Although there are exceptions (like yourself), Ive found that men generally have much higher sexual appetites than women. The increased drive and inherent curiosity of men to try new and kinky acts is one thing that interests this curious guy in other men. It isn't that I desire women less, but finding such a person with a high sex drive is much more likely in men than women. Why should gender matter? What are your thoughts?

I think that is what really draws me to gay porn…to see two men genuinely  hot and hungry for each other…equal drives and that base need to go to those dirty places.  I love it.  I completely understand wanting to seek that out.  The fact is women and men are mismatched in sex drives.  I’ve always envied men for that.  It’s like you have a switch you can flip and boom…ready to fuck.  Woman are a different story…we have to be “in the mood”.  Which is really code for we can’t be stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, feel fat, have a lot on our minds, worried about finances, unshaven, pissed at you about something, tired, etc.  It’s ridiculous really…I want a switch. *pout*  I’m a kinky gal…I deserve a kick as sex drive! 

So yeah…gender almost takes a back seat when compared to how appealing sex drive and kink factor are.  I’m always amazed more of you guys are fucking each other…it just makes sense