I am in a amazing relationship with a man, we are soon to be married I want to have a mmf three some, how do I go about seeing if he would be down for this??? Thanks, and I love your page

Congrats darling!  That’s hot that you want to explore some an MMF with your man.  I assume by MMF you are referring to one where the guys engage in some bisex with each other?  Here are a couple ways that I think are good ways to “test the waters” so to speak.  For guys who are looking to approach a wife these suggestions apply to you as well….in fact they can be applied to most kinks. 

How to approach a guy (or girl) about having an MMF:

1. Start A Couples Blog - the idea being you each post scenarios and fantasies you see that turn you on.  It opens up dialogue easier than just blurting out you want to see your man make out with another guy.  You can start with MFM scenarios so he gets use to the idea that it turns you on to see another guy in bed with the both of you and then lead into more MMF scenarios where there is some biplay.

2. Watch Porn Together - Watch some MFM porn together and feel him out on bringing another guy in the bedroom.  If he is comfortable with the idea slowly introduce him to some MMF porn and see what reaction that gets you.  Lots of guys once they find out it’s a kink for their wives will offer to “play” with another guy for them even if it’s not a desire on their own.

3. Bring It Up During Sex - If you aren’t into watching porn together another way to open up conversation is to bring it up during sex.  When you are fucking…have him insert another dildo in your a ass  and get verbal on how hot it would be if it were real.  See if he gets into it.  If he does you can do things like fuck your pussy with a dildo and then offer him a taste.  Encourage him to suck the dildo and go crazy at how hot it makes you to see him with something cock-shaped in his mouth.  Hopefully he will get the idea and it opens up some dialogue and moves you in the right direction. 

4. Phone & Computer Apps - For a more direct approach plan a hot night where the theme is reveal secret kinks to each other.  If you have a computer try mojoupgrade.com  If you have a smart phone download an app called, Kindu (available for Android and iPhone).  They're basically a series of questions about kinks and scenarios and you each answer them separately with things like yes, no, open to discussion.  I recommend going down on each other while the other one answers the questions!  Then you review them together and see what each others kinks are, which ones matched up and which ones didn’t. Hubby and I used it and if definitely opened up conversation in a fun way. 

5. Sexual Bribery - As a last resort the old “If you do it for me, I’ll do it for you” card is sometimes a good one.  Perhaps he has some hidden kink that he’s been dying to explore with you like an MFF.  As a means to an end he may consider an MMF if it gets him his ultimate fantasy. Good luck with it darling :) xoxoxo



12/31/2014 6:08am

I love being bisexual! ! But my woman doesn't want ANY part of it... so I have go it alone.... so for now I have 2 BFs & I am happy with this setup !!! But what can I say ??? I have to respect her feelings & I'll never tell her... how many others are there out there who is in the same situation I am ???

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