Do you have any suggestions on getting my lover to get in bed with another man and him fuck me and her? Its my fantasy.. we've had a threesome but with a girl any ideas?

Well the good news is she is sexually adventurous and has experienced bisex herself.  At least I am assuming the MFF had some girllove going on.  You can approach it a few different ways.  One - just tell her it’s been a turn on of yours for a while now and you’d like to maybe explore that with her.  If she has no clue about your bi curiosity you can always ease her into it slowly.  I can’t recommend it enough but using Tumblr to create a couples blog where you both can post pics or video with comments like “We need to try this!”, etc is a great way to feel her out and open up dialogue.  You could start off with MFF or MFM (threesome pics with two straight guys).  See how she feels about just adding another guy.  Then graduate to more MMF pics (where the men are interacting more…even just an innocent touch) and go from there. If you are interested in being fucked by another man you can add in some assplay and pegging pics too so she will get the idea that you enjoy penetration.  Tumblr has opened me up to so many things in the past two years just by being exposed to images I might never have outside of it.  It may be good for her to see what else is out there that turns her crank.  Just a thought ;)  If she has a drive, love sex and is open to new things I think you may have a decent shot. Good luck! xoxoxo



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