Why do you love pegging so much? I want to be pegged but my woman isn't into it. Maybe she would be if she benefited from it...

First off…that’s like saying I wish she’d suck my dick but she doesn’t benefit from it.  Since when is pleasure not about giving?  There are lots of activities that couples do together where pleasure is taken in turns.  She needs to look at it as foreplay leading up to when you both fuck.  Who says you need to finish while she is fucking you?  Me and my guy always finish with sex…my clit loves pounding away at him and by the time we fuck I cum super hard and so does he.  Lots of women can cum while fucking a man’s ass…there are vibrating girlcocks and ones worn inside her pussy so you can tell her NO EXCUSES :) xoxoxo
How do I get my fiancé to play with my ass?

She needs to know its pleasurable for you for starters. Next time she’s licking your balls, move your hips up. When she hits your taint (prostate from the outside) moan and say, “oh fuck baby that feels good!” If she sticks around and works that area over, make a big deal over how hot it makes you. Tell her you bet it feels ever better from the inside and see if she goes for it. If you can get her fingers or tongue to play with your asshole…you’re in the home stretch! Good luck hon ;) xoxoxo
You seem to be so comfortable with this idea and seem to help a few people out on here. I was hoping you would be able to help me with idea of bringing the subject of pegging up with my wife….I only ask cause of the dramas I caused a few years ago when she found out (after no prior knowledge) that I’m Bi and had been sending pics (you can use your imagination as to what they contained) to an old fuck of mine. Not only that but I have started anal play by myself just recently and I would really like to have her provide me that pleasure I just don’t know how to ask…….more to the point a little scared to ask.

Well there are ways you can be subtle about it, rather then blurting out that you want her to strap a cock on and fuck your ass.  It also depends how open your communication in the bedroom is.  If you are comfortable with it, let her know how much you love when her fingers brush your taint when has her fingers down there…or better yet her mouth.  If she is sucking or licking your balls, you can tilt your hips up and when her tongue slides down be verbal (moaning) and let her know there is a new pleasure zone she may be neglecting.  Same with fingers, if she is rubbing your taint, work your hips so that her fingers inevitable graze your asshole.  Again be verbal, like she just did the best thing in the world.  If you are feeling a bit forward and know she is in her kinky zone, grab her fingers and drag them lower, working them against your hole.  Tell her how fucking good that feels.  Once she is comfortable with playing with your ass from the outside, encourage her to work a finger in.  Tell her you’ve heard how hard guys can cum with their prostates stimulated and want to give it a try.  Once she is comfortable fingering or rimming your ass…then you suggest a toy (perhaps in your case not cock shaped right away).  You want this to be about you and her and exploring new pleasure…not a chance for you to get something cock shaped in your ass.  If she goes for a toy…show her some intimate pics of loving couples fucking with a strapon (tons on my strapon page) and ask her if she’d ever want to experience that with you.  I hope she is open to it hon…good luck! :) xoxoxo  

Also check out this great link: http://peggingparadise.com/blog/2012/03/convincing-her-to-try-it/
I know this may sound like an odd topic, but I had to share this, as I think it’s life changing. I’m not one for forums and keeping up with replies, etc. So I thought I’d let you post this if you saw value in it.

I really enjoy pegging and anal stimulation. I love to be pegged, or stimulate myself. My wife loves to watch me ride a dildo while she masturbates and we talk dirty. But the trouble with anal sex is often two fold: cleanliness and comfort. Often, the concern is am I clean enough to feel comfortable, and did I work so hard cleaning myself that I’m not able to use anything?

Regular toilet paper can leave me raw, to be blunt. I had taken to using moist wipes, but even then, I had to be careful because I may have sensitivities to some brands, etc. On a trip to Japan, I was exposed to the world of bidets. The Japanese are so fastidiously clean that they have bidets installed everywhere, including public toilets! I have never felt so comfortable following a trip to the loo in my life!

When I returned to the states, I began searching for how I could add a bidet to my bathroom. I found my answer on woot.com of all places. They had a one day sale of a bidet and I took a chance.

I purchased a bidet from a company called LuxeBidet (luxebidet.com). They have a few different models, the one I purchased is the NEO320.

It mounts under the toilet seat and has a control lever to the side. This model included a hot water connection, so I could have warm water instead of just cold. (Very nice) I hooked it up in a few minutes and was instantly impressed. You can run the water before spraying yourself so that you have a comfortable temperature. It only takes a few moments to spray off what you normally wipe and just a blot of tissue to dry off.

It really restored confidence and comfort for me. I feel like playing with anal toys much more often and really enjoy it when we do.

I hope this helps others find a way to really open up with anal play and experience some of the intense pleasure I have.

Thanks so much for providing this awesome venue to explore things in. Love the site, the Tumblr blog and all you’re doing. Keep it up!


Thanks for the info darling!  Those of us who enjoy assplay and pegging can all relate to the fine balance between cleaning and not over-cleaning to the point that there is discomfort even before the toys are introduced.  It’s great to experiment and finally find something or a combination of things that does the trick for us.  I will definitely add this to my advice page under cleaning! :) xoxoxox

My long distance girlfriend is re-visiting Saturday. She's used a butt plug on me, and we've both enjoyed it. I've tried to talk her into doing me with a strap-on (I dislike the word 'pegging' for some reason, maybe because it doesn't sound loving), I think we would both love it. However, she doesn't want to because she thinks she's too overweight to do so. I disagree, but it is a delicate subject, obviously, and I'm not the kind of guy to force her. Do you have any advice, suggestions?

That’s great that she is open to assplay with you…definitely a good start!  I agree…pegging is a horrid word and takes all intimacy out of it.  I always think of a wooden peg in a round hole :P  Anyways, here are some thoughts on what might be behind her resistance if she has brought up her weight as an objection. 

1. Being on display while fucking you.  You may want to show her there are other positions that she can enjoy your ass in.  For instance, you can ride her girlcock…this puts the onus on you to be the active one.  Another is to have you on bent over the side of the bed and she can stand behind.  These may help ease her into it until she finds her confidence.

2. Strapons not fitting. - I am not sure of her size but if this is a concern, there are several plus size strapons that will adjust to fit any body size.  Here are a few:

Fantasy Fetish Plus Size Strapon

Divine Diva Strapon

3. Thinking it’s only for stick models.  She may benefit from you showing her a few pegging blogs where she can see real life bigger girls rocking their girlcocks.  Here is a great blog below that may boost her confidence:


Other than that, just encourage her to play with your ass more…perhaps she can manually fuck it with a dildo to see how hot it gets you! :) xoxoxo

Do you have any tips for anal masturbation for men? :3

I could tell you what I would do if I were a man :)

First I would then experiment to see what I liked the best.  I would start with my fingers.  I’ve seen some pretty hot gif’s of guys fingering their asses while jerking off and it’s a quick way to know if you like penetration/prostate stimulation. 

Best Positions For Prostate Stimulation

I’d take some lube and rub it around my asshole…perhaps using the other hand to rub my taint (your prostate from the outside).  I’m a visual person and love doing this in front of a mirror.  Massage it slowly.  Warming up the area can feel amazing and will make penetration easier.  When I couldn’t take it anymore I would work a well-lubed finger in just to the knuckle, crooking it towards my balls.  (Your prostate is approximately 2 inches inside and is described at as chestnut sized bump).  Some guys like a gentle thrusting motion and others prefer intense constant pressure.  So I’d play around with the different stimulation to see what felt the hottest for me.  Once I got comfortable and masturbated with some anal stimulation a few times I’d move onto toys.  Here are some different types to experiment with. 

1. Anal prostate toys
2. Suctioning dildos
3. Anal beads
5. Plugs

All men should explore their asses in my opinion…whether it’s solo or with a partner.  The male s-spot could be an untapped wealth of pleasure that you never knew you even had.  Many men find that after some exploratory prostate play they are open to pegging.  I love all types of anal toys as a woman so I can just imagine what it would be like with the addition of a g-spot to my ass!  So men, if you haven’t before…try it!  Ladies…encourage your men to try it too!  :) xoxoxo

Right now, I can only dream. But would you help explain to me: What does this Taste like?

Ass taste like hot musky skin…so many textures…smooth, wrinkly, hairy….masculine.  There is no taste that explodes over your tongue like diving into a wet pussy or cock head.  It’s earthy, a little bit salty…and more a combination of smell and just knowing you have your tongue in his most intimate place.  One hand on his cock, your tongue controlling all of the little grunts and moans as he pushes back on you…it’s the whole experience that will make you addicted to it. For fun you can swipe drops of his precum and paint his asshole with it before licking it off…that is a fucking hot combinations of taste!! ;)


Rimming Safety


Hey there, I have a quick question about rimming. Does rimming always = penetration next? What are the safety measures before/after in preparation for rimming/rimming someone? Any cautions/concerns/ possible consequences when doing it with a friend/partner/stranger? Apologies if you've answered this somewhere, I checked the advice section and couldn't find anything unless my eyesight is getting worse haha.

No, rimming doesn’t have to equal penetration. It’s very pleasurable to just dance your tongue around your partner’s asshole without actually delving inside.  Risks can include upset tummy/digestive track if you happen to pick up some bacteria hanging around in that area. Hubby and I have never had a problem with it but if you have multiple partners you may be exposing yourself to more risk.  

Here are some good tips when considering ass to mouth:

1.  If you can, shower or bath before hand and use a (mildly) soaped up finger to gently clean in and around your anus.  Once you are out you can follow that up by doing the same with a baby wipe or thin cloth.  Be sure it comes away clean.  Enemas are an option as well though can remove a lot of good bacteria so do your research first.

2. Avoid rimming if there are cuts or sores around the giver’s mouth.

3. After rimming, a tongue that’s been exposed to an anus should never come in contact with a pussy or you risk transferring any bacteria present and causing an infection.  That is true of fingers, toys and cocks as well.

4. Rise with mouthwash after rimming as it may kill any lingering bacteria…especially if more oral play will take place.

Hope this helps hon! :) xoxoxo

I am a 25 year old male that loves your blog. I want to buy a butt plug from your store, but I have a few questions first. Is there any side effects from using a butt plug. Is it safe to keep it in for long periods of time?

Hey hon…butt plugs are very safe toys so long as you follow a few rules.

1. Keep them clean. Glass and silicone are the easiest materials and what I recommend (though not always the cheapest). 

2. Buy one with a larger flange/head.  I have heard that men are more prone to have the toys slip inside if they buy one with a head that is too small or more suited to a woman’s ass.  Here are some examples. Naughty Plugs

3. Start slow/small and work up.  By slow I mean insert it for 15 minutes and see how your ass likes it.  Some toys are more comfortable than others.  I have a few plugs that I can only wear during sex and others I can wear out of the house and sit/walk with in.  My maximum is 4 hours and then I am starting to feel my ass get a little uncomfortable…plus I am usually horny out of my mind by then and need it out to be able to concentrate on things.  Leave it in longer each interval and see where your limit is…it’s different for all of us. 

Other than that there are no side effects…except pleasure.  Your ass won’t stretch out of shape or whatever silly myths there are out there. 

I really appreciate you buying from my store darling!  Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions! :) xoxoxo

Awesome news darling!  I hope she loves it.  Here are some great toys to warm her up and hopefully work up to your cock in her ass!  Good luck! :) xoxoxo

Small Plug

Small Vibe

Glass Probe/Beads

Anal Lube

Check out this link on how to ease your woman into anal:

Anal for beginners