I know this may sound like an odd topic, but I had to share this, as I think it’s life changing. I’m not one for forums and keeping up with replies, etc. So I thought I’d let you post this if you saw value in it.

I really enjoy pegging and anal stimulation. I love to be pegged, or stimulate myself. My wife loves to watch me ride a dildo while she masturbates and we talk dirty. But the trouble with anal sex is often two fold: cleanliness and comfort. Often, the concern is am I clean enough to feel comfortable, and did I work so hard cleaning myself that I’m not able to use anything?

Regular toilet paper can leave me raw, to be blunt. I had taken to using moist wipes, but even then, I had to be careful because I may have sensitivities to some brands, etc. On a trip to Japan, I was exposed to the world of bidets. The Japanese are so fastidiously clean that they have bidets installed everywhere, including public toilets! I have never felt so comfortable following a trip to the loo in my life!

When I returned to the states, I began searching for how I could add a bidet to my bathroom. I found my answer on woot.com of all places. They had a one day sale of a bidet and I took a chance.

I purchased a bidet from a company called LuxeBidet (luxebidet.com). They have a few different models, the one I purchased is the NEO320.

It mounts under the toilet seat and has a control lever to the side. This model included a hot water connection, so I could have warm water instead of just cold. (Very nice) I hooked it up in a few minutes and was instantly impressed. You can run the water before spraying yourself so that you have a comfortable temperature. It only takes a few moments to spray off what you normally wipe and just a blot of tissue to dry off.

It really restored confidence and comfort for me. I feel like playing with anal toys much more often and really enjoy it when we do.

I hope this helps others find a way to really open up with anal play and experience some of the intense pleasure I have.

Thanks so much for providing this awesome venue to explore things in. Love the site, the Tumblr blog and all you’re doing. Keep it up!


Thanks for the info darling!  Those of us who enjoy assplay and pegging can all relate to the fine balance between cleaning and not over-cleaning to the point that there is discomfort even before the toys are introduced.  It’s great to experiment and finally find something or a combination of things that does the trick for us.  I will definitely add this to my advice page under cleaning! :) xoxoxox

When being pegged I am always worried about soiling the toy. I can never quite relax because it feels like I'm going to... well you know... drop a Hershey's Kiss. What do you do to make sure the cost is clear? I assume a bathroom break but what else?

Let me assure you that half of that is in your mind.  The other half is a result of you tensing up expecting an accident.  Couples things I recommend:

1. Practice with a dildo on your own or wear a plug to get use to the sensation of being filled.  Rectums are meant to expel things, not the opposite so there will be a bit of mind over matter so to speak.

2. Read these cleaning tips.

3. Relax and have a good time.  If a little accident happens, it’s not the end of the world.  Have some wipes handy and talk to your partner about your fear.  She will put it to rest that it’s no big deal. 

How do you clean up before anal? Aren't you scared if he pulls out they'll be stuff on him??

No…that’s never been an issue.  Here are the steps I take:

1. Empty bowels (or make sure I have recently)

2. Using a soapy finger (mild soap of course) and some water I gently clean where I can reach. Your rectum is only so big and generally you can feel if there is anything hanging around in there.    

3. (A great tip I found online) Taking a baby wipe you can cover your finger, insert it into your ass and make sure it comes out clean.  You can add Vaseline to the tip of your covered finger to make sure it goes in easily. 
Repeat if necessary.  Great for if you know you are going to have someone rimming you.  You can even carry a travel pack of them…just in case ;)

Anyone else have some helpful tips let us know! xoxoxox

Follower Advice:

**To your young man asking for anal toy advice. a quality anal douching device is paramount from both cleanliness and safety perspectives. this one from Colt is perfect. the red-ribbed tube has an adjustable smooth top. and is removable down to a very thin tube for beginners. yet for learners, the ribbed tube can also double as an early starter. google "colt anal douche" amazon and all the major toy companies sell it. Amazon offers it for Under $15. tumblr won't allow links in the ask...

**Some help for the Anon with anal issues. I have found too, that if you have a shower head with a hose attached to it, if you remove the head so that it is just the hose you can use that to help clean yourself out as well in prep for anal sex. Mildly warm water and light pressure should be used. Just press it against your opening and allow the water to flow in until you feel a slight pressure. Hold for a moment until you are able to reach the throne and let nature take it's course.