So recently, me and my ex broke up, and thank god because she didn't like to do much sexually... Now my question is to you, what should I look for in a woman that would be open to pegging or any other type of not-so-intense femdom?

I would definitely look for one that is sexually open...ever better if she exudes confidence and can be aggressive and take control. Since we don’t wear those preferences on our T-shirts, you might just have to resort to good old fashioned convo and just  ask your potential partners if they are open to that type of play…get into a good in depth conversation about it and put it all out there so to speak.  Since you don’t want to be stuck with someone you aren’t sexually compatible with again…I can’t stress that enough.  It might be awkward at the start of a relationship or heck even a date….but it will save you wasted time and disappointment in the long run.  Hope that helps ;) xoxoxo