there, that for their girl’s pleasure, messing around with a guy is no big deal.  If the pleasure in it for her is not worth what she’s asked of you…then you are just doing it to get your MFF.  So I guess it depends how bad you want it.  Cock for two pussies…hmmm…what’s a straight guy to do? ;) xoxoxo

Hey there BBGL. It seems as thought may guys who identify as straight are are curious about exploring some bi activities. Why do you think it is that a woman can enjoy the pleasure of a woman and not be gay, while a guy is either straight or gay with no room for anything in the middle?

I think women’s response to sex is much more instinctual and fluid…it’s easier for us to see through any societal bullshit and see love and sex for what it is….we don’t associate fear, rage, or disgust with seeing same sex couples like a lot of men do. Our own upbringing has a lot to do with it. Some experience from my own past…I blissfully made out with girls for a few years when I was around the age of 12, ignorant of any feelings of right or wrong. My younger brother however, was caught “doing something” with another young boy. The parents both caught them and made a huge deal out of it. I was always curious at what horrible thing it was they did. Looking back now it makes me sad that he grew up with negative feelings about doing something as innocent as showing another boy his dick. Would they have made as huge a deal if I had been caught with my tongue in another girls mouth? Parents and how we are raised have a huge impact in how we feel about ourselves and how we view the world sexually. That’s really what needs to change and I think it is slowly. xoxox

so, I’m inviting a couple over for drinks tonight, had recently hung out with them and sucked on the wife’s tits while the husband watched. when she went to bed he confessed that she likes to see him be with other men, and they enjoy sucking cock together (he later told me she likes to watch him get fucked!). He asked about my experiences and when I started telling him we both got a bit hard, and I ended up playing with his cock and when I got up to take mine out he started to suck it! It was hot, but I told him we should wait till his wife is there…..should I fuck him too? Never fucked a guy (been fucked 1 time before and I loved it wanna do that again), but I’ve sucked cock and am a bit curious to fuck a man, especially with his wife watching/joining! I love pussy, and can’t wait to fuck her, have them both suck my cock, and could totally get into some bi-play because I know she’s into it. just not sure if I should fuck him too, what do you think? 

Well aren’t you a lucky boy ;)  I say go for it if in the moment you are feeling it…same rules apply to fucking a girl’s ass (prep & lube) and go slow since it’s a virgin ass.  It sounds like you may have your hands full fucking her and possibly letting them suck your cock together.  Depending on how much stamina you have you may want to save it for another night?  Always fun to spread out the experiences..and who knows, maybe he’ll fuck your ass one time too!  Have fun either way…explicit details are always appreciated darling :D xoxoxo

I have a question for you and your female followers. Im searching for another guy to make out with me and my female partner. Would you rather like someone in bed you both already know for a longer time, or would it be more erotic to have sex with stranger you just met? She is flirting sometimes, and I´d like to know when its propably the best situation to go for it you know? Having threesomes can be soooo complicated. :P

I would prefer someone we both know, not necessarily for a long time but someone we’ve met on a few occasions and can get a sense for the chemistry.  MMF is super intimate to me so the idea of just meeting and fucking a stranger doesn’t quiet hit the mark for me.  I think it all comes down to what you both think would work for you.  In theory it sounds hot…meeting a stranger who happens to be into the both of you but I’m not sure how common that is.  Have you looked online for a bi guy to join you?  That would be where I would start personally.  It really is complicated darling…I hear you on that one.  Good luck with it! :) xoxox

My wives biggest fetish is to watch me sleep with another guy, so my Christmas present to her is that I'm going to surprise her with another guy in the bedroom. Any tips for my first time? I consider myself straight, but I'm open to trying stuff out. Blowjob tips and some tips on taking anal sex would help :) Thanks

Wow…merry Christmas wifey!!! Umm…well I believe you know how to suck cock…just do what you love done to you. Only this one is for her…so lots of eye contact with her…and don’t be quiet about it…get vocal. Show her you love the taste and feel of cock in your mouth! Anal is a huge step…you sure you want to do that all in one go? Have you ever had anything in your ass before? If you are sure you want to I would recommend an enema, wearing a plug prior to your MMF, condom, lots and lots of thick anal lube (not pussy lube) and make him go super slow. I have some great anal sex tips that I posted not too long ago but I’m on my phone and I can’t easily search my archive for you. Good luck hon…and have fun! xoxoxo