My wife and I have recently got into pegging, light bondage, and cum sharing. When she is fucking she says she wants to share another guy with me. When I try to talk afterwards, she shuts down. What do? I don't mind it, might be kinda fun.

I think we can all relate to going to those really kinky places in our minds during sex where we lose our filter, letting our fantasies be verbalized.  In the light of day without throbbing cocks and aching pussies we shy away from them.  It’s normal…and doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in a real MMF.  The reality of sharing your partner is a whole other ball game…especially for a girl.  Our minds tend to analyze things to death.  We aren’t as good at compartmentalizing as guys are.  Sex is sex to you…if something is hot it makes sense to go after it.  For girls it’s not as easy just to jump in…especially ones in long term relationships and with families.  We factor everything into it and if there are enough negatives then we don’t go for it.  Here are a few things that go through girl’s minds when considering a MMF:

1. Will it pose a threat to their current relationship?

2. Will they feel comfortable being intimate and naked with a new man?

3. Will their partner prefer sex with a man once they get a taste for it?

4. What if they fall for the other guy and develop feelings for him?

5. What if it’s awkward?

6. What is friends or family find out?

7.  What about sexual diseases?

8.  What if their guy becomes jealous and begins to resent her for fucking or enjoying another man.

9.  What if she enjoys fucking the new man more?

And the list goes on and on.  So the best thing to do is get her talking about her hesitations because you can bet she’s thought of it in depth.  If you can work past them and maybe have her interacting with other bisexual couples where she can see how they are making it work it might help her get to a place where she is ready to take it past the fantasy stage.  It’s a good sign that she herself is the one to bring it up during sex.  My BBGL Forum has many couples and bisexuals who have experience and might be a good community for you both to check out. :) xoxox

My guy and I have been together a long time and have our bases for trust down. We are thinking about opening our relationship to others and he is fine with diving in head first but I am not so sure.

I think it’s natural to be protective of your relationship hon.  One of the main differences between men and women is that men are better at living in the moment when it comes to sex.  Women will “what if” it and analyses to death before committing to something as big as involving other people.  The fantasy of open sex or threesomes are all about pleasure and new experiences….they’re fun and HOT!  The reality is you are exposing your relationship to risk.  We are all human and we aren’t always able to control our thoughts and feelings or predict how things will unfold.  It’s wise to be aware of those things rather than jumping in blindly.  The other issue…and this is one I struggle with…is as woman I need an intimate connection with someone before I interact with them sexually. Whereas men in general are a lot better at casual sex.  What if my intimate connection with someone developed into something more serious?  These are things that should be considered.  I recommend that you talk in more detail with your guy about what specific fears you have about opening up your relationship. Set up boundaries that you both agree to follow…these are important to ensure that you will be comfortable with the interactions your partner will have with others and vice versa.  If you decide to try it then do it on the basis that you are going to talk about what it was like for each of you, how it made you feel and any negative feelings that arise.  Lots of couples make it work and others are not successful…at the end of the day it’s just sex and not as important as your relationship.  Good luck darling! :) xoxoxo