My wife and I have recently got into pegging, light bondage, and cum sharing. When she is fucking she says she wants to share another guy with me. When I try to talk afterwards, she shuts down. What do? I don't mind it, might be kinda fun.

I think we can all relate to going to those really kinky places in our minds during sex where we lose our filter, letting our fantasies be verbalized.  In the light of day without throbbing cocks and aching pussies we shy away from them.  It’s normal…and doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in a real MMF.  The reality of sharing your partner is a whole other ball game…especially for a girl.  Our minds tend to analyze things to death.  We aren’t as good at compartmentalizing as guys are.  Sex is sex to you…if something is hot it makes sense to go after it.  For girls it’s not as easy just to jump in…especially ones in long term relationships and with families.  We factor everything into it and if there are enough negatives then we don’t go for it.  Here are a few things that go through girl’s minds when considering a MMF:

1. Will it pose a threat to their current relationship?

2. Will they feel comfortable being intimate and naked with a new man?

3. Will their partner prefer sex with a man once they get a taste for it?

4. What if they fall for the other guy and develop feelings for him?

5. What if it’s awkward?

6. What is friends or family find out?

7.  What about sexual diseases?

8.  What if their guy becomes jealous and begins to resent her for fucking or enjoying another man.

9.  What if she enjoys fucking the new man more?

And the list goes on and on.  So the best thing to do is get her talking about her hesitations because you can bet she’s thought of it in depth.  If you can work past them and maybe have her interacting with other bisexual couples where she can see how they are making it work it might help her get to a place where she is ready to take it past the fantasy stage.  It’s a good sign that she herself is the one to bring it up during sex.  My BBGL Forum has many couples and bisexuals who have experience and might be a good community for you both to check out. :) xoxox

Hey so I'm going to have a threesome with two guys (I'm a girl and they're roommates) on Friday and I was wondering if you had any tips for like encouraging bisexual behaviour from them? Thanks bbgl :)

Awesome news hon! Not sure how open your guys are to exploring Bisex so assuming they aren’t against it, here are a few suggestions:

1. Begin sucking a guys cock while the other is playing with you and then reaching between your legs, bring some of your girl cum up and rub it over his cock. Then look up at the other guy real sexy and ask him to have a taste. Join in if he gets shy about it.

2. Jerk them off together- get your hands all slicked up with lube and begin stroking them together. Tell them to imagine being inside your pussy like that.

3. Get one guy to feed the other one’s cock into your ass or pussy - be sure and be vocal about how hot them touching gets you.

4. Bring out the blindfold and play a game of guess who’s sucking!

5. Straddle one’s face and get the other to begin licking your ass…encourage them to really get their tongues into it.

Hope these help you get started! Would love to hear how it goes :) xoxoxo

As far as I'm aware and concerned I am 100% straight, my partner got me into pegging as it's something she enjoys, it's not a power or control thing it's just something she likes that gets her really wet and horny as fuck, to my surprise I enjoyed it too so much that from time to time when she has her strap on cock on I literally beg her to fuck me, since I started following your page your pics and stuff get me turned on and now I'm starting to wonder what it'd be like to be fucked by a guy??

Well let me tell you it’s AMAZING!  I love my girlcocks and all but a real cock…no comparison.  His thrusts will be fluid and natural…his body will be stronger as he drives into you.  Just knowing that you can tighten your ass around him and make him groan or send him over the edge?  When he fills you up with cum and you can feel every pulse and twitch?  UNNNFF!!  It’s symbiotic and sheer bliss.  However you define your sexuality you are clearly an open minded and pleasure seeking person…I hope you keep exploring.  Perhaps even share your new desires with your wife?? ;) xoxoxo

All about the cock


I'm physically and emotionally attracted to girls. I love girls. The thought of sucking a cock though gets me hard. Guys do nothing for me until I see their cock and balls. That's why I like glory hole porn because it's cock and balls and nothing else. My dream is to be married to an amazing girl but on occasion suck dick on the side with her knowledge of course. I feel stupid.

Darling…if you only knew how common cock lust is among men.  You are absolutely normal with NO reason to feel stupid.  Cocks are delicious and warrant all of the attention they get.  What you dream about…many men have with their partners.  It’s possible to have…just be open and honest with your prospective partners up front about your desires and don’t be ashamed of them.  There is no rule that says you have to desire the entire package when it comes to men.  A lot of guys have a hard time breaking down the mental barrier that allows them to even entertain the notion of being attracted to another man.  Cocks definitely seem to be the neutral place where a lot of men start.  So embrace your desire, don’t ever utter the words “I feel stupid” and hopefully one day you’ll find yourself on your knees with a mouthful of heaven! ;) xoxoxoxo  

Why is my sexuality so confusing?? I love girls they are the gender that makes me happy. Although lately ive become VERY interested in men. So my question is why is it so hard to talk to men about my fantasies And what I want them to do to me?? :(

It’s confusing because instead of being allowed to grow up free and clear of interference so that we can explore and experiment we are herded down predefined paths.  As adults we have the super fun challenge of tearing down walls and overcoming years of conditioning.  Our urges and desires will surface and for some it’s something they fight to control and for others it’s easier to take the plunge and accept what they want. Our minds can really make a mess of things…cock block us so to speak.  You need to be patient with yourself and take baby steps.  I see you label yourself a bisexual on your blog and have some pics posted of two men.  That’s a great start…Tumblr is an awesome platform for helping us explore.  Talking to other guys about your desires is hard for you…why not try a place like my BBGL Forum.  Many guys join having no interactions with other men but are looking for a supportive place to start.  It could be something a simple as adding your comments to some of the kinky posts and conversation threads we have that will lead you to striking up a convo with other guys.  You can private msg or talk on instant chat within the forum…but always at your own pace.  It only seems hard right now because you are in that awkward transition stage between desiring it and embracing it.  You’ll get there hon…one convo at a time ;) xoxoxo
It's interesting to me the angst caused by the desire to have sex with a man. I'm in a weird place with it myself, in that I fantasize about it, but in my real life I have never been around a man and felt an attraction. Then I'll look at some of the images on your blog and be tremendously turned on. Mostly images of sex, never by a picture of a naked or near naked man. Anyway, I think it's natural and normal, and I would try it out if I ever really got the urge. Until then, there's porn.

I’m the same way with girls…minus the angst ;) Lets face it…real life doesn’t usually play out like porn. Gorgeous bodies captured in perfectly scripted scenes. It’s hard not to feel aroused when you see them. God they look so fucking good. There is a heightened senses of sexuality when we view them that isn’t easily replicated in reality. In all my adult life I’ve only met two girls I’ve lusted after. It comes down to the right person and the right chemistry and being open to the possibilities….and a little guts. In the meantime tumblr certainly fuels the craving. So just enjoy it for what it is…bodies and pleasure. The angst will dissipate. One day you’ll meet a guy at the gym or a mechanic that looks at you a certain way and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the erection you’re sporting. :) xoxoxo
I've never been attracted to another man and yet your blog makes me want to sleep with one. Does that seem as strange to you as it does to me?

If sleep = fucks then no :)  I like to think I cast it in a very sexy light and blend it in seamlessly with regular boy/girl sex.  I take it as a compliment but have to give you credit for at least having an open mind. :)  Plus I think it’s harder for a lot of men to admit attraction…or even open themselves up to the possibility of lusting after another man.  But when you strip it down to sex and bodies and cum…it’s easier for the mind to accept.  It’s a great place to start.  I hope you continue to explore it hon. :) xoxoxo