My wives biggest fetish is to watch me sleep with another guy, so my Christmas present to her is that I'm going to surprise her with another guy in the bedroom. Any tips for my first time? I consider myself straight, but I'm open to trying stuff out. Blowjob tips and some tips on taking anal sex would help :) Thanks

Wow…merry Christmas wifey!!! Umm…well I believe you know how to suck cock…just do what you love done to you. Only this one is for her…so lots of eye contact with her…and don’t be quiet about it…get vocal. Show her you love the taste and feel of cock in your mouth! Anal is a huge step…you sure you want to do that all in one go? Have you ever had anything in your ass before? If you are sure you want to I would recommend an enema, wearing a plug prior to your MMF, condom, lots and lots of thick anal lube (not pussy lube) and make him go super slow. I have some great anal sex tips that I posted not too long ago but I’m on my phone and I can’t easily search my archive for you. Good luck hon…and have fun! xoxoxo


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