Before I started going out with my girlfriend, I bought a prostate massager. She later brought up male g spot orgasms, but we were still pretty new, so I just pretended to be surprised about it. Eventually I let her use my toy on me, but I wanted more, so I brought up pegging and having her fuck me, and she enthusiastically agreed! We immediately bought a purple Fun Factory Share, and we love it, and she's getting good at it too! Now, I just have to get her to take pictures with it... Any tips?

Congrats on getting your wife to peg you…it’s so much hotter when your partner is as into it as you are!  Pictures can be tricky…women can be very hard on themselves when it comes to being naked.  The key is making her feel confident and sexy.  You could start by buying her some sexy lingerie to wear to cover any areas she feels self conscious about.  The other thing you can do is agree to only photograph from certain angles and let her have final say on what she wants deleted.  If your long term goal is a couple’s pegging blog where you share your pics, show her some that you follow and let her see how positively people respond to them.  Hope this helps…good luck darling! :) 
We are looking for a double penetration strap on for me to fuck her with. Recommendations?

Here are some options for you to wear to double penetrate her:

Dual Penetrator

These you would wear alongside your cock to fill both her holes.

Double Penetrator Strapon

These are hollow ones that you wear over your cock to double penetrate her.


Hollow Strapons


Here's one you probably don't get often - On occasion I do have partners that like it "bigger" and I can't really do more than what I was born with in length and girth as far as penetration goes; do You have or know any good links to people who can fabricate hollow strap-on and harnesses in a 36"-38" waist range?

I’m not aware of any place that makes hollow strapons but my BBGL Toy Store has a bunch ready made for that waist size.  Below is a link to hollow strapons filtered by waist size 36” up to the maximum 70”.  If you want to adjust the search results by a different waist size scan down near the bottom in the left hand column for the waist size criteria.  Let me know if you have any questions about any of them.  I own this one but it fits a very tiny waist size and is a bit tight on my frame even though it says it fits up to 48”.  Good luck with your search! :) xoxoxo

Hollow Strapons