First Time Jitters


So I'm am a guy and today I'll be meeting up with another guy to explore my sexual taste I have for men. I am extremely nervous though because all I've ever been with is women and don't no what to expect, I told I want to take it slow and just do a hand job and then eventually I want to suck his cock. But like I said I'm super nervous about just meeting up and I don't want to bale out because my sexual cravings are to strong to go away and I can't suppress them any longer, is there any advice?

Hey hon :)  Congrats on making the move to meet up with a guy to explore your desires.  I know it’s not easy to take the plunge and your anxiety is understandable.  That’s great that you told him up front what you want.  That should eliminate some of the unknown.  The rest is really just the initial meeting and getting past that awkward “I’ve never hooked up with a dude” moment when you first get there.  If it’s possible (ie you have access to a tv) suggest watching some porn to help with the transition from “Hey” to “Oh fuck yeah”.  Once you both get in that horny mindset the barriers will come down for you and you will go for it.  My best advice to you is don’t psych yourself out.  Go in there knowing that it may not be the best sex you’ve ever had or that it might not live up to all of your fantasizing but that it is the first step to satisfying those cravings that have been riding you hard all these years.  *smacks ass* Go get em tiger!!!  (and come back and let me know how it went)  :) xoxoxoxo


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