Why do you love pegging so much? I want to be pegged but my woman isn't into it. Maybe she would be if she benefited from it...

First off…that’s like saying I wish she’d suck my dick but she doesn’t benefit from it.  Since when is pleasure not about giving?  There are lots of activities that couples do together where pleasure is taken in turns.  She needs to look at it as foreplay leading up to when you both fuck.  Who says you need to finish while she is fucking you?  Me and my guy always finish with sex…my clit loves pounding away at him and by the time we fuck I cum super hard and so does he.  Lots of women can cum while fucking a man’s ass…there are vibrating girlcocks and ones worn inside her pussy so you can tell her NO EXCUSES :) xoxoxo
How do I get my fiancé to play with my ass?

She needs to know its pleasurable for you for starters. Next time she’s licking your balls, move your hips up. When she hits your taint (prostate from the outside) moan and say, “oh fuck baby that feels good!” If she sticks around and works that area over, make a big deal over how hot it makes you. Tell her you bet it feels ever better from the inside and see if she goes for it. If you can get her fingers or tongue to play with your asshole…you’re in the home stretch! Good luck hon ;) xoxoxo
You seem to be so comfortable with this idea and seem to help a few people out on here. I was hoping you would be able to help me with idea of bringing the subject of pegging up with my wife….I only ask cause of the dramas I caused a few years ago when she found out (after no prior knowledge) that I’m Bi and had been sending pics (you can use your imagination as to what they contained) to an old fuck of mine. Not only that but I have started anal play by myself just recently and I would really like to have her provide me that pleasure I just don’t know how to ask…….more to the point a little scared to ask.

Well there are ways you can be subtle about it, rather then blurting out that you want her to strap a cock on and fuck your ass.  It also depends how open your communication in the bedroom is.  If you are comfortable with it, let her know how much you love when her fingers brush your taint when has her fingers down there…or better yet her mouth.  If she is sucking or licking your balls, you can tilt your hips up and when her tongue slides down be verbal (moaning) and let her know there is a new pleasure zone she may be neglecting.  Same with fingers, if she is rubbing your taint, work your hips so that her fingers inevitable graze your asshole.  Again be verbal, like she just did the best thing in the world.  If you are feeling a bit forward and know she is in her kinky zone, grab her fingers and drag them lower, working them against your hole.  Tell her how fucking good that feels.  Once she is comfortable with playing with your ass from the outside, encourage her to work a finger in.  Tell her you’ve heard how hard guys can cum with their prostates stimulated and want to give it a try.  Once she is comfortable fingering or rimming your ass…then you suggest a toy (perhaps in your case not cock shaped right away).  You want this to be about you and her and exploring new pleasure…not a chance for you to get something cock shaped in your ass.  If she goes for a toy…show her some intimate pics of loving couples fucking with a strapon (tons on my strapon page) and ask her if she’d ever want to experience that with you.  I hope she is open to it hon…good luck! :) xoxoxo  

Also check out this great link: http://peggingparadise.com/blog/2012/03/convincing-her-to-try-it/
Stage 1 - Make it about pleasure.  We all love pleasing our partners and if it's the sensation she thinks you are after and not her performance as a femdom then it takes the heat off her and she may come around to it sooner.  Don't jump right into, hey baby I bought you a strapon!  Encourage her to get comfortable with exploring your ass with her fingers and small toys...perhaps even her tongue.  Let her see that the extra stimulation drives you wild. 

Stage 2 - Watch an instructional pegging video together.
  Whether she admits it or not, she is probably concerned about hygiene and accidents.  The series of videos below are amazing!  One is about anal pleasure for men and the other is about pegging for couples.  Both are educational while still being humorous and sexy.  After the instructional part, you get several scenes to watch with various couples.  The pegging one is done in a fairly passionate light so they make a great introduction rather than showing her your fav hard core femdom pegging scene.  Instructional Video

Stage 3 - Buy a girlcock with her.  Let her be involved in picking out the type - harnessed or strapless.  Let her choose the stye - once she sees all the colors and shapes and stimulation options she will get excited.  Look for one that will stimulate her with either a g-spot stimulator or a vibe near her clit.

Stage 4 - Discuss positions. 
For some women it can be a shock to see their men on their hands and knees, ass up in the air.  Your aim is to make her comfortable with pleasuring you with her girlcock. Check out my list of beginner positions here.

Stage 5 - Don't make pegging the focus every time you fuck.  Vary things up!  A lot of guys who crave pegging want it all the time.  Remember she is just finding her grove so to speak and still needs you to take the reigns and fuck her like she craves.  Perhaps start with her pegging you and finish with you fucking her so she doesn't feel like she's missing out.

***(If your ultimate goal is for her to be dominant with you try the next step)***

Stage 6 - Introduce some pegging porn.  Once she is comfortable with pegging you a couple of times and seems to be having fun with it, hand pick a few pegging scenes that maybe show her where you'd like her to go with it.  Hopefully it will open up dialogue and give her some cues.  You can also substitute porn for a pegging fantasy you've written.  Only do this if you have confidence that she is open to being dominant as you will be revealing your dark secrets to her - harder to laugh off like a porn if she hates it. 

Stage 7 - Add in some props.  Start with things like restraints, crop, blindfold, etc.  Sometimes seeing your man restrained can bring out the inner dom in any woman.  Make it less about your submission and more about being her sex slave - to fuck and make her cum at her leisure. 
If panties and chastity are on your list really ease into those themes with caution.  Remember, anything worth doing may take time! 

Stage 8 - Encourage her to be verbal
Sometimes getting the first words out are the hardest.  Once she utters them, show her how much you love them (even if she is off target a bit).  The point is to encourage her to find her voice...the specifics of what she says can be tweaked later.  If you accomplish this stage you are well on your way to what you crave!

I really wanna try pegging. Me and my guy like anal play, I really wanna how him how amazing it is. I will and have fingered him and rimmed him but I want to be able to use more than my hand but I think he's scared. How do I reassure him? I think he'd really enjoy it. I'm all for giving him amazing orgasms, and I really wanna do it! It's hot! If he lets me use my hand/tongue, why is he scared of pegging? D;

Pegging is a super intimate and sexy experience for couples.  That’s really awesome that he lets your rim and finger him.  I think the issue some guys have is accepting something “cock shaped” in their asses and not getting hung up on what that makes them.  I would suggest buying him his own toy.  Nothing girly and nothing that resembles a cock.  Just a masculine probe…something with a bit of a curve on it to hit his sweet spot.  Something like the set below perhaps?  It can be used as a starter toy and moves up in size.  It can be used alone or in a harness.

Starter Strapon Kit

He may also associate pegging with submission and that might not sit well with him…reassure him that is not what it’s not about (unless he wants it to be).  The other thing I recommend a video that hubby and I saw before delving into pegging ourselves:

Instructional Videos

It walks a couple through cleaning, prep and pegging in a really easy going and fun way.  It’s followed up with 3 or 4 sexy pegging videos that show couples just enjoying it for pleasure.  He may be concerned with being clean enough for you and just not be comfortable expressing it.  If you can address his fears and put them to rest I bet he gives it a try ;) xoxoxo

I want my guy to enjoy anal but he's freaked out by the idea of my fingers in there.  I sometimes want to just slip my finger in unexpected but I know he'll get really mad.  Is there anyway I can help him?

I hear you darling…it sucks that somewhere along the line assplay became synonymous with being gay for guys.  Such a silly notion.  Imagine as a girl feeling like a lesbian if you dared enjoy your gspot? It’s a body part they were born with and it’s pleasurable…so why the fuck would only a select group of guys be “allowed” to play with it?  So tempting to just tie him up and have at it!  You might want to try baby steps with him.  His taint is his prostate from the outside of his body and it can be very pleasurable…slip your fingers or tongue down there and don’t go any further while you are sucking his cock.  Incorporate it into your playtime for a while and get him use to your fingers venturing down there.  Once he is comfortable and enjoying that extra sensation you can try to slide your fingertip down to his pucker and just lightly rub it.  Don’t stick around too long but tease him here and there.  It may be that his fear is associated with penetration.  Stick to the outside.  If you can get him enjoying that and maybe rimming you are doing good.  If that becomes part of your regular playtime then after a while approach him about exploring his prostate.  Educate him on how intense it can make his orgasm just to have a finger in there.  I wouldn’t recommend just surprising him with a finger in his ass one day….everyone should feel clean and prepared for assplay or they won’t enjoy themselves.  Just some thoughts…hope it helps. :) xoxoxo

This is the best informative anal sex/pegging videos I have ever seen.  You may be able to find it for free but if not it's worth $...just ignore the cheesy cover!  The couples are hot and the techniques/tips are awesome!!  Watch this with your partner and it will put your mind at ease about anal prep, cleanliness, pain, etc. 

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