Hello, Beautiful site! Do you think more guys would have sex with other guys if more girls found it a turn on? My girlfriend has got into the idea of us having a mmf threesome and I find myself thinking about other guys a lot more now... Wouldn't it be a more exciting world if we were all more open to the idea of bisexual pleasure? Anyhow, your site does a great job in encouraging open mindedness! x

Well in general I think guys like turning girls on and getting them in the mood to fuck.  If a guy knew his gf had a particular kink that got her hot…I can see some guys just getting into it because of that.  Having a girl turn something taboo into something acceptable…something hot and new to explore…heck yeah.  All you need is one person to get you thinking about something in a different light and it could be like opening up a sexy floodgate.  Good luck to you and your gf…I hope you get that MMF and love it! :) xoxoxoxo



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