Your blog is wonderful! Thanks for actually saying what most of us women are thinking. Now for a left turn... Any tips on for 1st time anal?

Thanks hon :)  Anal…sure.  Prep is key…for both of you.  The receiver should be nice and clean…shower and a soapy finger (mild) works for beginners.  It helps to go to the bathroom first as the sensation may be there later and you don’t want to be worrying about it at that point.  Next step - warming up the ass for penetration.  You can use a lubed up finger (anal lube or Vaseline so it provides a nice thick barrier) to massage around the opening, this will relax the area and get your partner purring.  Mouth works too if you are okay with rimming.  After a few minutes of that, more lube on your finger…all the way to your first knuckle and slowly beginning applying pressure to the asshole.  You will find that it will slowly open and swallow your finger so to speak. Now wait…good time to kiss and lick ass cheeks or talk dirty :)  After about a minute, slowly begin working your finger in and out.  Listen to your partner for ques as to whether you are going too fast, too deep, etc.  At no point should this hurt.  If it does go back and repeat the last step with more lube.  The ass will adjust and soon your finger should be sliding in and out easily.  If you plan to put a cock or toy in there you need to work up to at least three fingers depending on the size of the object you want to insert.  Each time you add a new finger, hold still for about a minute before moving them in and out…check with partner along the way and follow their ques as far as depth and speed.  In no time, with regular ass play you won’t need as much prep time to get the ass ready :)  Have fun guys!! xoxoxox  


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