Hey girl, for some reason i just feel so at home with your blog. Really really HOT BTW! Ive never talked to anybody about this but for some reason i think you would help me understand. i know your most likely not going to post this… which i actually kinda dig, but to start… Ive always thought of myself as straight, which i honestly enjoy, but i also enjoy the man 2 man contact. Getting off with another dude and helping him get off. Ive had many girlfriends and enjoy having sex with them, but for some reason nice hot fit dudes just get my rocks off. I appreciate the female body and can eat a pussy for days, but compared side by side the whole sexual experience has different feelings, I guess what im trying to say is that i like the relationship and a with a woman but being with a fit dude sexually just rocks my boat. Should that define what im looking for? or should i find a woman who likes mmf and build around that?  For some reason i just feel 100% comfortable asking you that.

If you don’t mind I will post my response…I think it helps others in their own search for answers :) I’ve talked to many guys about this…they crave a relationship with a girl but sexually…it’s boys who do it for them.  I can imagine what a conflicting thing that is to not have both needs fully met by one gender.  It really comes down to examining what you want and what will make you happy.  Can you live without one?  Can you settle for less than what you want in one area?  Ideally finding a girl to share your bi side would be good but not always easy to find a life long partner with those parameters.  You are sexually attracted to women so it seems to me if you were to make a check list of guys vs girls that the deck is stacked in their favor?  Sex is fucking fantastic…but a true connection/relationship is hard to go without darling.  In a perfect world 100% of our needs would be met by one person…but I think that is rare and a bit unreasonable an expectation.  We all live with some degree of “settling” so I’d start with “what can’t I live without” and work down from there ;) Hope that helps! xoxoxo



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