Love your blog and feedback! For those Bi/curious men in a relationship, where do you think the line is drawn in secret online activity? For example, I think watching gay/bi porn can be kept to one's self, but phone sex or camming with others may be one step too far without the other partner's consent. What are your thoughts?

I think it depends on the individual hon…for some their interest in bisex is not as intense as others.  They are happy and satisfied in their lives and it’s something they wouldn’t mind exploring but by no means the end of the world if they don’t.  Then there are others who crave it badly…so much so that it drives them to distraction and begins to affect their personal lives.  It’s a nice thought to think all guys feel they can talk to their wives about their desire to be with men but that’s just not the case.  For some it would ruin their marriage and tear apart their family.  It’s a struggle for them and the decision is never an easy one but it’s one that each guy has to make for himself.  So my take on it is not to judge or encourage but let them cross the lines themselves. 



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