When you fuck your man with a strap on will it change things like you think less of him or this he is not as much of a man?

Well I can’t speak for other women but for me pegging is about pleasure…I love asses and I love giving pleasure…so I view it as any other sexual act.  I don’t think any less of my guy when I am fucking him…I think it’s damn hot that he lets me inside his body like that.  It’s a whole other experience to be the one penetrating and I think every girl should try it.  I love dominant men and the idea of pegging one is so very sexy to me.  I love the power exchange and I love the idea that both partners can be both dominant and submissive. 

I would love it if every guy who visited my blog would take away from it the notion that pleasure is good and the rest of it…well it’s not worth worrying about :) xoxoxo