I have recently outed myself as bi to my girlfriend and she says she likes it. Now when we fuck she talks about guys fucking me in the ass or me sucking dick and it is unbelievable. My only worry is that she's only doing it for me and doesn't like it herself. How can I tell if this is something that actually turns her on?

Congrats on coming out to her and having it go so well.  Honestly…I wouldn’t worry over that so much.  For some people turning a person on is the turn on.  You can be sure it isn’t a turn off for her or she wouldn’t verbalize fantasies for you.  It’s probably new and exciting and your reaction is what spurs her on.  Turns are not concrete…they develop and grow so just keep encouraging her and the kink may solidify for her too.  Everyone has to start somewhere…think of it like planting a seed…soon enough it may be a full blown craving for her.  Be thankful that she is so responsive…many guys get ridiculed and made to feel bad when they come out to their partners. You are one lucky bum!  xoxoxo


07/15/2014 11:29am

I was in the same boat, and decided to tell my girlfriend about past experiences. She was nervous at first, then began to bring it up during sex. It encouraged me to be more open with her. I gradually told her of my desires and seeing me so turned on turned her on. She began to bring it up more and more and encourages me to explore that side of me. We've been married now for 2 years and while it does cause some anxiety for her from time to time, it's allowed us to become so close. We share all of our desires and fetishes, etc. We've played with the idea of MMF, and we even started 'dating' another guy, but I was the one who chickened out. (dammnit!) We still talk about it and may pursue it again in the future. It turns us both on now, very much.
Bottom line - being open and honest from the get go reduces a lot of anxiety and stress! Find that person who accepts you for who you are and lets you be who you are. Don't accept less! You deserve to be happy!

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