I love your blog it's the first thing I look at when I use tumblr. However, could I ask for some advice? I've been with my girlfriend for 5 years now and we both have high sex drives. I want to introduce her to bi mmf but don't know how to go about it? I'm not gay, I wouldn't even say I was bi but this really turns me on how can i do this without her thinking I'm gay. I was thinking of leaving my phone near her and leaving the room with some straight and bi mmf pics mixed amongst my camera roll.

Awesome…I’m so glad you enjoy it that much!  First off, you are ahead of the game if she has a high sex drive.  I would ask if she is open to exploring things sexually with you?  I can’t recommend it enough but using Tumblr to create a couples blog where you both can post pics or video with comments like “We need to try this!”, etc is a great way to approach it.  You could start off with MFM (threesome pics with two straight guys).  Feel her out on just opening up the relationship.  Then graduate to more MMF pics (where the men are interacting more…even just an innocent touch) and go from there.  A lot of followers are finding that it opens up dialogue.  You can always direct her to my blog if she has concerns that you are now suddenly gay for being curious to want to explore that type of pleasure and I’ll set her straight (no pun intended).  You could leave your phone out but generally it may come across that you’ve been secretly lusting after men and hiding it from her…or that you are ashamed.  Think of the couples blog as wading into the kinky pool.  Tumblr has opened me up to so many things in this past year just by being exposed to images I might never have outside of it.  Just a thought ;)  If she has a drive, love sex and is open to new things I think you may have a good shot.  However, when the dialogue unfolds about bisex, I would be proud and confident about wanting to explore it.  Don’t let her think you are shamed or any DIFFERENT because of it.  You’re just you…only sexier ;) xoxoxo


12/26/2014 12:00pm

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