It's interesting to me the angst caused by the desire to have sex with a man. I'm in a weird place with it myself, in that I fantasize about it, but in my real life I have never been around a man and felt an attraction. Then I'll look at some of the images on your blog and be tremendously turned on. Mostly images of sex, never by a picture of a naked or near naked man. Anyway, I think it's natural and normal, and I would try it out if I ever really got the urge. Until then, there's porn.

I’m the same way with girls…minus the angst ;) Lets face it…real life doesn’t usually play out like porn. Gorgeous bodies captured in perfectly scripted scenes. It’s hard not to feel aroused when you see them. God they look so fucking good. There is a heightened senses of sexuality when we view them that isn’t easily replicated in reality. In all my adult life I’ve only met two girls I’ve lusted after. It comes down to the right person and the right chemistry and being open to the possibilities….and a little guts. In the meantime tumblr certainly fuels the craving. So just enjoy it for what it is…bodies and pleasure. The angst will dissipate. One day you’ll meet a guy at the gym or a mechanic that looks at you a certain way and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the erection you’re sporting. :) xoxoxo


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