If you haven't tried strapon with your husband yet, I'd suggest getting a desensitizing spray. I'm pretty new to it but the initial pain might be a deal breaker before you even get going and the spray helps ease that a lot.

Thanks for your suggestion hon :) About a month ago I watched this video:
Omg…best instructional video for first timers. Basically they tell you that anal doesn’t have to hurt and if it does its because you are doing it wrong. The problem with desensitizing creams is that you won’t know if you are being fucked too hard…ie tears in the delicate tissue of your ass. Plus…you want to feel everything because when done right it feels fucking amazing!! I know this because I love to be fucked in the ass and I have never had any discomfort. So I will be sure hubby’s ass feels no pain :) I recommend that vid to everyone considering it!! xoxoxo


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