All about the cock


I'm physically and emotionally attracted to girls. I love girls. The thought of sucking a cock though gets me hard. Guys do nothing for me until I see their cock and balls. That's why I like glory hole porn because it's cock and balls and nothing else. My dream is to be married to an amazing girl but on occasion suck dick on the side with her knowledge of course. I feel stupid.

Darling…if you only knew how common cock lust is among men.  You are absolutely normal with NO reason to feel stupid.  Cocks are delicious and warrant all of the attention they get.  What you dream about…many men have with their partners.  It’s possible to have…just be open and honest with your prospective partners up front about your desires and don’t be ashamed of them.  There is no rule that says you have to desire the entire package when it comes to men.  A lot of guys have a hard time breaking down the mental barrier that allows them to even entertain the notion of being attracted to another man.  Cocks definitely seem to be the neutral place where a lot of men start.  So embrace your desire, don’t ever utter the words “I feel stupid” and hopefully one day you’ll find yourself on your knees with a mouthful of heaven! ;) xoxoxoxo  

Why is my sexuality so confusing?? I love girls they are the gender that makes me happy. Although lately ive become VERY interested in men. So my question is why is it so hard to talk to men about my fantasies And what I want them to do to me?? :(

It’s confusing because instead of being allowed to grow up free and clear of interference so that we can explore and experiment we are herded down predefined paths.  As adults we have the super fun challenge of tearing down walls and overcoming years of conditioning.  Our urges and desires will surface and for some it’s something they fight to control and for others it’s easier to take the plunge and accept what they want. Our minds can really make a mess of things…cock block us so to speak.  You need to be patient with yourself and take baby steps.  I see you label yourself a bisexual on your blog and have some pics posted of two men.  That’s a great start…Tumblr is an awesome platform for helping us explore.  Talking to other guys about your desires is hard for you…why not try a place like my BBGL Forum.  Many guys join having no interactions with other men but are looking for a supportive place to start.  It could be something a simple as adding your comments to some of the kinky posts and conversation threads we have that will lead you to striking up a convo with other guys.  You can private msg or talk on instant chat within the forum…but always at your own pace.  It only seems hard right now because you are in that awkward transition stage between desiring it and embracing it.  You’ll get there hon…one convo at a time ;) xoxoxo
Words can't express how hot your blog is! I constantly check for new pics ;) Isn't it a shame that so many people think you can only pick one gender to have sex with? Why do people think I am confused for being bi? I want both LOL deal with it!

A real shame hon!  I had a follower email me recently telling me he came out to his gf as bi and she told him there was no such thing as bi…you had to like either guys or girls.  I had to shake my head…people are so close-minded and naive out there.  In this day and age where people have 50 million choices for everything…how is sexual preference so limited?   All you can do is smile to yourself darling and don’t let them affect you…you’re awesome, sexy…and having way more fun than them! :) xoxoxo
Hey there BBGL. It seems as thought may guys who identify as straight are are curious about exploring some bi activities. Why do you think it is that a woman can enjoy the pleasure of a woman and not be gay, while a guy is either straight or gay with no room for anything in the middle?

I think women’s response to sex is much more instinctual and fluid…it’s easier for us to see through any societal bullshit and see love and sex for what it is….we don’t associate fear, rage, or disgust with seeing same sex couples like a lot of men do. Our own upbringing has a lot to do with it. Some experience from my own past…I blissfully made out with girls for a few years when I was around the age of 12, ignorant of any feelings of right or wrong. My younger brother however, was caught “doing something” with another young boy. The parents both caught them and made a huge deal out of it. I was always curious at what horrible thing it was they did. Looking back now it makes me sad that he grew up with negative feelings about doing something as innocent as showing another boy his dick. Would they have made as huge a deal if I had been caught with my tongue in another girls mouth? Parents and how we are raised have a huge impact in how we feel about ourselves and how we view the world sexually. That’s really what needs to change and I think it is slowly. xoxox