I have a question for you and your female followers. Im searching for another guy to make out with me and my female partner. Would you rather like someone in bed you both already know for a longer time, or would it be more erotic to have sex with stranger you just met? She is flirting sometimes, and I´d like to know when its propably the best situation to go for it you know? Having threesomes can be soooo complicated. :P

I would prefer someone we both know, not necessarily for a long time but someone we’ve met on a few occasions and can get a sense for the chemistry.  MMF is super intimate to me so the idea of just meeting and fucking a stranger doesn’t quiet hit the mark for me.  I think it all comes down to what you both think would work for you.  In theory it sounds hot…meeting a stranger who happens to be into the both of you but I’m not sure how common that is.  Have you looked online for a bi guy to join you?  That would be where I would start personally.  It really is complicated darling…I hear you on that one.  Good luck with it! :) xoxox