Hey so I'm going to have a threesome with two guys (I'm a girl and they're roommates) on Friday and I was wondering if you had any tips for like encouraging bisexual behaviour from them? Thanks bbgl :)

Awesome news hon! Not sure how open your guys are to exploring Bisex so assuming they aren’t against it, here are a few suggestions:

1. Begin sucking a guys cock while the other is playing with you and then reaching between your legs, bring some of your girl cum up and rub it over his cock. Then look up at the other guy real sexy and ask him to have a taste. Join in if he gets shy about it.

2. Jerk them off together- get your hands all slicked up with lube and begin stroking them together. Tell them to imagine being inside your pussy like that.

3. Get one guy to feed the other one’s cock into your ass or pussy - be sure and be vocal about how hot them touching gets you.

4. Bring out the blindfold and play a game of guess who’s sucking!

5. Straddle one’s face and get the other to begin licking your ass…encourage them to really get their tongues into it.

Hope these help you get started! Would love to hear how it goes :) xoxoxo


Bi Buddies


I have two friends that I have known for very long, trust very much, and both are also quite attractive. I have seen both of their cocks. I used to jerk off with one when we were much younger, and saw the other when we double teamed a girl. I have never had sex with another man but would like to very much. The girl I date has eaten my ass and fingered me but it is obviously not the same as a real cock would be. Definitely something I fantasize about, but not something I would do with a stranger.

Mmm…my mind is imagining all sorts of naughty sex between you three! :)  That’s really cool that you have two friend’s who you’ve played that closely with.  I bet chances are they have thought of it too.  You are right…you can’t beat a real cock in the ass.  Who knows maybe the opportunity will present itself one day and you can broach the subject..perhaps over beers and porn? ;) xoxoxo