Fair is Fair


My wife and I both want a threesome. Trouble is, I want to try a MFF while she wants a MMF. She told me If I had sex with her and another man she would set up a threesome for me. Im up for it but not really into guys. She said at a minimum there would have to be kissing and blowjob action between me and the other guy. Question is, is this a fair trade?

Lol @ fair.  I guess it depends…personally I don’t find any desire in making a straight guy participate in an MMF…the turn on for me is the desire.  At the same time some people derive pleasure from other people’s pleasure.  There are a lot of straight guys out there, that for their girl’s pleasure, messing around with a guy is no big deal.  If the pleasure in it for her is not worth what she’s asked of you…then you are just doing it to get your MFF.  So I guess it depends how bad you want it.  Cock for two pussies…hmmm…what’s a straight guy to do? ;) xoxoxo