Am I In Denial?


Is it odd to be attracted to the thought of sucking and fucking a cock, but have zero interest in men whatsoever? Could I possibly be in denial about something? I love sex with women and am very attracted to them as well. Thanks for your thoughts.

I don’t think you have to be attracted to men to desire cock.  It’s rare when I meet a woman in real life I am attracted to…but damn, I’d love to get my mouth on a pussy some days.  Am I in denial?  No…I just like pussy.  It’s actually rare that I meet a bi guy on here who is full on attracted to men and women equally…most just like sex and the idea of fucking around with a guy just means pleasure to them…no attraction and no romantic inclination in the least.  So like what you like darling and don’t stress over the rest. xoxoxo


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