So I've discovered my wife secretly lusts for mmf action. It's a huge fantasy of mine but haven't been able to tell her that. How do I tell her I know and also want to try dp & dvp & double blowie ?

One thing at a time.  You plan a sexy evening and surprise her with some hot MMF porn.  When she looks at you all shocked like she’s just been busted…you hit her with the “I think it’s hot as fuck too” revelation.  As for the other kinks you have they are all related to MMF’s so after you drop the exciting news, then spend time with her fantasizing about all of the things you’d love to explore in an MMF.  Don’t overwhelm her…but chances are she’s thought of them too…and maybe a few she’ll surprise you with! You hit the jackpot baby…don’t squander it! :) xoxox
As far as I'm aware and concerned I am 100% straight, my partner got me into pegging as it's something she enjoys, it's not a power or control thing it's just something she likes that gets her really wet and horny as fuck, to my surprise I enjoyed it too so much that from time to time when she has her strap on cock on I literally beg her to fuck me, since I started following your page your pics and stuff get me turned on and now I'm starting to wonder what it'd be like to be fucked by a guy??

Well let me tell you it’s AMAZING!  I love my girlcocks and all but a real cock…no comparison.  His thrusts will be fluid and natural…his body will be stronger as he drives into you.  Just knowing that you can tighten your ass around him and make him groan or send him over the edge?  When he fills you up with cum and you can feel every pulse and twitch?  UNNNFF!!  It’s symbiotic and sheer bliss.  However you define your sexuality you are clearly an open minded and pleasure seeking person…I hope you keep exploring.  Perhaps even share your new desires with your wife?? ;) xoxoxo

All about the cock


I'm physically and emotionally attracted to girls. I love girls. The thought of sucking a cock though gets me hard. Guys do nothing for me until I see their cock and balls. That's why I like glory hole porn because it's cock and balls and nothing else. My dream is to be married to an amazing girl but on occasion suck dick on the side with her knowledge of course. I feel stupid.

Darling…if you only knew how common cock lust is among men.  You are absolutely normal with NO reason to feel stupid.  Cocks are delicious and warrant all of the attention they get.  What you dream about…many men have with their partners.  It’s possible to have…just be open and honest with your prospective partners up front about your desires and don’t be ashamed of them.  There is no rule that says you have to desire the entire package when it comes to men.  A lot of guys have a hard time breaking down the mental barrier that allows them to even entertain the notion of being attracted to another man.  Cocks definitely seem to be the neutral place where a lot of men start.  So embrace your desire, don’t ever utter the words “I feel stupid” and hopefully one day you’ll find yourself on your knees with a mouthful of heaven! ;) xoxoxoxo  

Why is my sexuality so confusing?? I love girls they are the gender that makes me happy. Although lately ive become VERY interested in men. So my question is why is it so hard to talk to men about my fantasies And what I want them to do to me?? :(

It’s confusing because instead of being allowed to grow up free and clear of interference so that we can explore and experiment we are herded down predefined paths.  As adults we have the super fun challenge of tearing down walls and overcoming years of conditioning.  Our urges and desires will surface and for some it’s something they fight to control and for others it’s easier to take the plunge and accept what they want. Our minds can really make a mess of things…cock block us so to speak.  You need to be patient with yourself and take baby steps.  I see you label yourself a bisexual on your blog and have some pics posted of two men.  That’s a great start…Tumblr is an awesome platform for helping us explore.  Talking to other guys about your desires is hard for you…why not try a place like my BBGL Forum.  Many guys join having no interactions with other men but are looking for a supportive place to start.  It could be something a simple as adding your comments to some of the kinky posts and conversation threads we have that will lead you to striking up a convo with other guys.  You can private msg or talk on instant chat within the forum…but always at your own pace.  It only seems hard right now because you are in that awkward transition stage between desiring it and embracing it.  You’ll get there hon…one convo at a time ;) xoxoxo
It's interesting to me the angst caused by the desire to have sex with a man. I'm in a weird place with it myself, in that I fantasize about it, but in my real life I have never been around a man and felt an attraction. Then I'll look at some of the images on your blog and be tremendously turned on. Mostly images of sex, never by a picture of a naked or near naked man. Anyway, I think it's natural and normal, and I would try it out if I ever really got the urge. Until then, there's porn.

I’m the same way with girls…minus the angst ;) Lets face it…real life doesn’t usually play out like porn. Gorgeous bodies captured in perfectly scripted scenes. It’s hard not to feel aroused when you see them. God they look so fucking good. There is a heightened senses of sexuality when we view them that isn’t easily replicated in reality. In all my adult life I’ve only met two girls I’ve lusted after. It comes down to the right person and the right chemistry and being open to the possibilities….and a little guts. In the meantime tumblr certainly fuels the craving. So just enjoy it for what it is…bodies and pleasure. The angst will dissipate. One day you’ll meet a guy at the gym or a mechanic that looks at you a certain way and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the erection you’re sporting. :) xoxoxo
Do you think a lot of guys have a secret cock lust? If so, why?

Cocks are delicious…it’s a fact. In my three years online exploring Bisex I’ve lost track of the number of men who’ve admitted to being turned on by the thought of sucking cock. They keep it secret because there is a sense of shame and guilt associated with lusting after any part of a male. It must mean they are queer. It must mean they are submissive. It can’t possibly mean they are sexual beings with open minds. It’s a shame a lot keep it hidden. I imagine it’s exhausting to fight those natural urges and curiosities. Not to mention the pleasure they are missing out on. Xoxoxo
I've never been attracted to another man and yet your blog makes me want to sleep with one. Does that seem as strange to you as it does to me?

If sleep = fucks then no :)  I like to think I cast it in a very sexy light and blend it in seamlessly with regular boy/girl sex.  I take it as a compliment but have to give you credit for at least having an open mind. :)  Plus I think it’s harder for a lot of men to admit attraction…or even open themselves up to the possibility of lusting after another man.  But when you strip it down to sex and bodies and cum…it’s easier for the mind to accept.  It’s a great place to start.  I hope you continue to explore it hon. :) xoxoxo


First Time Jitters


So I'm am a guy and today I'll be meeting up with another guy to explore my sexual taste I have for men. I am extremely nervous though because all I've ever been with is women and don't no what to expect, I told I want to take it slow and just do a hand job and then eventually I want to suck his cock. But like I said I'm super nervous about just meeting up and I don't want to bale out because my sexual cravings are to strong to go away and I can't suppress them any longer, is there any advice?

Hey hon :)  Congrats on making the move to meet up with a guy to explore your desires.  I know it’s not easy to take the plunge and your anxiety is understandable.  That’s great that you told him up front what you want.  That should eliminate some of the unknown.  The rest is really just the initial meeting and getting past that awkward “I’ve never hooked up with a dude” moment when you first get there.  If it’s possible (ie you have access to a tv) suggest watching some porn to help with the transition from “Hey” to “Oh fuck yeah”.  Once you both get in that horny mindset the barriers will come down for you and you will go for it.  My best advice to you is don’t psych yourself out.  Go in there knowing that it may not be the best sex you’ve ever had or that it might not live up to all of your fantasizing but that it is the first step to satisfying those cravings that have been riding you hard all these years.  *smacks ass* Go get em tiger!!!  (and come back and let me know how it went)  :) xoxoxoxo
What's it like to suck on a cock, I've gotten so curious that I've started talking to a guy to experiment with and was wanting to know what's it like

Oh god…really amazing.  I mean until you have one in front of you and feel the heat against your lips and smell that insanely hot masculine scent you can’t even imagine it.  I’ve only experienced uncut cocks but foreskin…like fucking silk to touch.  Silk wrapped in steel.  Damn…my mouth is actually watering just thinking of it.  You are so hungry you just need it in your mouth.  That taste…the weight of it against your tongue…unf…you just sort of sink into a trance and go off instinct.  The rhythm drives you deeper.  His moans and the way he fists your hair like he is fighting for control…you feel powerful.  You want him to lose control, to explode on your tongue…to give you that look that says you just rocked his world.  Seriously…just once and you’ll be addicted! ;) xoxoxo

My guy and I have been together a long time and have our bases for trust down. We are thinking about opening our relationship to others and he is fine with diving in head first but I am not so sure.

I think it’s natural to be protective of your relationship hon.  One of the main differences between men and women is that men are better at living in the moment when it comes to sex.  Women will “what if” it and analyses to death before committing to something as big as involving other people.  The fantasy of open sex or threesomes are all about pleasure and new experiences….they’re fun and HOT!  The reality is you are exposing your relationship to risk.  We are all human and we aren’t always able to control our thoughts and feelings or predict how things will unfold.  It’s wise to be aware of those things rather than jumping in blindly.  The other issue…and this is one I struggle with…is as woman I need an intimate connection with someone before I interact with them sexually. Whereas men in general are a lot better at casual sex.  What if my intimate connection with someone developed into something more serious?  These are things that should be considered.  I recommend that you talk in more detail with your guy about what specific fears you have about opening up your relationship. Set up boundaries that you both agree to follow…these are important to ensure that you will be comfortable with the interactions your partner will have with others and vice versa.  If you decide to try it then do it on the basis that you are going to talk about what it was like for each of you, how it made you feel and any negative feelings that arise.  Lots of couples make it work and others are not successful…at the end of the day it’s just sex and not as important as your relationship.  Good luck darling! :) xoxoxo