Hey so I'm going to have a threesome with two guys (I'm a girl and they're roommates) on Friday and I was wondering if you had any tips for like encouraging bisexual behaviour from them? Thanks bbgl :)

Awesome news hon! Not sure how open your guys are to exploring Bisex so assuming they aren’t against it, here are a few suggestions:

1. Begin sucking a guys cock while the other is playing with you and then reaching between your legs, bring some of your girl cum up and rub it over his cock. Then look up at the other guy real sexy and ask him to have a taste. Join in if he gets shy about it.

2. Jerk them off together- get your hands all slicked up with lube and begin stroking them together. Tell them to imagine being inside your pussy like that.

3. Get one guy to feed the other one’s cock into your ass or pussy - be sure and be vocal about how hot them touching gets you.

4. Bring out the blindfold and play a game of guess who’s sucking!

5. Straddle one’s face and get the other to begin licking your ass…encourage them to really get their tongues into it.

Hope these help you get started! Would love to hear how it goes :) xoxoxo


First Time Jitters


So I'm am a guy and today I'll be meeting up with another guy to explore my sexual taste I have for men. I am extremely nervous though because all I've ever been with is women and don't no what to expect, I told I want to take it slow and just do a hand job and then eventually I want to suck his cock. But like I said I'm super nervous about just meeting up and I don't want to bale out because my sexual cravings are to strong to go away and I can't suppress them any longer, is there any advice?

Hey hon :)  Congrats on making the move to meet up with a guy to explore your desires.  I know it’s not easy to take the plunge and your anxiety is understandable.  That’s great that you told him up front what you want.  That should eliminate some of the unknown.  The rest is really just the initial meeting and getting past that awkward “I’ve never hooked up with a dude” moment when you first get there.  If it’s possible (ie you have access to a tv) suggest watching some porn to help with the transition from “Hey” to “Oh fuck yeah”.  Once you both get in that horny mindset the barriers will come down for you and you will go for it.  My best advice to you is don’t psych yourself out.  Go in there knowing that it may not be the best sex you’ve ever had or that it might not live up to all of your fantasizing but that it is the first step to satisfying those cravings that have been riding you hard all these years.  *smacks ass* Go get em tiger!!!  (and come back and let me know how it went)  :) xoxoxoxo
What's it like to suck on a cock, I've gotten so curious that I've started talking to a guy to experiment with and was wanting to know what's it like

Oh god…really amazing.  I mean until you have one in front of you and feel the heat against your lips and smell that insanely hot masculine scent you can’t even imagine it.  I’ve only experienced uncut cocks but foreskin…like fucking silk to touch.  Silk wrapped in steel.  Damn…my mouth is actually watering just thinking of it.  You are so hungry you just need it in your mouth.  That taste…the weight of it against your tongue…unf…you just sort of sink into a trance and go off instinct.  The rhythm drives you deeper.  His moans and the way he fists your hair like he is fighting for control…you feel powerful.  You want him to lose control, to explode on your tongue…to give you that look that says you just rocked his world.  Seriously…just once and you’ll be addicted! ;) xoxoxo

My wives biggest fetish is to watch me sleep with another guy, so my Christmas present to her is that I'm going to surprise her with another guy in the bedroom. Any tips for my first time? I consider myself straight, but I'm open to trying stuff out. Blowjob tips and some tips on taking anal sex would help :) Thanks

Wow…merry Christmas wifey!!! Umm…well I believe you know how to suck cock…just do what you love done to you. Only this one is for her…so lots of eye contact with her…and don’t be quiet about it…get vocal. Show her you love the taste and feel of cock in your mouth! Anal is a huge step…you sure you want to do that all in one go? Have you ever had anything in your ass before? If you are sure you want to I would recommend an enema, wearing a plug prior to your MMF, condom, lots and lots of thick anal lube (not pussy lube) and make him go super slow. I have some great anal sex tips that I posted not too long ago but I’m on my phone and I can’t easily search my archive for you. Good luck hon…and have fun! xoxoxo