So I've discovered my wife secretly lusts for mmf action. It's a huge fantasy of mine but haven't been able to tell her that. How do I tell her I know and also want to try dp & dvp & double blowie ?

One thing at a time.  You plan a sexy evening and surprise her with some hot MMF porn.  When she looks at you all shocked like she’s just been busted…you hit her with the “I think it’s hot as fuck too” revelation.  As for the other kinks you have they are all related to MMF’s so after you drop the exciting news, then spend time with her fantasizing about all of the things you’d love to explore in an MMF.  Don’t overwhelm her…but chances are she’s thought of them too…and maybe a few she’ll surprise you with! You hit the jackpot baby…don’t squander it! :) xoxox


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